Megadeth Leave Roadrunner Records

Megadeth have wrapped up their deal with Roadrunner Records and are moving on.

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Megadeth, who have entered the studio to start work on a new album prior to playing their "Countdown To Extinction 20th Anniversary Tour", surprisingly announced they are wrapping up their deal with Roadrunner Records and are moving on.

Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine tweeted the news on Sunday, writing:

Today marks the end of an era with Roadrunner @rrusa. Hopefully we can finish strong with a #Grammy.

Dave Mustaine (@DaveMustaine) 9, 2012

Megadeth's last album was 2011's "Thirteen"; the track "Whose Life (Is It Anyways?)" is nominated in the "Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance" category at the 55th annual Grammy Awards, which will be held on February 10 in Los Angeles.

According to HenneMusic the band's 11th Grammy nomination sees them competing alongside songs from Anthrax, Halestorm, Iron Maiden, Lamb Of God and Marilyn Manson.

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    Will Metallica sign em??
    Honestly, if Lars and Dave reach to an agreedment like, Dave produces the next album of megadeth and Lars does the advertising shit and such, it would be awsome.
    for megadeth, I believe signing with metallica would be the best opportunity. well thats if blackened records doesnt push them to make 2 month albums like roadrunner did(13).
    With the way Metallica puts records out, I'm sure they would give other bands all the time in the world to make the best product possible.
    honestly i totally agree the next step should be them signing with Blackened, the way Metallica promotes themselves is great enough and if other bands started signing with them they're likely to receive the same exposure to the media, thus getting more great metal bands noticed. Who knows, maybe some newer actual good bands could get the spotlight for a change seeing as Blackened will be looking for acts to sign to their label
    It would be epic if they signed with Blackened Recordings.
    My guess is that he'll start his own record company, but that it'll go bankrupt in 5 years because of extensive funding to Republican associates.
    Then he'll blame Obama's socialist wealth redistribution for his own poor money management.
    ZOSO <(")
    did you type this comment on your obamaphone? if so, ill speak on behalf of those of us who payed for it, and your minutes by saying you're welcome.
    They've been nominated for a Grammy like 11 times by now. I would like to see a win just for the hell of it
    why? was it in a contract or a sudden choice?
    Contract was up and the band wasn't happy with how things were at Roadrunner. They've been talking about leaving since right after Endgame was released because of lack of promotion for them, and Th1rt3en suffered the same fate really. 5 months between singles, which the label chose one of the worst songs on the album to release in Whose Life, and then dropped it.
    Everyone is leaving RR these days. I'd say Metalblade, Nuclear Blast, and Blackened records are the best options for them, unless they want to just do it on their own, which I' sure they could if they wanted to.
    This isn't a surprise at all. They've been saying for a while now that they've wanted to leave Roadrunner. I also heard that rushed to finish Thirteen just to get off the label faster. It shows because it was an awful record especially compared to Endgame and United Abominations.
    Broderick is good but man do I miss Friedman and Poland. Those two could really write catchy solos. Anyways, I wonder where they are going now?
    Metallica has just announced they are starting a label and now Dave is leaving RR? I bet their will be a new Magedeth-owned label coming out in the near future. lol
    Hope they sign up and get a new record out asap. on a side note,instead of Mustaine for president, Why not Ellefson?
    Is it just me or are bands forming their own record labels/self-producing? So did Blink-182 and Metallica. Even Radiohead did with King of Limbs, if I'm not mistaken.
    More bands should release their own material. Cut out the parasites, I mean, record companies.
    I completely agree. Start your own label, get the money you deserve for your work and let the industry as it currently stands piss and burn.
    This looks better for Roadrunner. If a band I signed started getting a lot of press for their dumbass front-man, I would drop them.
    It just sounds like their contract with Roadrunner was up and their looking to sign with another label. It really doesn't seem like anything out of the ordinary is going on. Not a big deal.
    Good! I want to hear Megadeth back at their full potential, not being railroaded by RR.
    I used to love Megadeth in the 90s . Still rate their 90s albums as some of the best ...but now I couldn't give a feck what they do. I don't think they even deserve a record deal full stop.
    I just hope the next album is good. I can't speak for anybody else but I was really disappointed with 13.