Megadeth Are Confirmed for Rockline Show

The show will be broadcasted live, fans are encouraged to speak with the band.

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Megadeth have confirmed a June 17th appearance on Rockline with Bob Coburn.

The 90-minute program will run 8:30 p.m. PT / 11:30 p.m. ET. The show will be streamed on the Rockline website for two weeks beginning the afternoon after the live broadcast.

Fans are encouraged to speak with the band by calling 1-800-344-ROCK (7625) during the program.

The Rockline appearance comes just two weeks after the release of Megadeth's new album, "Super Collider," which will be released June 4th.

The band has recently revealed their "Super Collider" title track, followed by Dave Mustaine being "100% confident" with the new album and Megadeth drummer Shawn Drover saying that the band's forthcoming release's got "a bit for everyone."

Although, the album's title track faced a negative response from the fans and, especially, from GWAR frontman Oderus Urungus, who stated that this song is "f--king horrible," adding that the other premiered song, "Don't Turn Your Back," "isn't that awful ... until he opens his mouth ... which is always the problem with Dave."

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    Odorbutt Humungus should shut up and release something that I'd rather listen to over Megadeth, cause in my opinion..remember IMO, Gwar haven't released anything that I'd want to hear over any Megadeth song
    you do realize you spoofed a name... that is a spoof... and you do understand... its all sarcasm.... on second though... you obviously dont
    you do realize that I'm spoofing a spoofed name... I spoofed a spoof and you must know him... so you must have some kind of inside info than everyone else...since you know...its clearly sarcasm...and many others here must all be wrong...cept you
    ohh yeah im really sure he wants to rape babies. If you had half a brain cell and weren't a mongoloid, you could figure it out.
    I should let the downvotes on you speak for me, but I never said he wanted to rape babies, why would you put words into my mouth? That's just weird. I can see that you don't really know what a mongoloid is do you? If you do then your not very good at insults.
    In before Dave Mustine's politics subject takes over thread by the "Super Sensitive"
    It will be fun to ask what the hell were you thinking with the Title Track? For all saying that the album would be shit:
    Fuck you also.
    So, how does the last paragraph about Oderus trolling have anything to do with the rest of the article?
    Im honestly suprised how people say shit about this record already... I mean haven't they ever listened to Youthanasia and Cryptic Writings?
    Youthanasia is a good album. No way should it be compared to Risk or Cryptic Writings.
    Why do you act like comparing albums to Risk and Cryptic Writings is the worst thing possible? They're not that bad anyway, compared to other albums and even bands such as As I Lay Dying, they're masterpieces. Yeah, the majority of the songs on them are too soft, but you can't really fault Trust, Breadline and She-Wolf.
    Agree! Disintegrators anyone? Risk I can see some people being disappointed in however Cryptic Writings is a damn solid album.
    Remembering a comment from a while ago, I think it would be funny if someone asked Dave if he believes in gravity.
    Since when did Megadeth getting on the Rockline show become front page-worthy news? Tons of artists get on that show...
    If you dont like it,dont play it.It's not like its a new song that wont ever stop.Its Megadeth,its 2013.You have to push the >play button to hear it right.I wasnt superexited when i heard it,but its still good to hear new tracks from MD.Hope to hear heavier stuff on the album.Bet they're there.Its freakin Megadeth,itll be there.
    It's sad when you have to watch all of your favorite bands slowly devolve into garbage.
    Risk wasnt a bad album and supercolloder isnt a bad song, people dont like it because megadeth went a little mainstream with the songs on the album and here. Noone can deny their good songs most off risk are good rocking tunes, prince of darkness breadline time the beginning the doctor is calling, but they werent preferably megadeth, but i say megadeth isnt classified as just thrash they have more thrash then any other genre but they dont have one album comparable to another completely for sound besides little parts in certain songs, so lets not judge off of one title track, i listened to shawns interview and i think it will be a sick album
    Second Rate
    Risk was terrible, so is this new song. Megadeth, like all of the bands in the "big 4," are a one trick pony. They do one thing well, and that is Thrash metal. I think the trash that Anthrax, Metallica, and to a lesser extent Megadeth put out during the 90s more than proved that. Super Collider simply reinforces the fact.