Megadeth Asking Fans For Guest Singer Suggestions

Thrash titans are asking you who would you like to see appearing as a guest singer on their upcoming studio release.

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Thrash titans Megadeth are currently working hard on a new studio release in the Vic's Garage studio in San Marco, California. After revealing that the album has entered the mixing stage, the band is now asking which guest vocalist would you like to hear and see working with Megadeth.

"Any ideas for a guest singer on a track? I have a few ideas, but wanna know what you think", stated the group via official Facebook page.

The record itself was recently announced as "dark, heavy and fast", so the guest vocalist should probably fit into this description. The fourteenth studio album will be produced by Johnny K, known for his previous work with bands such as Disturbed, Sevendust, Machine Head and Staind.

James Hetfield, Bruce Dickinson, Alice Cooper, Till Lindemann of Rammstein, Zakk Wylde and Alice Cooper are just several of the candidates fans have singled out. But what are your opinions? Who would you like to hear on a new Megadeth album? Would you like to see James Hetfield working with Mustaine again? Or perhaps his godfather Alice Cooper? Metal legend Bruce Dickinson? Or maybe Oderus Urungus from GWAR? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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    james hetfield
    How about Alice Cooper or Alice Cooper?
    Or Alice Cooper.....
    I would prefer Alice Cooper, tho
    it's gotta be a thrash singer, so Phil Anselmo, Joey Belladonna, Jame Hetfield, Tom Araya or Robb Flynn, Lemmy could also work
    I'm not sure if that would work out well, but it would still be cool to hear Lemmy on a Megadeth song \m/
    A guest spot by Hetfield would help them sell a lot of copies of the album, or the MP3 song at least.
    Lil wayne
    Wayne Newton!!
    Matt Heafy
    john petrucci and Chris broderick could be interesting.
    let's be serious... i mean, i would like to see that, but lets face it, it would be a total waste, hetfield has such a regular voice, Mustaine should get someone with a great voice, i would like to hear Kai Hansen from Gamma Ray in a megadeth song, or someone like Chuck Billy from testament
    Ted Nugent. Then they can a song about how Obama's satan.
    alice cooper is so awesome that they have to name him twice LOLOL
    Both Alice Coopers would be amazing! But seriously, I'd love to hear James Hetfield contribute to a Megadeth album!
    Ok here's were i get knocked down, but just for something different as a "thrash'" vocalist is obvious, how about matt bellamy. Would be interesting in a left field kind of way!! Go on, kill me
    it has to be somebody whos good at writing lyrics about, politics, robots,aliens. war. political robot aliens involved in a war. something like that
    I'd say that Bruce dickinson or till lindeman would be the best choices both are amazing singers and can song with that dark tone in their voice.
    Serj Tankian please. He loves to do guest appearances.
    That would be interesting, especially in a song with political lyrics. They should mix Dave's vocals into the right channel and Serj's to the left ;>
    Alice f-ing Cooper. He's proven he can handle fast and dark many times in the past few years or so. That, and Alice kills so many newer offense to them as they are still good, they're just not Alice.
    Randy Blythe would be really cool as well, he's done some great vocal contributions to songs like "Skull and Bones" by Overkill and "Adoration for None" by Gojira. Overkill- Skull and Bones
    Yeah Blythe would be great, unfortunately he's got this lawsuit bullshit going on.....