Mayhem Releasing New Album in May, Streaming Single 'Psywar'

artist: Mayhem date: 02/19/2014 category: general music news

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Mayhem Releasing New Album in May, Streaming Single 'Psywar'
Notorious black metal icons Mayhem have confirmed May release of their yet-untitled new studio record.

The album was announced with a "Psywar" single, scheduled for release on April 25. You can pre-order the track now via Seasons of Mist or check out the lyric video below.

"Mayhem will release 'Psywar' as a limited edition, stand-alone 7" EP. The 'Psywar' 7" is backed with 'From Beyond Event Horizon,' an unreleased track taken from the band's 2012 Budapest sessions, and will come in different editions featuring art from Zbigniew Bielak (Watain, Ghost, Behemoth) and Costin Chioreanu (Ulver, Vader, Ihsahn, and more). 'Psywar' will be pressed across several different colored vinyl editions," the official announcement reads.

The band's latest studio effort, "Ordo Ad Chao," saw its release in April 2007 through Seasons of Mist.

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