Megadeth Cancel Soundwave Tour After Not Getting Apology From Organizer

"My bags are packed Aussie fans," Dave Mustaine adds.

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The story that unnecessarily grabbed headlines for the past few days just received yet another plot twist, as Megadeth mainman Dave Mustaine confirmed the band's cancelation of Australian Soundwave tour.

As reported, the event organizer initially announced kicking Newsted off two festival sideshows, stressing it was a personal request from Mustaine. Dave had since denied making such a demand and has requested an apology from organizer AJ Maddah.

The frontman allegedly never got the apology, resulting in a decision to pull Megadeth off Soundwave.

"Due to circumstances beyond its control, unfortunately Megadeth has to cancel their Australian dates," the announcement reads. "Megadeth's decision is unrelated to the fact that Jason Newsted is performing at Soundwave. Jason and I spoke recently and continue to be friends. - Dave Mustaine, Megadeth"

Mustaine issued a follow-up statement via his Facebook page, noting, "All I asked for was an apology for blaming me for something I didn't do. I am still willing to play, but the promoter would rather not apologize and prefers to say I asked him to lie, which I didn't. Am I the only one that sees how easy it is to fix this? The AJ Maddah that I know is a wise and caring man, and I don't know what has happened to my old friend. My bags are packed Aussie fans."

Maddah had since addressed Dave via Twitter, saying that although Mustaine's family is "like his own," he's "not sure where and how you believe you are owed an apology. And if you are, it should be from your own reps!"

"So here it is Dave. I apologize for whatever slight you think I have done you," AJ added. Whether or not this apology is enough yet remains to be seen.

@DaveMustaine Dave, we have been friends for a long time and I love you. Your family is like my own.

— AJ (@iamnotshouting) February 10, 2014

@DaveMustaine I am not sure where and how you believe you are owed an apology. And if you are, it should be from your own reps!

— AJ (@iamnotshouting) February 10, 2014

@DaveMustaine So here it is Dave. I apologize for whatever slight you think I have done you.

— AJ (@iamnotshouting) February 10, 2014

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    Aryan Death Man
    Damn.Even 'Breaking Bad' doesn't have twists like this.
    Next, this AJ Maddah guy is going to throw pizza on Mustaine's roof.
    Aryan Death Man
    and in the process,he will say to his wife "I'M THE ORGANIZER"
    "I AM THE ONE WHO ROCKS" "God dammit AJ, they're minerals."
    Better call Saul.....Hudson
    WOW...there a probably somewhere in the area of about 30 fans throughout Australia that are really pissed about this....
    Since everybody is apologizing for things, let me just go on and say that I'm sorry communication between bands and organizers seems to happen via twitter these days.
    Even worse when they don't even speak to each other about the issue directly, just name dropping one another as they air their complaints to an ambiguous audience
    How do you know they didn't speak directly? Just because Maddah is on twitter with this doesn't mean that he and Dave didn't talk directly. Honestly, you're making a HUGE assumption.
    If they are talking in person then one or both of them are clearly just making a public show out of this. Your right that it's making a big assumption that there not talking in person but that assumption is that there being truthful about their knowledge of this situation and people seem to want to believe that.
    legend shredder
    Someone asked him about that and he said that this was the only way of contacting him directly as Dave wasn't answering the phone.
    As much as I can see Dave's side of the story, it's a shame to have to disappoint the Australian fans.
    As an Aussie Megadeth fan (who is looking forward to watch Megadeth on Soundwave), I am disappointed Dave. You owe ME an apology.
    I go to Soundwave every year! Aprox. $180 (australian dollars) a ticket and although it's usually pretty awesome, there's always drama's surrounding it! Us Aussie fans just want to see our fave bands...and get what we have payed our hard earned money for! Disappointed!
    Jacques Nel
    The "restraints" of being in the entertainment industry, 3 humans can't get together in a room and talk things out like normal people. Instead we have tonnes of reps speaking on their behalf, lawyers and social media statements. FFS guys, what happened to talking something out face to face?
    A bunch of needless middle men would be unemployed, further decimating the ridiculous music industry.
    They kind of can't, especially when most of the bands are based in the US or Europe, meaning a roughly 18-24 hour flight to talk to Australian festival organisers 'in a room to talk things out like normal people'. Even outside that unusual situation, an album release cycle these days involves promotional TV and radio spots, a tour that might include festival appearances, and if bands are lucky they might be able to squeeze in a few days off in the year or two they'll be on the road. Without secretaries tours probably couldn't happen, it's just a shame that some dickheads think every grievance against them on Twitter is a good idea.
    I'm completely lost on this story, did MegaDave demand that Newsted was removed from the bill or not ?
    Appearantly yes, but then again, appearantly not... seriously though, that rumor was started, but it turned out dave didn't do anything like that. all he did was deliver a list with bands he was comfortable with playing, it's not sure if jason is on that bill yes or no, but organisers of the festival ignored the list dave send them.
    But why does Dave Mustaine get to have a list of bands that he is or isn't comfortable with on the bill, it's not his festival, that makes no sense.
    There was an instance in which Mustaine pulled Megadeth from a festival date because Rotting Christ was also to appear at the festival - going against Dave's belief system. That's probably what led to his band request lists.
    The list was for Megadeth's sideshow, not the festival itself.
    It could have been a misinterpretation, I'm sure some promoter's like to error on the side of caution when dealing with big names and he could have taken action on his own in a rush to please.
    The story as I've heard it. Megadeth were to do Soundwave side shows outside of the festivals so Dave gave a list to the promoters listing the bands he was comfortable performing with. The promoters ignored it at first but then realised their mistake so they removed Newsted from the side show with Megadeth. Dave claims that the only control he had was giving them the list and that he did not book nor did he remove Newsted from the bill. I don't know how much of it is true but the point is that Newsted was added to the side show and then removed. NOT the Soundwave Festival lineup as many people are confused about.
    This would've been my first time seeing Megadeth too, but nope. No Megadeth for me.
    This sounds like Axl Rose article
    Guns N' Chains
    Axl would have probably played the organizer's game but just wouldn't have showed up after he said he would be there. Thus, leaving thousands of fans screwed likely to result in a riot.
    I never thought I'd say this, and you can downvote me all you want for it, but I'm actually kinda with Mustaine on this one. If this guy is really lying on purpose, dicking around with lineups just to stir shit up, I'd leave the tour too. No time for none of this tour politics bullshit. I'd just wanna go up and play and not worry about stupid drama.
    I dont think you would be agreeing with him if you were from Australia. This whole thing is a childish. Dave and this promoter sound pretty unprofessional to me. Get over it and do the right thing, which is to not let your fans down over a silly lie.
    That's all fine and dandy, but why did Megadeth announce that it's out of their control? This was Mustaine's choice
    Don't say it's the choice of Mustaine, or else you have to apologize to him
    According to the organizer who propably buckled under all the pressure and needed a scapegoat.
    I think he meant it was Dave's choice to pull his band out of the tour. He very well could have played regardless of the apology, though he might have hated it.
    I don't know what to think of this promoter. First the stuff with Sevendust and now this. Judging from his tweets on both cases he kinda seems like a prick
    I haven't heard anything about his problem with Sevendust, but his problems with Nine Inch Nails were well publicised. My heart sank when I heard Maddah bought half of the Big Day Out festival. So now instead of just picking fights with the bands who play Soundwave, he now gets to pick fights with anyone who plays Australia's biggest festival. Speaking of the Big Day Out, it was announced last week that the Perth shows probably won't happen ever again, and the Adelaide shows are on shaky ground. I can't shake the feeling that Maddah is about to ruin big festivals in this country.
    Dr Funkenstein
    He is a prick, but he's a prick with pulling power. Soundwave lineups for the last few years have been awesome (for Australia anyway)
    "Due to circumstances beyond its control" aka Due to Dave's inability to grow the **** up
    I am a Megadeth fan and for that matter a Mustaine fan. But all that aside, both of these men are not acting professionally. As the promoter, Maddah should understand that clearly this whole situation has Mustaine's undies in a bundle, so he should be a man and say sorry for creating this misunderstanding or at least being a large part of it, as he is the promoter. And on Dave's end, he needs to play the shows and support all his Australian fans! Get it done fellas!
    That tweet was more of a '**** you' than an apology. No, AJ, **** you! Dave is completely right!
    Seriously Mustaine? Don't punish the fans over this stupid drama with Newsted. They don't deserve to suffer.
    Well said mate! There's ****en like 70 bands on soundwave bill! Aprox. 80,000 fans at each one. Ticket price is not cheap! Fans have suffered yet again!
    I feel like this is less news and more gossip. Can't really say for sure if it was the promoter being a dick or Dave lying to cover his ass. Both are completely plausible, so it's whoever people like more or dislike more.
    Exactly. I could totally see Dave lying to cover himself though, simply because he's pulled out of tours over other bands in the past.
    This all seems a bit silly to me, but then again I'm not Dave Mustaine. It's all out there now, it's up to him to get over it. Then again, it's Dave Mustaine we're talking about I don't know, if he cancels based on this he is missing a chance to visit a great country and play the festival and the side shows with some great bands.
    Dave is right in this instance. AJ Maddah has screwed things up before and instead of apologizing for what was just a misunderstanding, he chose to keep acting like he did nothing wrong and essentially blame Mustaine. If I were Dave, I would leave too.
    As crap as it is that Megadeth won't be coming, I have to agree with the decision to not play. This AJ dude comes off as a real twat in his tweets, and if he is treated Mustaine with disrespect, then I can see Dave's reasoning for not attending. "Want to be an ass, fine, have someone else play for your show" kinda deal, which is relate-able.
    Wish i got a penny for every time someone spells Megadeth wrong!
    I think its bullshit that he pulled out of the festival and the sidewaves just because of a disagreement, just ask for an apology and get on with playing, you are disappointing all your fans... apparently there is a deeper reason as well rather than just the argument
    Sorry Aussie fans, but dave is right in doing this for his sake. He will likley come back with a different promoter in the near future. You can't just "suck it up" with this kind of shit. If you blame anyone, blame the promoter.
    I would do the same. If he didn't have anything to do with kicking Newsted off, the promoter blaming him for it is absolutely unacceptable. The promoter really should apologize and say it was his fault.
    Its too bad Dave doesnt see that he's letting down a lot of his own fans over a silly mistake. So what if the promoter was wrong? Be the better man and just get over it.
    At this point who even cares, give the slot to a band that actually wants to play and are hungry for a crowd. I'm sorry but any respect I may of had for Mustaine is now well and truly gone. There are a million bands that slog it out in bars every weekend and will forever go undiscovered and this guy has the audacity to have such an ego. Ugh.
    Guy thinks he is Jesus or something...your a mediocre guitarist in a mediocre band. And don't even get me started on his singing....
    ginger ninja102
    ive been to soundwave a few times over the years and while the line up is usually good managament is a joke. i dont know who to believe here im just pissed i wont get to hear some of my favourite tunes from one of my favourite bands, cos at the end of the day the person who suffers here is people like me the ticket holder. people will still go to soundwave making aj richer and even if megadeth never return to oz davey wont run out of money.
    two swinging dicks can't sort out their egos and completely f*ck over thousands of fans in the process (myself included)... welcome to the Australian festival circuit. what an absolute joke!!
    Shame. I dunno, I was honestly jumping to the conclusion that Dave was throwing a hissy fit, but after looking up a bit more about this AJ Maddah fella it seems he has butted heads and ruined his ties with quite a few bands in the past...and has a habit of calling them out/moaning about it on twitter.
    AJ has always been a dickhead and bands have had similar trouble with him in the past due to him insulting them etc. Maybe Mustaine isn't to blame this time...though he is being childish.
    Megadeath have enough money to do whatever they want. They've earned the right to as well.
    There's so many upcoming bands in the world doing the hard yards by slogging it out shitty venues, no money, travelling in shit vans, barely making it to the next gig....for one good reason.....trying to hit the big time! And what happens in the big time? Pulling out of an 80,000 attendance festival at short notice for no apparent reason. I'm a musician, but **** i hate the music industry sometimes! Too much politics! So in conclusion, for **** sake Dave, millions of guitar players in the world would kill to have your success, don't let down thousands of fans! Go and play the festivals!
    Dave does follow Faux news, so this is no surprise. Say something stupid and you could care less about it later...It is the company you run with Dave.....It is the company you run with!
    Second Rate
    Your comment has to be trolling.... otherwise you are just a moron with a touch of paranoia who should probably seek some mental health counseling. Interpersonal drama like this happens all the time in the music industry, what does Fox News have to do with any of this? If you were any kind of musician and some promoter screwed your friend's band out of a show and then tried to blame it on you, how would you react? And if you reacted in any way similar to Mustaine, would it be fair to say "He follows MSNBC, so this is no surpise" or "he watches infowars, so this is no surprise?"
    big muff pedal
    Well, someone is obviously lying but I wish for the sake of the fans they'd squash whatever the problem is.
    The only losers are the fans. Like many have posted there are guys who would kill to play shows like this. On the same token ya gotta stick to yer guns if yer being used.
    Not sure who is in the wrong here, but one thing I know the only thing more dishonest than a concert promoter is a Professional Wrestling Promoter. Sorry for the fans who support Newsted, and Megadeth missing out on shows, but the fact remains if you do not take a stand to protect your friends then you stand for nothing.
    The title of this is very misleading. I was led to believe that this beef caused the cancellation of the ENTIRE tour and not just Megadeth jumping ship. Boo!
    The whole "Dave provided the promoter with a list of bands he's comfortable performing with" thing still annoys me. If he can't respect the rights of others then he should stay at home.