Megadeth Planning New Album: 'Time Is Short'

Dave Mustaine reveals they're booking recording sessions so they can write as much as possible while they're still alive.

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Dave Mustaine says Megadeth is already planning a successor to their 2013 album "Super Collider."

It seems that Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman's premature death in May has shaken their sense of mortality, so they've decided to start booking studio time and keep moving forward.

"We're planning our next time to go into the studio to start demoing up our next record," Mustaine told 93X Radio while backstage at Rockfest. "You know, time is short. Nobody knows how long they're gonna live. You see what happened with Jeff Hanneman, so I wanna write as much as I can while I can."

Speaking about the show they were about to perform, Mustaine added that he's "stoked" to be playing on the same bill as his teenage heroes Kiss.

"I remember, 100 years ago when I saw them at Anaheim Stadium back in 1976, it was really cool, it was my first concert. So to play with them in make-up We played with them before in 1988 at Castle Donnington and they weren't wearing make-up. Paul [Stanley] was wearing pink stuff on stage. That ain't the Kiss I grew up with!"

Listen to the 93X Radio interview with Dave Mustaine here:

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    The more Megadeth, the better. I love most of what they've done and I'm sure this won't be any different.
    Agreed. I just wish Dave would start doing speedballs with junior and engaging in satanic rituals again! His material was much better when he was into that shit.
    I think sweensters actually got a decent point. But no, now we can't even hear "The Conjuring" live--murdering my hopes of a Peace Sells in entirety tour ever happening to a very brutalz death.
    yeah man, while my comment obviously had some humor in it that most people just didn't pick up on, I'm pretty serious. The quality of music Dave wrote in the 80s/very early 90s was top notch, and it's clearly deteriorated since then. Metal music without a doubt requires some anger and some balls, two things he seems to be lacking lately. If Dave could just get into his old mindset I truly believe he could write some "Peace Sells..." level music. Whether it's with drugs and conjuring up demons to hurt people or not, I don't care, I just want to hear some good metal that I know Dave can make.
    I like how dave knows fans want new music. If only Lars Ulrich could understand this..
    Please Dave, we don't wan't "another black friday" as you say, well, i do want something like that, but i'm ok with something like endgame. Let us recover the faith on you.
    I agree, Endgame was ****ing awesome. I don't want another album like Supercollider. Don't hate me guys I just didn't like it.
    I'm glad that they can continue to pump out albums at the rate they do, and that most of them stay true to their older material. Most musicians their age are only making albums every 4 - 5 years these days.
    Well... it is your music... All we can do is hope for something a bit more metal than Supper-Collider. In the end who cares! IT'S MEGADETH!
    i dont care what it sounds like, as long as dave puts in his all i will like it, yes the thrash was amazing but i love mustaine and his art, whatever it may sound like it
    ..You guys do know that there are other songs aside from Super Collider on the record right?? 10 others actually. It's a damn good record.
    Alot of it is a mixture of Countdown, Youthanasia and Cryptic for me. Even though they were more radio friendly albums, they were good. I was at local store looking at CD-s back in 2006 or so, saw Cryptic writings without knowing about the band, bought it, listened to it, fell into love with Megadeth, especially earlier stuff and for me all their albums, even Risk, have good songs. The only songs I kind of despise on Super Collider are title track and Off the edge. Rest I don't mind, some are even very catchy for me like some songs from Countdown/Youthanasia/Cryptic era. For you ultimate fanboy crybabies, I still think that their heavier stuff is the best. But there are some songs on Collider that are somewhat in same class like A tout le monde etc. And kind of connection with the earlier Megadeth is better in my opinion than 13, as the only connections with earlier material were some finished songs from earlier demos/b-sides and Ellefson/Mustaine duo.
    Super Collider wasn't a bad album at all, you just have to listen to it a few times. I'm actually impressed about how Dave comes up with such good music in such a short period of time.
    His vocals made me to turn around and walk away. I hate his voice. It was still able to listen to on 80's and up to mid 90's albums but now his voice is just garbage. I don't know why are people complaining about Hetfield's voice change and saying nothing about Mustaine's always-shitty vocals.
    Then don't listen to the new albums pal, because his vocals aren't randomly going back to it's former style.
    I've said this before, but I don't think Super Collider was all that bad. If their next album followed in the same vein I wouldn't lose sleep over it.
    I really wanted to like it, but man.. I appreciate the heck outta Dave still churning out records, but I think he shoudl slow down and polish more. I mean, for me now, the vocals on Super Collider make it almost unlistenable. It sounds like a monotone low pitched snarl. There is almost no singing or range or melody. It ruins the album for me. The songs are uninspired and bland. Where are Junior's classic basslines? This is the guy that created the bass line to Peace Sells! I don't know, I just really hope this one captures the quality of songwriting and polish Dave used to have. I don't care if it's thrash like Peace Sells or polished Hard Rock like Cryptic Writings as long as the songs and production are there.
    I cannot let this stand uncommented. My opinion: Supper Collider isn't their best work, but it has definitely some very, very good songs on it, for example Dance in the Rain, Forget to Remember and Beginning of Sorrow. Those songs are good imho because they have awesome vocal lines. Regarding the basslines: First of all, Junior didn't write the Peace Sells intro, that was Mustaine. But he created even better basslines like Five Magics. And Junior has a few ool moments on Super Collider, too. The intro to Kingmaker and the bassline of the title track for example. I personally think that they will get thrashier. After two more Countdown-style albums (I liked Th1rt3en very much, too), they will be hungry for some KimB (I can hear some KimB-influences on the last part of Dance in the rain).
    All good, man, taste is subjective. We just disagree. I didn't think the songs were well-written at all. I found this album very generic and dull, and I'm not crazy about the production. We'll just disagree on this one. I wasn't a huge fan of 13, either, but I thought it was better than this one. I'm hopeful for the next one, though. Dave has made a late-career comeback before.
    Now, if someone could convince Metallica that making music is a good idea...
    Everything from Killing Is My Business to Super Collider are great albums. Super Collider is a great album, he's just having freaking fun, if you actually know his past, and why he loves music, you can tell that he is just having fun on the record. It's a great freaking record. Damn.
    True. I mean, Dave started learning guitar listening to Cat Stevens etc(sorry if I misspell that name...) and he has confessed that part of his songwriting and melodies come from these influences. It's like a nostalgia trip for him, just in a bit heavier outlet. And now if we take official video for title track, there is banner Elysian Fields 10 or something like that. Another hint of nostalgia.
    Who cares? Megadeth will always be the band that wrote Rust In Peace and Peace Sells. And for that, I'll listen to anything Mustaine puts out.
    Supercollider was decent but I'm with everyone else, a heavier more angry album like Endgame would be way more awesome
    If only Metallica had the same attitude about time...
    In my opinion, Metallica has never made a bad album, they can take their sweet time making a kick ass album.
    Way Cool JR.
    I would love to hear another album in the realms of what they did in the '80s & early '90s.
    i hope he isn't rushing it too much. tool takes their sweet time in making a album, but when it comes out i know its gonna be a hit. If he gave more power to the others, and thought the whole thing through it would be better.
    I dont think tool has been working on the new album for years. They just take forever to get started due to Maynards side projects. Nonetheless I agree with your point. They should take their time and make sure its a good album!
    I'm waiting forward to it. Like some mentioned before, Super Collider wasn't that bad if you take it as a stand-alone album not Peace sells or Holy wars part II. I mean... Most of you who complain about this album and 13, you loved Marty Friedman. Now, have you ever listened to Marty's solo stuff? Some of it is even more melodic and rock than Super Collider, but it has really cool tunes in some albums. It just shows that both Marty and Mustaine can do something else than just playing 10000 bpm riffs. And does this "super melodic" solo stuff of Marty make him more of a mediocre guitarist? No. Does it leave a stain on his work with Megadeth? No. Dave was right when he said that metal fans are close-minded. Take album for what it is and don't expect it to be some classic album part II. If you hate more melodic stuff, why don't you hate Metallica for Unforgiven, Nothing else matters etc? Why don't you hate Testament as they have ballads and stuff too? Like they say, haters gonna hate. But seriously, grow up! And if some of you haters are guitarists or bassists, you should listen and appreciate pretty much every genre out there, as they give you better grasp and idea about what you can do with your instrument. If you really hate that some musicians want to explore other genres too and make their fanbase bigger and more varied then stick to Exodus etc who hasn't changed their style that much.
    My Last Words
    I don't care if a musician ventures out into new musical areas, as long as it sounds good. A good example of this musical shift would be going from Rust in peace to Countdown to extinction and from there to Youthanasia. Yes, they were more melodic and radio-friendly (nothing wrong with that), but they were still great albums because they had a good sense of lyrics and songwriting. That being said, Super Collider had none. Not because it was more rock-ish or melodic - I appreciate every genre out there - but because it sucked (In my eyes that is). But I guess that makes me close-minded.
    Finding nothing in specific album, e.g Super Collider, is not being close-minded. It's about matter of taste. And these examples you mentioned are good. I was more referring to those like Mustaine said who want another Black Friday or something like that. Knowing Megadeth and Mustaine, I think most of us would like to get Peace sells, Holy wars or even Endgame. I admit it, I would like it too. But I don't label album epic fail because of it wasn't any of that albums and as I read your comment, neither do you. But still I can't say that Super Collider sucked. Not a big fan of the album, but I like some songs off of it, Dance in the rain would be my favorite because I somewhat like the riffs and I think that lyrics on that one are best among songs from this album. I always liked most those songs on Megadeth catalog which were about politics or domestic/global issues. Also, about venturing into new musical areas, among thrash band I think Kreator is the best example(early material, then some death metal influences and then that "commercial" Endorama, and back to roots again). And about your last sentence, right the sentence before that you said you appreciate every genre out there. If that's true, you can't be close-minded. Don't take it so personally.
    Right on. I'll even go one further.... Risk is an excellent album. There, I said it! It's biggest problem was it said "Megadeth" on the cover instead of being a side project. Granted, I refused to believe it was good when I was a teenager, but relistening as an adult..AWESOME!
    Sorry, but how is this tradition???? Yes, he kicked out Poland. Wanted to get him back with The system has failed, where Poland recorded solos, but didn't come back. He kicked out Young. He DIDN'T kick out Marty, Marty left as their musical directions were different. He didn't kick out Al, it was all about disbanding Megadeth when he had injury. He didn't kick out Glen, Glen left and recommended Broderick. Get your facts right.
    I love how creative he is. I dont like his new stuff but having been in this game for so long and still pumping out new music every other year... that is impressive.
    Absolutely. For me there are only two bands who have been around 30 years or more and still keep releasing new stuff every other year or so. Those bands are Motrhead and Megadeth. Atleast for that you must respect them(not that there are that much people who doesn't respect Motrhead...).
    Still, Motorhead releases Ace of Spades every time they release a new album (Coincidence? I DON'T THINK SO). Megadeth first releases 4 freaking amazing thrash albums and then they go like "well, it's cool that some people like us, but we want more attention, so let's make some light metal (God, it sounds awful) and make money on our stupid fans", and this thought continues up to present day.
    I thought super collider had some great songs. yeah not as good as past releases but still good none the less
    matteo cubano
    No wonder Metallica didnt think he was a good fit
    Vic Magnetic
    Yeah, Because he can write amazing riffs and make it into a song, like Zepplin, Kiss, Black Sabbath etc.... Metallica now write way to many riffs for one song and it just doesn't seem to flow as well. Master of Puppets had it's intro, verse, chorus and so on with a awesome bridge/breakdown and then back into the main riff and outro. They didn't just mash a bunch of riffs together and shout some lyrics over different parts that sometimes don't even sound like they should even have lyrics....
    they need to release something alot more thrash and bad-ass. Kingmaker was the coolest track on Super Collider. The rest of the album was decent, but in all honesty, Super Collider is my least favorite record so far....
    Well, even if they would continue this same route, which with Super Collider was Countdown to Cryptic era, I still wouldn't mind. But when we talk about alot more thrash and bad-ass, even though it's one of the best in my opinion, I wouldn't want Black Friday. Give me modern The skull beneath the skin right now and I would forgive their "Lulu experience" if they decided to do that... I think Sudden Death was something towards that, but too.... Modern and filled with solos that if you repeat this song then solos actually can disturb you after 15 repeats