Megadeth Likely to Perform 'Youthanasia' in Full on Tour

artist: Megadeth date: 10/04/2013 category: music news
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Megadeth Likely to Perform 'Youthanasia' in Full on Tour
Megadeth mainman Dave Mustaine recently dropped a big hint, stating that the thrash titans are very likely to perform their 1994 record "Youthanasia" live in full during one of the future tours. When asked by the Examiner whether there's a chance for Megadeth to tour the entire "Youthanasia," Dave replied: "Very big chance. In fact funny that you mention that, we were just talking about the part where David Ellefson used to play the extra floor tom during 'Reckoning Day,' because the video we did for that song was filmed in Finland and Finland is right next to Russia, so the taxi cab I was in was an old cab from the Russian days back during the cold war." Mustaine explained further, taking a brief jab at alternative metal along the way. "And a lot of the footage from that video, it's a really, really old video, was from all those concerts back in the day when metal was just huge and before the whole alternative new metal things confused things and f--ked up our business." During the rest of the chat, Dave discussed the favorite solo he's ever recorded, singling out the "Holy Wars" track. He also shared an interesting story behind the solo, pointing out it was recorded in a mere single take. "My favorite studio solo would've been the solo for 'Holy Wars,' because that was the only time I've ever done a solo in one take," he explained. "And basically what happened, when we were doing that solo, we were getting ready to record and we were having problems at the time, the guy who was producing the record with us, his dog had just knocked over my guitar and I was p-ssed.

"So we went in there to track everything, I said just turn everything all the way f--king up. So I turned every knob on the Marshall all the way up, even the ones that shouldn't be turned up, and I said 'Do me a favor, when the song starts I'm just going to open my volume up and go from there. It's going to feedback because there's so much gain coming through.'

"So that's why in the beginning of the solo you've got that squealing feedback sound, because that amplifier was vibrating while we were doing that solo." Megadeth already released "Rust in Peace: Live" in 2010 and "Countdown to Extinction: Live" this year on September 24, so "Youthanasia: Live" definitely seems like a logical step.
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