Megadeth Cancel US Tour Plans After Dave Ellefson's Brother Passes Away

Eliot Ellefson lost his battle with cancer.

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Megadeth has cancelled their immediate tour plans following the death of bassist David Ellefson's brother, Eliot, Hennemusic reports.

Eliot, who was battling with cancer, passed away on May 19th in Minnesota. The bassist is taking a break to spend time with his family following their loss. An official statement has been released by the group.

"The band sends their deepest condolences and prayers to David during this time and ask that the fans please do the same."

Ellefson posted the news on Facebook, writing, "With much sadness, my brother Eliot Gordon Ellefson went home to see the Lord today after a two year battle with cancer. We love El, you will be missed so much."

Fans can keep up with the band’s schedule here.

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    Poor lad. My condolences go out to all his family. I wouldn't wish cancer on my worst enemy. Fucking shit disease.
    To have a brother taken away like that.. I don't even have the words. Condolences to Dave and his family
    Fuck Cancer
    Too much focus on finding "a cure", when the focus needs to be why in the f*ck everyone is getting this crap. GMO's...toxic's right in our face. Finding "the cure" is a distraction. An intentional one in my opinion.
    With ya mr ellefson your book was Amazing as is megadeth, write a song for him this summer
    I'm sorry for Junior and their family. Stay strong, brother! There are millions of us metallers out there thinking of you guys and offering our support. : ) \m/
    I think this should be "Megadeth Cancel UK Tour..." rather than US. Regardless though, condolences to David
    Its really sad that a wonderful person like Ellefson has to go through something like losing his brother...