Max Cavalera: 'Sepultura Can't Be Taken Seriously Anymore'

Ex-frontman hit out at current line-up for using Sepultura name.

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As Metal Hammer reports, Soulfly and ex-Sepultura frontman Max Cavalera has had some harsh words to say about the current state of his former band. In an interview with Live Metal, Cavalera hit out at the group's current iteration stating that the band can't be taken seriously anymore:

"To me, I kind of don't care what they do. It's kind of a hard topic because I created the band and still consider that part of my life. And it's really hard to deal with the fact that they continue with the name without me - without any Cavalera. After my brother left, it was even more hard for me to look at them seriously."

Cavalera questioned how the current version of the band could still be called Sepultura, comparing it to a version of Megadeth without Dave Mustaine and David Ellefson:

"There's nobody original in the band. It's like if Megadeth was playing without Dave Mustaine and Dave Ellefson, it would be like, 'Why are they still calling it Megadeth?' That's how I look at Sepultura, and I think a lot of fans share the same opinion.

The singer/guitarist concluded: "I've been in Soulfly now longer than I was in Sepultura, and I love Soulfly and I love what Soulfly has created. And I'm very busy here, so I don't really give a f--k about what those guys do."

Sepultura currently comprises vocalist Derrick Green, guitarist Andreas Kisser, bassist Paulo Jr. and drummer Eloy Casagrande. Kisser and Paulo Jr. are the only members remaining from the band's classic era line-up. Their new album, the catchily titled "The Mediator Between Head and Hands Must Be the Heart," is released next month.

What do you think? Is Sepultura without Max Cavalera a joke? Or does the band still rock without their former front man? Let us know in the comments

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    I'm not a fan of sepultura after the departure of Max. It's not because I"m just a die hard Max fanboy or anything. I just don't like the guy who replaced him. I do listen to some soulfly stuff, but again, I'm not a huge Fan. If there's still two original band members, then I guess technically they could still get away with being called sepultura. All well. Hopefully whatever Max does next is decent enough.
    Technically speaking, only the bassist is an original member, though Kisser might as well be, considering he was on (and important to) all the classic material. I understand why they kept the name, particularly since when Max left, Igor was still behind the drums, but it's just felt weird that this band is called 'Sepultura' In the end, I guess a name is just a name.
    3 words. Guns n Roses. One original member and he gets off calling it GnR. I know he forced them to sign a statement making him the sole owner of the name (Or he'd refuse to sing) but if he can still call himself GnR then Sepultura can go on as Sepultura.
    You should see Derrick Green live, he has a much better stage presence than Max. I like Max and i like Soulfly too, but Derrick Green and the albums that came after are just better, even in production and lyrics.
    Not a fan of Soulfly. Not a fan of current Sepultura lineup. LOVED original Sepultura
    With the exception of Igor leaving, the band has had a stable line-up for fifteen years and is practically their own band now, the bassist Paulo Jr having been in the band for 30 years nearly too. And Max wasn't dismissed, he left on his own terms mostly due to his wife being let go as the band's manager and mentioned regretting the manner of his departure
    Wow, really. Nearly 20 years now. Give it a freakin' rest. Every time time a new Sepultura record comes out, people piss and moan like it's 96 all over again. Don't like Sepultura now? Need your Max fix? Go listen to Soulfly and STFU. Sepultura ain't changing their name to appease a few whiny fanboys that can't let go of the past. Hell, Green has been in Sepultura longer than Max was by now. Ugh.
    The band Helloween comes to mind in this discussion too.
    There is still Mickael Weikath and Markus Grosskopf, and they are both excellent musician ! Although I don't really like the new Helloween sound, they still write some good songs, and they were great during this year's Hellfest performance !
    I agree with max. I think Sepultura is not the same without the Cavalera brothers. They are just in it for the biz imo. Max and Igor are doing some serious metal though with the conspiracy!
    Vicryl 2.0
    one lousy conspiracy.. i anticipated that record when it came out. it just bore me out.
    This is a name issue. A band without any original members is not really the original band at all. The only reason these guys hang onto the name is money.
    Gotta agree with this post 100%. That said, the whole Is-Sepultura-Really-Sepultura-Anymore thing has raged for years, it just kind of feels pointless at this stage
    Not really. Paulo Xisto is an original member, and Andreas Kisser is the most important guitarist that was ever in the band. I understand why fanboys of Max complain, but again, if they should change the name, so should many other bands.
    I disagree. Sepultura has kept their signature sound way better than Max has with his Soulfly projects.
    If by 'kept their signature sound' you mean 'gave it up two albums before Max even left the band', you nailed it sir.
    Well I thought that those were there two most interesting albums and I also disagree with the user above you but still.
    Except that Paulo is an original member and Andreas has been in the band long enough to contribute to all the classic material, so factually you're wrong. I don't see anyone complaining about Napalm Death or Misfits not having any original members left.
    I think the real question is whether you would listen the music Sepultura create at the moment if it wasn't called Sepultura? Most people who listen to what they currently write like myself would still listen to it no matter what it was called. Who cares what it is called. It is outstanding music they create. I think it is sad that Max says they are a joke. They are very accomplished musicians. Actually more so than his Soulfly. Soulfly are awesome but they are not as creative as the current Sepultura.
    Vicryl 2.0
    DANTE XXI is a great record. if it was another name. i think Dante XXI could have been given more justice.
    Nothing beats Arise
    Dante XXI beats arise.
    Vicryl 2.0
    Dante XXI is a great record. it was the best under derrick green era. Chaos AD on the other hand is probably their best record to date in IMO, not because Max was still with Sepultura. to be honest i prefer derrick green than Max.
    I think Sepultura is doing very well without him. Even though what he did in Sepultura was very good, Derrick is different but good different. If Sepultura went the way that Soulfly is now, I prefer Max doing Soulfly, because some songs are good in general I don't like them. And people not giving Derrick a chance because Max left is just stupid.
    I didn't really like the last album with Max, Roots. A bunch of people complained they fell off on Chaos A.D. I think it's cool they still get to put out music.
    UG hasn't just quoted out of context in the headline this time... That's literally not even what he said.
    At least Sepultura still sounds slightly fresh. The latest Cavalera Conspiracy record was pretty average at best, and the latest Soulfly album wasn't much better. I really dig Max and Igor's older stuff, but what they're bringing out now just sounds dull and uninspired.
    Not to mention that Max just doesn't seem to have the energy he used to live, I saw him twice, once with Soulfly and Once with Cavalera Conspiracy and it was just half assed, especially with the latter.
    Soulfly is one of my favorite bands.....Cav Conspiracy sounds generic.....but I don't like Sepulturas vocalist even though their sound is still attractive. ...either way Max sounds like a bitter **** whose still pissed at andreas n paulo for callin his wife ( their ex manager) a thief....bad blood is all Sepultura is way better live though.....Max looks like he had too many cheetos n can barely breathe n doesn't even play his parts completly.....shame cuz he's an awesome riff writer .....just need more effort live
    Stop being baby cryings, Sepultura is Sepultura not comercial Music, and Soufly its Playing the new kind a metal, its not bad, but dosnt mean, Max is smart, Max Just walkin with the new generations of rock, (NOT NEW IDEAS,) And Andreas was the guy who put sepultura on TOP. in early 80's, And ,Andreas says, in some interview, he never try to replace Max with the voice, he just hire new singer, with diferent range of vocals, if you are real METAL fans, stop complaining and just listen the METAL, OR MAY BE, YOU ARE JUST A BUNCH A POSSERS????
    Sepultura are not at their peak point,but they are still a great band.I also can't see why they should change the name.It is not a chemical reaction,it is a band.
    Vegan frontman =/= metal. Also, I don't mind them calling themselves Sepultura, but why do they play/sing songs they have no right to? Play nothing.but Arise, DanteXxi, A-lex songs, and see if the fans turn out.
    I don't get the whole "no Cavaleras, no Sepultura" thing, Napalm Death doesn't have any original members, yet I don't see people complaining about the lack of Nick Bullen, why is this any different?
    Sepultura signature sound still remains without the Cavalera brothers. Andreas Kisser Fucking rocks hard and in my opinion way better than Mark Rizzo. Soulfly still rocks hard and I love the Cavalera brother with all my heart till I die! Classic. Sepultura can't be touched but neither can Soulfly be touched. Cavalera Conspiracy also. But new Sepultura rocks Fucking hard with the same signature sound which I respect and Andreas Kisser will forever be one of my top ten favorite guitarists of all time! RESPECT TO ALL THESE BANDS AND MY RESPECT TO ALL THEIR DIFFERENT TIME CAPSULES! All the band members need to grow the **** up and be men! Stop being pussy hurt about the past and move on the way they have been. Also they should swallow their pride make albums together and tour together like the good ole days! Peace and Respect! \,,/,