Maynard James Keenan: 'Stop Blaming Me for Lack of Progress on New Tool Album'

"Do I seem like a lazy person?" the singer asks.

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Tool vocalist Maynard James Keenan recently touched on the matter of the band's new album, pointing out that he's the last to blame for the slow writing process.

Asked about the new effort during a Q&A following "Manhunter," Maynard noted, "Do I seem like a lazy person? Then stop blaming me."

As Alternative Nation reports, the singer mostly discussed the film, but was also asked on whether he'd be interested in making a movie similar to Pink Floyd's "The Wall" with Tool. "Well, if we could maybe finish the new album first then ... yeah, we would consider it," he said.

As the same source indicates, Maynard was "increasingly frustrated with the slow process of making the new Tool album." Not much new info was shared, stay tuned for additional details.

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    Enough with the excuses Maynard, you bizarre arty wino. If you can find God within your ego like me, you can gain the power to release as many albums as you want with no effort at all!
    Holy shi*, Dave came to teach us his ways. He and Kerry will take this site by storm.
    U havent releesed a gud album sinse killing iz mi busnus so ur oponion iz irrelevhant.
    I'm surprised Maynard is even paying attention to fans' impatience.
    And i must say they truly are the only band that i can listen to their albums (all off them) and never ever get bored of any track. But Maynard has to shoulder some of the blame. He was playing/touring with AFC and Pusifer at the same time the other guys were trying to write some material
    I have a sad feeling this might be Tool's last album. I don't see the band wanting to take another 6-10 years to make another one. They just keep getting slower and slower in releasing them.
    Well, you are partly to blame, since you know, you're in the band... and you're the vocalist, so people assume you have a pretty big part in the song writing process
    Adam Jones is pretty picky on what he keeps and wants to use. If anything he's the one that's making it slow
    Charlie Walker
    He writes the lyrics, but not the instrumental. He has said before that he's waiting for the instrumental parts to be over, so he can write some lyrics for them
    I don't care; tool albums are about as near perfection as music ever gets. I'd rather they get it right than rush it and do something shit. Have some patience
    Hell even if this is the last one and it is shit....the rest of their albums are like 3 hours long....plenty of music to listen to until the end of time lol.
    It has been said on multiple occasions that the band has zero plans of producing another album after this. By all 4 members
    Maynard you are a godd song writer, but you are a pretentious ass. I stopped caring