Megadeth Post A Studio Update On Guitar Recording Sessions

Thrash metal giants give us an insight of the "Super Collider" guitar parts with their latest studio update.

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Thrash metal giants Megadeth have been keeping themselves busy these days with the work on their latest studio album, titled "Super Collider". Therefore, Dave Mustaine and co. have decided to give us an insight of what's been going around over at Vic's Garage studio in California with the latest studio update video.

The clip features Mustaine and guitarist Chris Broderick working on guitar parts earlier this month, as well as several snippets of what might be new Megadeth tracks. The band already has 11 recorded songs, but is going for a total of 13 tracks.

"We have eleven songs already recorded. We wanna give thirteen, 'cause, you know, the B-sides and Japanese releases and all that kind of crazy stuff", said the frontman.

Apart from revealing the new album title, Megadeth has also announced June as a release month via Dave Mustaine's own label Tradecraft, powered by Universal. With Johnny K (Disturbed, Sevendust, Machine Head, Staind) at the helm of production, the record was previously announced as "dark, heavy and fast".

The latest Megadeth album, "TH1RT3EN", was released back in November 2011 with 42,000 copies sold within the first week, debuting at No. 11 on the Billboard 200 list.

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So are you excited about the new record or what? And how do you like the guitar sound so far? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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    Some pretty cool soloing parts in there, hoping for some lengthier and more elaborate leads than what was found on Thirteen.
    Bob Dolan :D
    Agreed, i think they should add some of that bluesy riffing from the first 10 second.
    its gunna be a sick album, megadeth has been working in the studio since august this time around and with 13 being what it was in 2 months of recording time, i think this will be far superior, ive found a couple of the rifffs ive heard in the videos asound really depthy and cool,
    You just made my day. I feel the same exact way and really hope we are wrong and it's even better than we imagine.
    i think it will be great as long as people accept going into it that Mustaine's voice is gonna be really gravelly and hoarse...but for big fans that shouldn't come as a surprise
    matteo cubano
    am i the only one who's noticed every album any metal band puts out is always "darker and heavier" then the last one?
    Getting sucked further into the realms of.. marketing! Nah, but really the amount of gigs and b-sides you end up with, you end up changing style over time. Remember Risk?
    Just curious, anyone know why Japanese releases get bonus tracks on them?
    I believe it's because it's cheaper to buy an import than it is buy a Japanese copy, so they add an extra track or two to make it worth the extra money.
    Sounds good. I'm lloking forward to the album. I thought Th1rt3en was awesome too.
    KIMB? Junior? I've been exposed less to the album than you have (obviously) and I can see that if anything, this is more similar to Youthanasia.
    I suggest that you check out the rest of the studio updates, definitely sounds promising.
    Mustaine is a ****ing beast! Anyone that doesn't like modern 'Deth is ****ing DEAF! Actually scratch that, deaf people love 'Deth!
    Dr. Knox666
    Please stop posting this studio updates! The more videos I watch the more impatient I get. Can't wait to hear their new shit!