Megadeth: 'Mustaine Doesn't Speak For Us'

Drummer Shawn Drover says their frontman's political comments don't represent the views of the band. With controversial opinions like these, would you say the same?

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Megadeth have distanced themselves from frontman Dave Mustaine's political views by saying he doesn't speak for the band.

In an interview with Atlantic City Insiders, drummer Shawn Drover made it clear that their frontman's views are strictly his own. Mustaine frequently appears alongside controversial political headlines.

In early 2012, he said he hoped to see a Republican like Rick Santorum win the election this year, though quickly backtracked to say he's impartial to either of the main parties.

Whether he claims to be impartial or not, Mustaine has been vocal in his opposition to President Obama. He's convinced Obama wasn't born in America, and in August accused him of staging the gun massacres over the summer, including the one at a Batman showing in Aurora, Colarado.

His controversial comments are not just limited to the political world. In February he said that African women should "put a plug in it" if they can't afford to feed more children.

If you want to read more about Mustaine's ability to stir controversy, which even prompted Metallica singer James Hetfield to say he has a "big mouth", you can read our rundown of the six most controversial Dave Mustaine comments.

Meanwhile, Megadeth are currently touring to promote the 20th anniversary edition of "Countdown To Extinction".

During the same interview, Drover (who was not in the band at the time of its initial release) said: "As a fan of Megadeth, this is one of my favorite records... It's very solid and to the point it's a lot of fun to play those songs."

What do you think of Mustaine and his ability to stir debate? Should he moderate his comments, or is he the perfect example of a man who exercises free speech? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    My Last Words
    Oh you UG, here we go again..
    My Last Words
    For real, when I clicked "Megadeth : 'Mustaine Doesn't Speak For Us'" I expected to see a little more then just. "In an interview with Atlantic City Insiders, drummer Shawn Drover made it clear that their frontman's views are strictly his own." You could have just said "Drover : Mustaine doesn't speak for me ". Oh and the rest of the article is just made up of old-news-flamebait. But that's not really a surprise.
    Your screen name is one of my favorite megadeth songs/peace sells song. Underrated if you ask me.
    My Last Words
    My opinion exactly good sir! Especially the solo, ironically by Mr. Mustaine himself, is simply exquisite.
    Things started getting bad when they started asking a question at the end of article, of course we are going to tell you our ( usually wrong ) opinion. This is a comment section.
    Free Speech, Free Speech, For The Dumb!!!!!
    You prove that point well, Sir.
    I had to upvote this. It's sad that such a talented guitarist is going ruin his reputation by stating scathing political views, rather than focusing on the music industry and their own shortcomings.
    Dave just loves to run his mouth. He knows he's going to start shit. Remember when Dave was 'reborn'? That was a big gimmick to get more media coverage.
    Charlize Theron is from (South) Africa and I will volunteer to "put a plug in her".
    The gun thing is pretty foolish, and he admitted that. Honestly though, I really think he's right about the child feeding thing. Not to be racist, I just think that any person who can't afford to feed children they already have should not be able to have more and receive a reward from the government. I mean, if you have a kid while on welfare you get a bigger check. We should not encourage people to have kids they cannot afford. Although "put a plug in it" is a pretty offensive way to put this.He was probably speaking in anger
    He was talking about Africa and many of those women that he says should "just put a plug in it" are raped and have no choice in the matter. It had nothing to do with the American government and the welfare system. That doesn't even mention how Africa is not a country but a continent and he derived this opinion about African women as a whole based on a Discovery channel special about one of the most war torn countries on that continent. He couldn't even pay attention to the special long enough to understand this, he just saw a black woman with a bunch of kids and assumed it's a problem as easy to solve as buying condoms at your local gas station.
    I don't know, I always thought it was sorta implied that he was referring to those that had a choice in the matter. Can't really tell a rape victim to plug themselves.
    So your saying this is the only way they end up with so many kids? They never make a decision to have sex? Or MAYBE he WAS just speaking of those who keep having kids when they can't feed them.
    Okay, I had no idea this was what was being discussed. My bad. I still believe what I said about the American system, but i did not know what was truly being talked about. my bad. I would have to check out what exactly he said to respond appropriately.
    i used to think the same... when i was 13. But saying African women should "put a plug in it" is as stupid as saying young black people should stop selling drugs and killing each other. The problem (and the solution) is deeper than that
    I think that the problem about drugs and killing actually has a lot to do with the fact that many children are growing up without positive male role models and is therefore linked to what I said before, but as I have discovered I did not respond to the correct issue with my first comment. Forgive my ignorance of the topic in the article.
    Second Rate
    It's not racism, it's innocent ignorance. In impoverished nations, where life expectancies are lower, infant mortality is high, disease is rampant, and healthcare is poor, people tend to have more children. The more offspring, the greater chance one will survive to adulthood. In places like that, high birthrates come from basic survival instincts, not some attempt to be a baby factory in an effort to take advantage of an overly generous welfare state. When these things improve and a country lifts out of third world status, birth rates will decline.
    A person that's not able to feed children may not be exposed to contraception, and it may be outragous to use any device of this sort. It's too easy to think that way, and too easy to think it's possible to remedy problems just like that.
    It's not a one-size fits all solution, obviously; these issues don't HAVE simple solutions. I just think it would help Africa's situation if the women stopped WILLINGLY having unprotected sex if they can't afford children. If that country ever gets out of poverty, it's going to have to make many hard decisions.
    *continent, sorry.
    Actually slowing birth rate is an effect of demographic transition not a cause. It's not something new, and it happen everywhere in the past, poor people make a lot of children hoping that if they survive they'll work, and help their parents to increase incomes, and insure their future. It's not the same mentallity, in developped countries it's the opposite, the less you have money, you think you can't afford kids, perhaps because familly business and farms are less and less nowadays here.
    Tomorrow's headline: "Megadeth announce search for new drummer."
    Actually I would like that since Drover is not the Best drummer Megadeth had and has.... I would love to see this line up with Menza back on the drumms.
    Mustaine is Megadeth. It's like an article saying, "The Jimi Hendrix Experience: 'Jimi Hendrix doesn't speak for us'"
    With all the links to the outrageous stuff Dave has said this article basically serves as "Dave Mustaine: The Greatest Hits."
    UG is obsessed with Mustaine apparently. Throw in some Gene Simmons's news plus Axl Rose's bullshit and voil, the ultimate UG article.
    Of course he doesn't.. did anyone think he did?? it's not like Matt Bellamy's views of marrying the next Yoko are mutual within his band.
    Who cares about his views? everyone has views and his aren't any more valid or invalid because he's in a band that plays, what many people would say, really awesome music. With that said, commence ashes in your mouth!
    +1 to you, sir!! Everyone deserves to have his own views and not be judged based on them, but I guess people are close-minded. The fact that Mustaine has different opinions than the mass shouldn't mean anything.
    Uh.. everyone is entitled to their own views, but of course you're gonna get judged on them. If you say you're a Nazi sympathizer, you're gonna be judged accordingly. You would, I would do it. Let's be real. He says lots of stupid stuff, that's why everyone thinks he's a dumbass.
    This shouldn't even be talked about. Of course Mustaine doesn't talk for the whole band. Whoever thought that should raise their hand... and I'll come by and hit them in the face with a hammer.
    Typical UG. Why bring back up all those things he said when recently he stated that he was wrong to say some of those things publicly. He can think whatever the **** he wants, but at least he's trying to stop being publicly controversial. I never got Dave's views confused with Megadeth. It's not like statements were released saying, "Megadeth claim Obama not an American". They were all explicitly from Dave.
    If there isn't an article in the news section top headlines about either Mustaine or Metallica, you know you're not on
    i think everyone agrees that when it comes to music, we all have dave's back but for anything else he is on his own
    Josh Reubenking
    Dave just needs to learn when to shut the hell up. Plain and simple. He needs to put a plug in it.
    dave 'tangerine princess' mustane is a gimp, he wears dresses and his band has never made a record aimed at anybody with an IQ over 75.
    Its amazing the amount of idiots who believe that IQ has something to do with someone's intelligence.
    Dat picture.....
    This from the guy who blames metallica for all his problems, this guy has been to rehab 14 times people, I don't think he should be judging anyone, he's a talented musician don't get me wrong but this guys obviously hitting the crack pipe again!
    Drover is Canadian, of course he wouldn't care about half the stuff Dave spouts out - or know better to agree.
    You underestimate just how boring Canadian politics actually is. American politics is so much more interesting to keep up with, and there's so many more idiots to make fun of. Then again, not paying attention to our own politics is probably what caused us to slip up and let an idiot like Harper become Prime Minister, so..
    I don't find ours boring at all - funny we get accused as being a Socialist country when we had a Canadian version of Romney running the show for a while now...
    Of course they'd call Canada a Socialist country, Canada actually does things to help its citizens! These are the same people who call Obama a Socialist. Obama, a guy who doesn't even come left enough to be considered a centrist. That said, I don't think Harper, as bad as he is for Canada, is as bad as Romney. The Conservative Party is probably on par with modern Democrats: still right-wing, but a lot more reasonable than Republicans. The problem is Canada should not be taking notes from the US, as it is under Harper, the US should be taking notes from Canada.
    Adding to that, there alot of african christians, who dont use condoms due to the word of the pope. Furthermore, children are sort of an retirement. If enough of them get through, they'll care for you when you are old. Bottom line: Mustaine is an ignorant prick.
    I don't mind Mustaine's music, and I may or may not agree with some political points, but damn he can be dumb...
    i know his put a plug in it comment may be controversial and racist perhaps, but i understand where he is coming from. i mean, why have kids when you can barely support yourself? thats not controversial or racist, its just common sense. it applies to any woman of any race as a matter of fact
    I refuse to support such a racist, fascist, sexist, ignorant individual. You can't separate the person from the art if we enclose ourselves within our art. So no Mr. Mustaine don't make anymore music OR political comments. You're an idiot.
    Yeah alright, Mustaine doesn't speak for Megadeth on the political aspect of our nation, but that doesn't mean he can't voice his opinion. Shawn Drover can zip his mouth shut, therefore Dave will fire him from Megadeth.