Maynard Celebrating 50th Birthday By Performing With A Perfect Circle and Puscifer

Failure also confirmed to perform as a personal birthday wish from Keenan.

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Turning 50 next spring, Tool vocalist Maynard James Keenan announced a special birthday bash to mark the occasion. Taking place at LA's Greek Theatre on May 10, the party will see Maynard performing with two of his side-projects - Puscifer and A Perfect Circle. As Spin reports, recently reunited art-rockers Failure are also included on the bill as a special b-day request from Keenan himself. "Making it to the half century mark can be equal parts daunting and relieving. I figured I would remove the sting of officially being referred to as 'Gramps' by throwing a party and outlasting all of my rude friends," Keenan said. "This was the perfect opportunity to tick off one of my bucket list items in the form of a Failure reunion. What better birthday present could one ever hope for?" Tickets are scheduled to go on sale starting December 6, VIP packages will be available a day earlier. More info available here. These days, Maynard is mostly preoccupied with the new Tool album. However, his other bands aren't exactly falling behind either - Puscifer unleashed their new EP "Donkey Punch the Night" back in February, while A Perfect Circle released "Three Sixty" hits compilation on November 19. So Maynard will be 50 soon - make sure to share a few birthday wishes in advance in the comment section.

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    I hope the new Tool album is out before I turn 50.
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    Failure rules. Love Tool and Puscifier but Failure is such a great and overlooked band. Glad they're back together. I'd spend top dollar just to see them.
    That's weird, I knew that Failure was playing with them, but for some reason I didn't make the connection that for them to be playing they have to be "back together". That's awesome! Yeah, totally underrated, and huge influence on Tool and APC.
    I'm wondering who the drummer will be for the A Perfect Circle set. I thought I heard that Josh Freese left the band.
    Jeff Friedl. He's very good, he played when I saw APC in 2011 and he was as good as anyone could hope to be who replaces Josh Freese.
    Failure will also play at El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles, on Feb 13. Cinquanta is going to be awesome, too bad I live far away...
    What about the other 10,000 musicians? What are they doing on their birthday? Probably something a lot more significant than this.
    He's already 50 o_o I apologize for the stupid emoticon but there was nothing else that fits.
    What an opportunist isn't he? It will be a kick ass party, I wish I could go.
    Get some songs recorded with Tool... no one gives a fuk about Puscifer!
    Failure is a criminally underrated band. I love "magnified" and "Fantastic Planet" and I'm glad they're back together and getting press.