Maynard Gives New Tool Album Update: 'It's a Long, Very Tedious Process'

artist: Tool date: 11/15/2013 category: music news
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Maynard Gives New Tool Album Update: 'It's a Long, Very Tedious Process'
The perfectionism seems to be very much alive and well among the Tool ranks these days and is even making singer Maynard James Keenan a bit impatient. Chatting with Rolling Stone, Maynard discussed the whole creative process. "I don't write the music. They write the music," he said about his bandmates. "I wait for them to bring music to me. They tend to go back over and over stuff. It's a long process. For a person like me, it can be a very tedious process." The vocalist continued, "In some ways, they are bigger perfectionists. But you can only help support their talent so long. They don't have to go through it 700 times. They can trust that first thought. But that's their process, so you gotta let them do it." Asked whether such process is happening, Maynard added: "I couldn't tell you." Acknowledging that the band doesn't need to release new material in order to pack arenas, Keenan added, "But as an artist you don't want to become a greatest hits version of yourself, either. You want to push the boundaries. You want to figure out how can you challenge yourself to discover something new, discover something different about yourself. What are your limitations? What avenues can you push and expand? That is life. I don't have any interest in coasting yet." Finally, the vocalist revealed pretty much no details as far as the band's future musical direction goes. "Just in general, each project is going to find its own way," he explained. "Depending on the motivation. We're all in this together. I'm not pointing any fingers. I will take full responsibility if I have to." The latest Tool studio effort, "10,000 Days," saw its release in May 2006 as the fourth record in the band's opus.
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