Megadeth Getting Busy in the Studio, Post Photo Updates

Meanwhile, band's former members announce "working relationship," unveil Metallica cover.

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Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine and guitarist Chris Broderick have briefly checked in from the studio with a few fresh photos, clearly announcing that new music is cooking up in the 'Deth camp.

Continuing a series of photos started last month, the two new pics show Dave manning the mixing board and Chris studiously observing from behind.

The group pointed out on several occasions that the work on new material has already begun, calling it only a matter of time before they buckle down and fully start forging the "Super Collider" follow-up.

In related Megadeth news, the band's former members, drummer Nick Menza and bassist James LoMenzo, have announced a "working relationship," joining forces with singer / guitarist Davor Garasic for a cover of Metallica's early classic "Motorbreath." More info should drop soon, make sure to check out all the goodies below.

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    On the one hand, I wish Metallica would make as many albums as Megadeth, on the other hand, quality beats quantity every day of the week, and the last 3 Megadeth albums have slowly gotten worse and worse, Endgame kicked ass, 13 was good, and Super Collider was just awful.
    So what you are saying really is that Super Collider was awful. Two me two good ones doesn't present much of a trend, and I don't think 13 was much of a step down from Endgame. I think we'll be seeing a trend if this new album continues on the same path as Super Collider. Here's to hoping that doesn't happen.
    They ditched Jonny K, so I think another Super Collider isn't going to be possible.
    My thoughts exactly. I wish they would go back to Andy Sneap. That guy is a genius.
    my thoughts exactly. endgame was the best, 13 was still good, and super collider was a mouth full of mediocre garbage
    Supercollider is a thousand times better than St Anger though... well anything is better than St Anger actually.
    Death Magnetic is the only good album they've put out since Justice. I agree Megadeth's latest efforts stink, but they've had at least 2 good ones in 10 years or so.
    Man, the front page description made it sound like Megadeth was doing a Metallica cover. Who cares if Nick Menza does one? Everybody covers Metallica, but for Megadeth to actually do it would be mindblowing news.
    You're right but I thought David Garasic was Mustaine for a sec when he started singing.
    Or vice versa--i.e. 'Tallica covering a 'Deth track. Either would be, as you say, "mindblowing." ... Stranger things have happened. \m/
    Megadeth song 'Fight for Freedom'...very similar to Motorbreath.
    I found 13th was a big step back from the awesomeness that was Endgame. I didn't really like anything I heard off Super Colider.
    Really is a damn shame Menza never worked out with megadeth, for whatever reason... I think he's still a killer drummer! Glad to see him at least doing anything really :b
    " ... the two new pics show Dave manning the mixing board and Chris studiously observing from behind." "DON't u -dare- phucking touch that mixing knob, Broderick! This is -my- phucking band, and don't you ever, -ever- forget that!" \m/