Megadeth Blame Pirates for Poor 'Super Collider' Sales

They say the entire music industry is down, but recent industry figures suggest it's higher than when their last album was released.

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Megadeth say their new album "Super Collider" has sold less than their previous album "Th1rt3en" because the whole industry is suffering the effects of music pirates - despite recent figures that show the global and US music industries are growing.

Some fans have criticised Megadeth's new album, but their live shows remain as popular as ever according to drummer Shawn Drover.

"We are certainly thrilled to have a #6 record on Billboard in America and #4 in Canada, but sales are way down for the entire music industry right across the board, which is a real drag," he told Blabbermouth. "Internet piracy, torrent sites and all that are the reason why. Concert attendance for us is still great around the world, so we are definitely happy about that."

When asked about frontman Dave Mustaine's controversial political opinions, Drover suggests he's rather see modern bands keep these kind of views private: "I would rather just let the music do the talking and keep whatever my beliefs are to myself. I always admired Led Zeppelin's mystique they had back in the day and wished more bands would go back to that."

Do you think music pirates have caused lower album sales for Megadeth, or could it be that early album samples put some buyers off? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    It's also true that a large portion of skeptical consumers pirate it first and later buy a legit copy... if it's worth it.
    So very true. I heard it, concluded it sucked big giant metal balls, and didn't buy it. If we test drive a car before buying it, what's wrong with listening to a recording before buying it?
    Well to be fair once you pirate an album it's yours to keep. Not that I'm taking any sides, just wanted to say that.
    Yes and if my mate could burn me a copy of his GT would I say no thanks? Of course not. I'd drive it.
    So why not steal a car and see if you like it before you buy one? Oh, because you will already have the car. Most digital sites like Amazon and Rhapsody let you hear snippets of the songs before you buy them. Can't speak for iTunes personally. Never used it.
    1.Famous bands don't even need record sales anymore. They can live off of tour money for the rest of their lives, even if they retired right now. 2.I listened to an album that is one of my favorite albums ever, by a band that not very many people listen to. Then I went and bought it. So am I stealing from them? Don't think of it as stealing a car and then buying another car, think of it as borrowing someone else's car and then deciding you want to buy one of your own. 3. People get RIPPED OFF when it comes to music sales, so even if you steal it, they're probably getting the same amount of money anyways. Except rich bands, which, again, don't need the money.
    No, people don't get ripped off when it comes to music sales. Most people don't have any idea how much it costs to record a professional record anyway. Renting a studio costs hundereds of euros a day, hiring a producer costs hundereds a day. Artwork, distribution, commercials? It all costs money. At the end of the day the avarage professional album must cost at least 20K to make if you think about it, and paying 15 dollars including taxes for an album can't then be concidered a ripoff imo.
    broken ipod
    You are so ignorant. Stealing is stealing, stop trying to put it any differently because you are too pathetic to actually buy the record. Also, those artists who are getting RIPPED OFF, are going to be in even worse trouble with their "unfair" contracts when you steal the record. Then the band will be dropped from the record company due to not paying off the record advance and releasing farther records will be hard. I also must say that when people say they pirate as a way to decide whether or not to buy the album, why don't they just use youtube.
    Because its a bit easier to steal music off of the internet by clicking a button then say, ya know, stealing a car....
    I didn't pirate anything. I listened to it completely legally on Spotify (and probably earned them a few cents along the way). I didn't break a single law to find out that this album wasn't worth the time it took to listen to, let alone pay to keep it. I think that, due to the quality of the material of this particular album (or the lack of quality, I should say), legal streaming was a very poor decision, and that hurt their sales as much as anything.
    Out of curiosity, I wouldve bought a legit copy too see how it sounded, If i didn't download it first lol. hut yea definatly not paying for that one.
    If only we could do that with every product, steal it, then if we feel its worth it pay for it later. Its like renting for free, no obligation or risk to the consumer, total monetary risk to the producer.
    Yeah, I did that with the Queens of the Stone Age record. Downloaded it, then I ordered the Deluxe Edition vinyl.
    Don't worry dave, i'll never pirate your CD's, or buy em muhahahahahahahaha.
    Well, ever since spotify has entered Latvia, I haven't torrented any music, so yeah, there is that
    still no have potato?
    In general, streaming and pirating ARE hurting sales dramatically. Obviously they would sell more if having the actual CD was the only way to hear it. I think in this case, though, a lot of fans heard tracks pre-release or streamed on Spotify or something and deemed the album unworthy of purchase. I am included in that group. On Drover's other topic: I totally agree. The mystique of bands is gone. Now they share what they're having for breakfast or that they're having a Starbucks coffee on Twitter every five seconds. There's no magic anymore.
    Ghost still maintains some of that mysterious quality, I think.
    Well for Ghost, it's the other way around. Too much mystery, we don't even know their names or faces!
    To be honest, the album is not what Megadeth used to be. I'm not saying it's bad but I can see why some ppl wont buy it
    THAT is the main criticism. It's like how a lot of people bash "Risk". They want a classic Megadeth album. Unfortunately, if this band just catered solely to their fans, then people would be pissed off because it'd be "Rust In Peace" 2.0 but worse. Let's be honest here.
    I'd buy "Rust In Peace 2.0"!! You could be on to something crazysam
    Ticket sales are high, and that's because they play the thrashier songs that appeal to most Megadeth fans. If Super Collider was a thrash record, a lot more Megadeth fans would have bought it.
    I personally wouldn't care how thrashy it is or not. Bad material is bad material. If this album would have had faster music, that wouldn't have automatically made it a good record.
    if pirating is SO BAD, then how did QOTSA manage to almost sell 100,000 copies their first week? huh Dave?
    Yeah, as much as I enjoy Megadeth, look at the albums that have come out in the past month or so.. Black Sabbath, Alice In Chains, Queens, **** even Daft Punk. They are selling really well, much better than megadeth's record, if for no other reason than it just isn't as good.
    And tomorrow, Dave is going to be quoted saying 'I DON'T WRITE SHIT SONGS!! OBAMA IS CLEARLY SABOTAGING THE ALBUM SALES, COMMIE BASTARD!!!!!111!!!'
    OOh illegal downloads, when I read the headline I kind of hoped it was Black Beards fault.
    "Supercollider" is just a very weak album. I love Megadeth but every few albums they lay an egg. That's why it isn't selling. I'll still look forward to the next one but for now I'll stick to "Rust In Peace" and earlier if I want to listen to some Megadeth.
    Where's the guys comment?
    I'm assuming he said something along the lines of "It would have done better if it didn't suck." I wish UG would stop deleting comments.
    Actually, it seems like he was advocating piracy, if you look at the few comments immediately below it. And that's why it was removed.
    No, he just basically said it sucked. I remember reading it.