Megadeth Kick Newsted Off Soundwave 2014 Shows, Feud Rumored

Band taken off by Mustaine's personal request, Whitechapel named as replacement.

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We might have a new metal feud coming up on the horizon, as Jason Newsted and his band got kicked off two Soundwave 2014 sideshows by a personal request from Megadeth, specifically frontman Dave Mustaine.

A surprising official statement appeared on the festival's website, briefly noting, "At the request of Megadeth, Newsted will not be playing the below sidewaves and instead will be replaced by Whitechapel."

A feud between Dave and Jason was what popped up to a greater portion of the metal community. The Metal Hammer crew decided to research the matter, finding additional details at organizer AJ Maddah's Twitter account.

As Maddah confirmed, the request to kick Newsted off the bill was made personally by Mustaine, but it's still unknown whether the two got involved in any kind or argument. "Something has certainly gone down although we have no details," AJ said, adding in a separate tweet that "maybe there is a problem between managers or agents."

What makes the situation additionally surprising is the fact that Dave and Jason had a very friendly relationship until recently, even hitting the road together on last year's Gigantour.

The critical concerts listed include a Sydney show on February 25 and a Melbourne performance two days later. Apart from Megadeth and Whitechapel, Volbeat are also scheduled to perform.

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    Asking for a band to be excluded from a show is way too much to be a simple feud.
    And poor Whitechapel will be caught right in the middle when they just happen to be the one instead of Newsted being there. Phil Bozeman is the polar opposite of Mustaine when it comes to ego, so hopefully people are content with Whitechapel replacing Newsted.
    You mean the singer from Whitechapel? The guy who bitches and moans in between songs when people aren't reacting to his band's performance (because they're boring)?
    I'd like to second the bitching between songs, it was like... dude, you are 5th down on the bill, relax a little.
    Yeh I saw them 3/4 years ago supporting Trivium and Chimaera and they looked like they didn't care about playing the show, no one even knew their music apart from like 3 die hard fans at the front screaming all the lyrics, they made no effort to win the crowd, they played a song, asked why no one was moshing after, played a song, etc etc.
    Speculate much? We know zero of the details. It could be as simple as agent trouble.
    Agent trouble? What kind of agent trouble? What does "agent trouble" even mean? Those two bands have nothing to do with each other. My two cents are on Mustaine being a major cockmaster again.
    Someone on the inside (the events organizer) says Mustaine personally requested Newsted off the show and you think there are zero details? It could be Mustaine and Newsted's agent, I'll give you that, but Dave is certainly involved.
    "Something has certainly gone down although we have no details." Wow, that is some fine reporting right there.
    It's nice to see everyone's jumping to the conclusion that it's Dave Mustaine's fault. I'm not saying it can't be, but how about we wait for a real report, eh?
    I think maybe some of the facts have gotten twisted by Metal news websites. I have Mustaine's son Justis on Facebook (no lie) and he posted a status slamming Loudwire and Blabbermouth and people were suggesting that Jason is not on tour because of an illness. All I know is someone, whether it's Dave or the writers, is being a bellend.
    Debunked by a Dave Mustaine Facebook post: "Look, I'm disappointed too. I explained to Jason Newsted this morning. We didn't put him on the show and we didn't kick him off the show. He understands, why don't you?" UG won't let me add links so I can't post the source, but Google it.
    How is that debunking anything? Mustaine is just denying the allegation.
    Semantics. I could replace "debunked" with "denied", but all we're dealing with so far are rumors, so his comment cancels out the initial rumor until we get more details, which is the same as debunking.
    and of course heres UG fueling the rumor mill with absoluetly no idea of what happened. They are as bad as the mainstream media....quick get the story out regardless of wether or not you have any facts
    How does the UG article do that? Where's the lines that "stir the pot"?
    I don't know about UG ever being quick to get a story out... this happened days ago. As a rule of thumb if something has happened in music news, you can be sure to read about it on UG 2 days after it has happened (eg, passing of Jeff Hanneman.
    Awww come on... after all both Dave and Jason went through, the last thing they need is a fight between them.
    Dave apparently had nothing to do with this decision: AJ has said that the issue is between managers, agents, etc. Dave has even come out and said that there is no problem between hi and Jason. The guy may be an egotistical prick at times, but this isn't one of them. Gotta love when no real research goes into articles and people jump to the easiest conclusion
    I want one of them 'jump to conclusion' mats at my front door as seen in Office Space
    Fuck Dave Mustaine.
    I find it to be a serious dick move. Even if there is some kind of conflict, nobody forces them to talk to each other, and it may let down a lot of fans who wanted to see them. And "on the request of Megadeth" reeks of abuse of power to me - "we're the more famous band so we do what we want herp derp". I don't have any particular hate for Mustaine, but this really looks bad to me.
    This has happened in the past I think. Did Dave not get Rotting Christ cancelled from a tour? It's something he is obviously capable of doing. Shame really. I don't think he realises that he just cut off a potentially big salary for Newstead and his band.
    Dave is a Christian. If you believe in that way f life, you wouldn't want to present yourself with a band that presents the opposite of what you believe. Also Dave says that he doesn't ask for bands to be removed, but that Megadeth would step down. Promoters would rather reschedule a small band than the headliner, which causes a band like Rotting Christ to be removed from a tour.
    My point had nothing to do with Dave being Christian. I was simply pointing out that this is something that Dave has done before. Also, do you really think way Dave says in a public statement about bands being removed from a bill and what he says to the promoter is the same thing? I certainly don't and you're very naive if you do.
    You know what, I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. I've met Dave multiple times and he seems like a straight forward nice guy. And I do believe him when he says what happened with Rotting Christ. Your right your point had nothing to do with his Christianity, but I'm simply pointing that out as the reason why he asked for Megadeth to step down from those tours.
    This is from Dave's Facebook page, whoever runs it posted this in reply to why Newsted were removed, "Look, I'm disappointed too. I explained to Jason Newsted this morning. We didn't put him on the show and we didn't kick him off the show. He understands, why don't you?" I'm going to the Melbourne show, it would have been good to see Newsted.
    Someone might have already said this, but it's been reported Dave Mustaine had nothing to do with kicking Newsted out.
    You do not know what really happened there, so I think it´s not right to judge Mustaine before official report is released.
    I doubt that anyone could have anything against Jason...oh wait, it's Mustaine we're talking about.
    okay, UG screw up by putting this news in here, but worst is that you believe it! It's a fake! Same thing with Metallica and Megadeth neverending war... it's over! it's done! they have both played together on stage, they are working their ass off in their own business. Don't believe in anything you hear! This is just what some people want, hate for musicians. Stick to the music! That's what matters and that's what they do!
    It's over, it's done The end has begun If you listen to fools... The Mob Rules!
    For someone who's praised for 'telling it like it is' by his core fans, Mustaine clearly has zero tolerance for anything outside of his comfort zone. That doesn't make someone tough or hard headed, it's actually the complete opposite.
    no evidence of this at all after all the **** stirrers on mustaine on this site and in the media in the past 10 years i dont see why anyone should trust this article.....people need to stop going by stupid assumptions just to hate on dave..
    This is exactly what happened when Anthony Kiedis did the same thing to Faith No More and that started a long and pointless feud.
    big muff pedal
    I think it was Mr. Bungle. Either way it was a shame, Mike Patton has some great projects.
    I think he did it to Faith No More because Mr Bungle released an album 'California', which was too close to 'Californication'...some people just need to get over themselves.
    Think I remember from his book Kiedis saying it was after seeing them perform at the VMA's and thought he was copying his style, which (of course) isn't true
    See the coments on this: Congratulations Seattle Seahawks! Great to watch the #1 defensive team score so well and win the Super Bowl! in Dave's Facebook!
    It would be really funny to see everyone's reaction if the reason was that Jason had some sort of health issue that he's refusing to take care of, so Dave forced his hand out of friendship. Niceguy Dave 4ever
    I'm going to give a BANG news, Metallica are Beliebers!! OH GOD, now what? Burn all the CD's again!!
    the festival people say Megadeth asked for Newsted to be removed, Dave says he didnt and that he had nothing to do with it, commenters at UG say its a feud between management. who to believe, who to believe...