Megadeth on Recording Another 'Rust in Peace:' 'If You Try to Repeat Yourself, You're Just a Fake'

Drummer Shawn Drover addresses constant fan demands for repeating the old sound.

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Megadeth drummer Shawn Drover shared his stance on continuos fan demands to "record another 'Rust in Peace,'" describing it as a path no one in the band is interested in taking. Discussing the band's anniversary tours marking "Rust in Peace" and "Countdown to Extinction" releases through full live performances, Drover was asked by Pop Break on whether such treks have influenced the new material in any way. Although admitting it's nice to reminisce the old days, Shawn stressed the importance of constantly evolving and charging on. "Honestly, you got to stay in the now. If you go back and try to repeat yourself, you're just a fake and you're trying to replicate something you have already done in the past. It's like Van Halen going back and trying to re-record 'Van Halen 1,'" the drummer explained, just to conclude, "I just don't think it's good to replicate yourself anyway." During the rest of the chat, Shawn revealed playing a crucial role in bringing both Chris Broderick and Dave Ellefson into the Megadeth fold, pointing out his vocal stance during the lineup change talks. Furthermore, the drummer was quite open to the idea of performing "Youthanasia" live in full during 2014 for yet another classic album anniversary. As for the band's new material, Drover noted that Megadeth most likely won't be doing any recording until late 2014, as the touring promotion of "Super Collider" still has a long way to go. "We won't do any new recording probably until late next year," he said. "We're in the middle of the touring process for 'Super Collider.' We only started touring for this record six months ago. I would say we have at least another half-year in 2014 to promote this record, then we'll probably take a little break before we start putting ideas together for the next record." Drover continued, taking a quick jab at online music piracy, "There really is no rush anymore. We don't have to do what we did back in the day, record-tour-record-tour in a span of 14 months. With internet piracy, everybody is pretty much stealing the music anyway and it's certainly not as vital. We could tour off our back catalog for the rest of our lives but we’re not like that. We don’t want to be a nostalgia act and we always want to have new material." "Super Collider" saw its release on June 4 via Tradecraft.

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    Don't tell AC/DC.
    Actually AC/DC's first albums sound pretty different from their Brian era albums. I remember people talking about "Black Ice" sounding like the older albums when it came out. IMO the songs I have heard sound like Brian era AC/DC, not 70s AC/DC.
    I don't want another Rust in Piece, just another album as GOOD as it. Same goes for any band and their classic albums.
    They won't be able to do this anyways, because they would need to bring back Marty and Nick. Shawn's and Chris' styles won't fit.
    Sorry Shawn Drover but you're talking bullshit. Why do you think bands (Korn for example) are going back to their original sound, cause their latest albums weren't that great and everyone kept demanding for the old sound
    I don't want another Rust in Peace, I want another thrash album
    i dont want another of any album. I just want a good ole megadeth album an album where you can feel the intesity of the lyrics throughout the music.....i want something as suprising as endgame for the next album...but i dont want another endgame. Endgame for me was an amazing album because i didnt expect them to make something so broad and strong sounding in this day in age it was a fantastic album. something as suprisingly good would be awesome, i liked super collider and 13 but they werent anywhere near as good as endgame
    People can hate on Super Collider all they want, but Dave is bang on with this, as he usually is when it comes to music. If only his political views matched his musical prowess.. he would be the next Nelson Mandela!
    I like Shawn, but i don't like how he talks as though he's been in the band since "back in the day". Not the song, mind you.
    so mustaine said something about obamacare inside of a concert.....but he started it off by yelling to the crowd should i say something contreversial...then slammed obamacare for the joke that it is.....i cant wait for the article to get on here
    >"If you try to repeat yourself, you're just a fake" >Desperately attempts to recreate Youthanasia Seriously, this is getting embarrassing.
    Wow...these guys have really lost their touch with their inner-metal, so to speak. That's really sad for me to see because I have enjoyed their stuff all the way to Endgame. Now it just sounds like watered down mainstream rock. If everyone in the band feels the same way on this, I think they should lay the band to rest. This band are just not what they once were.