Megadeth and Anthrax Bassists Announce Supergroup Project, Stream EP

A Perfect Circle drummer Jeff Friedl and Ozzy axeman Gus G. also involved.

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Longtime friends and prominent thrash bassists - Megadeth's David Ellefson and Frank Bello of Anthrax have joined forces for a new supergroup project Altitudes and Attitude. Completing the band's lineup, Jeff Friedl (A Perfect Circle) is handling the drumming duties, whereas Ozzy's axeman Gus G. made a guest appearance on one of the tunes. Self-titled three-song EP is already available for streaming and scheduled for January 14 release. Apart from four, five and eight-string bass action from two bass masters, the tunes include vocal delivery from Bello. Ranging from heavy rockers to more laid-back tracks, we recommend giving this one a go, check out "Here Again" for some heavy bass action and neat low-end fills, along with a dose of classic Gus G. shredding. Throughout the rest of the effort, the guitar duties were handled by the Ellefson and Bello. "What started out as simple bass ideas quickly developed into some really great songs together," Ellefson explained. "Our fans would probably never suspect that a couple of metal bass players would have songs like these inside of us. It's exciting to write melody with diversity while still pushing the limits of lead-bass playing. Frank's singing, and both of us playing guitars and other instruments, gave us a whole new dimension for creative opportunities." The EP is available for streaming here, check out the track listing and front cover below. "Altitudes & Attitude" track listing: 01. Booze and Cigarettes 02. Tell the World 03. Here Again

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    "Ranging from heavy rockers to more laid-back tracks..." That's a very general statement. I question if the reviewer fully listened to each track. There's only 3 tracks - why not describe each one?
    It feels like there are too many partnerships these days being called "supergroups". Aren't most of these recent endeavors simply "collaborations"?
    as much as I like this, I wouldnt really see thisa a supergroup but alot more like a side project. they wont be taking this band into a full on commitment considering how ridiculously busy their main bands are. this EP is pure rock. I never realized just how awesome two very loud basses sounded in a mix.
    Not bad stuff!Never heard Bello lead vocals before had he doesn't do a bad job, the only problem is the songs don't take off and play it safe, but for supergroups being formed every second out the back end its good to see an above average one!