Megadeth Demoing New Album: 'Some Heavy Riffs Going on Here'

"Super Collider" follow-up ideas are piling up, details inside.

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Megadeth drummer Shawn Drover gave a fresh studio update, reporting he had spent a week with frontman Dave Mustaine demoing ideas for the next album. And it'll be a heavy one.

"Spent this week in the studio with Dave tracking demo 'ideas' for the next record," the drummer noted via Facebook. "Some really heavy riffs going on here and if I say it you know its true."

As reported, Mustaine has confirmed that the band will start "piecing together" the new album as soon as the current tour is wrapped up.

When it comes to the actual studio entrance, Dave hinted at a possibility of reuniting with producer Max Norman, who was in charge of production duties on the group's classic efforts "Countdown to Extinction" and "Youthanasia."

"He had gotten out of making records and he's back into making records and I thought, 'I wonder what it would be like to maybe try one song with this guy and see if we can catch lightning twice,'" the frontman told Full Metal Jackie. "It's just neat to be in that position where you can do stuff like this."

In the most recent Megadeth-related news, Mustaine has delivered a guitar rendition of the US National Anthem for Dinesh D'Souza's upcoming movie "America." More info here.

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    Don't like Super Collider that much, but Endgame is a great record and Thirteen is pretty good, too...let's see
    The last one was some of the darkest and fastest material they had ever written...that's what they said so I'm expecting a Super Collider 2. I still liked Super Collider but another Endgame or Thirteen would be cool, the guys still got it and especially with a guitar player like Broderick they could make some magic.
    Maybe Mustaine will realize what an amazing musician he has in Chris and let him write some more stuff for this next album. I would love for Mustaine to just tell Chris "Dude, you have an instrumental on this one, do whatever you want, have at it!" but we all know that would never happen.
    Hopefully Max Norman will come on board. Although, i must admit, Countdown and Youthanasia are not my fave Megadeth albums, i still think they need to get away from Johnny K.
    Quantity over quality. Their last few albums are just average at best.
    But if they feel inspired, why shouldn't they release new music? It's their music. I don't think they write music just for their fans. They also write it because it's fun. And I'm pretty sure they realize that Megadeth's best days have been and gone.
    Well, they realease new music every 2-3 years. Why do you complain about it? It' not like a Metallica, Slayer or i don't know that release a new album every 7 years. Megadeth don't stay on their throne and take the risk to keep releasing thing. I think that's honourable
    People need to realize Megadeth already said 3 months ago they are going in a complete other direction than super collider, i didnt mind the album but lets be honest endgame and maybe united abominations are the only 2 "good" albums of the 21st century they need to make a kickass thrash record but ill jam whatever they release
    I have no expectations at all to be honest. Endgame was freaking kickass but thirteen and super collider just were big downhill after that one. Just opinion. Still going to check new stuff out, Dave can surprise big time.
    Super excited. I'm a huge, HUGE fan of Megadeth, they are my favorite band. Although people didn't like Super Collider that much, I loved it as much as any other Megadeth albums. Can't wait!!!
    im excited for this new Megadeth album. I loved the dirversity on Super collider.
    Am I the only one that thinks Mustaine's solos sound like shit?
    They're an acquired taste. He's done some brilliant ones like on Hangar 18, In My Darkest Hour, Holy Wars, .. but I must admit I don't think his newer solos really stand out and sometimes sound really sloppy. But that's just the way he likes them I guess.
    They're a bit repetitive but lets be honest he's a better lead guitarist then kirk Hammett. And I prefer Metallica :/
    I'm not sure about that. Hammett actually has a sense of melody and purpose with his solos, even if he is kind of sloppy and not technically that proficient. His solos all fit the songs well and are many times quite memorable. I can't imagine hearing a Mustaine solo during Fade to Black, Wherever I may Roam, and other solos of Kirk's that are quite good. They have very different styles and strengths and weaknesses. Mustaine's wild shredding wouldn't fit well within the Metallica sound, and Kirk would be awfully boring in Megadeth.
    hammett has a sense of melody.....maybe a few songs, the ones you said....most of the time hammett is play as many notes in a pentatonic as fast as you can while drown it in wah i dare you to deny it. yeah fair mustaine's are often similar, but something like his last solo in wake up dead is just so much better than ****ing kirk hammett.
    I don't know. I like Hammett's solos from the first five albums -- they fit the songs well. In my opinion Mustaine's lead style would clash with Metallica's. Hammett didn't abuse the wah too much until the Black Album, any time before that the wah actually worked. I agree Wake Up Dead has a great Mustaine solo, but that's about his only thought out, unique solo. The rest are just "crank it up and I'll shred pentatonic over it".
    Solos in Ride The Lightning and Disposable heroes are both better than Wake Up Dead. (I'm not talking about how hard it is to play because that's a completely bullshit argument)
    His off the cuff pentatonic shredding sounds cool in the Megadeth context, especially as a counter-point to the actual lead guitarists more melodic solos. Would I want to hear him solo without any band accompaniment? No.
    Some do, he's more of a songwriter with excellent rhythm skills, if he spent as much time writing the solo as the song structure things might be different.
    Hows many times have we heard this from Mustaine "this album is one of best yet" whilst he's in the process of making it and then after release "the last album wasnt as good as we wanted". Just give up Mustaine you are tarnishing the name of Megadeth, and im a fan