Megadeth and Motorhead Teaming Up For One-Night-Only

Two legendary bands will hit the stage at the Pearl Concert Theater at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas.

Ultimate Guitar

Megadeth will be teaming up with Motorhead for a special one-night-only show together on April 17th when the two bands will be performing at the Pearl Concert Theater at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, NV.

As AntiMusic notes, Megadeth also announced on Thursday that they have added two additional stops to their upcoming South American tour that will be taking place in April and May.

The new headlining shows will take place at Agora Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana in Quito, Ecuador on Tuesday, April 22 and at Teatro de Verano in Montevideo, Uruguay on Thursday, April 24.

Earlier this week, Megadeth made headlines when they announced the cancelation of their Australian tour after the promoter claimed that Megadeth had asked that former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted's band be removed from Megadeth's headlining shows.

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    Colgate Total
    Motorhead stole the show when I saw them on Gigantour. Wish I could go to this one.
    It was so amazing to see Motorhead better than ever back in 09. Volbeat was also excellent on that tour! I hope Mustaine goes back to that type of Gigantour, not this Mount Thrashmore, buttrock crap this past year.
    omg thats on my birthday. BEST. PRESENT. EVER.
    Even if you aren't there for it, it's always cool when your favorite bands release something, or do something cool on your birthday
    Mr. Von Eichel
    So Motorhead make Dave's list of bands he approves to tour with?
    Can't really see Dave having the balls to tell Lemmy he doesn't fit his criteria to be honest.
    Mr. Von Eichel
    You're right, I know I'd rather sin in front of the lord than in front of Lemmy
    I don't know about that... I think I can take Lemmcwbhefhgfsvbjn dvtnubvbjjbgejhefhie whuiefhbfkrh brkfhefbbhrfbhrhfbhrfhbrbhfw sjhrwekekhrihyreknjrc@24;!3"&$) jhgggh
    Can the mods send an ambulance to that guys IP address, I think he just had a stroke ?
    I thought about it, and I believe that dude was making a joke like "I think I can take Lemm..." (Lemmy busts in and attacks the guy, causes him to smash his keyboard) something like that.
    Mr. Baloonhands
    Not even someone who hates Motörhead would have the balls to go up to Lemmy and say they suck. Or At least do so and live to tell the tale
    Yeah. If Lemmy's lifestyle has not killed him or even weakened him yet, there has got to be nothing that can kill him. If it was him versus a grizzly bear I'd bet all my cash on Lemmy. Hell, he probably would kill the bear and shag its mate before riding off into the sunset.
    Yum, one night stand between Dave, Lemmy, and the Audience. That's better than sex with a woman. Unless Dave pulls a Pringles Ridges like he did with Newsted.
    I'm so ****ing sick of hearing Dave cancelling the soundwave tour because of some bullshit between him and the organiser. God. UG gets like 3 lines of new info for every major article they put out.
    Three days later... Motorhead cancels shows with Megadeth
    It was extensive touring that Lemmy wasn't well enough to do, and that's why those shows were cancelled. An individual show will go on. Besides, better he cancel some shows and recover than go on a tour he isn't yet back in shape to do
    Seems like a pretty significant thing to plan, what with Lemmy's unpredictable health at the moment. Best of luck to them!
    I've thought the same thing...I'm going to Rise Above Fest on May 10th and Motorhead is scheduled to be there. I really hope I get to see them, but I hope Lemmy feels better more than anything.