Megadeth Post Studio Video

Watch clips of the band working on their new album "Super Collider" at Mustaine's studio in this new video.

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Megadeth have posted a compilation of studio clips from their latest recording sessions.

It shows the band recording new album "Super Collider" at Dave Mustaine's studio Vic's Garage in California. It will be their first release on Mustaine's new label Tradecraft, which will operate in partnership with Universal.

Mustaine says they have an album of material already recorded and believes it's their best album yet - but it isn't over yet.

"We have eleven songs already recorded. We wanna give [the label] thirteen, 'cause, you know, the B-sides and Japanese releases and all that kind of crazy stuff," he said (via Blabbermouth).

In January, bassist David Ellefson said: "Having a great week here at Vic's Garage laying down bass on the new songs. Really some great, great songs taking shape at this point in the recording process.

"One of them totally reminded me of the earliest stuff back when we first met. Fast, ripppin' and fully bringing the REAL old-school MEGADETH sound!!!"

Meanwhile, former Megadeth guitarist Chris Poland has discussed an unusual new project with 60s band Hawkwind. "[Me and Gar Samuelson] composed the music, and existing members of Hawkwind are going to overdub over the top of it," Poland told Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles. "And some guys from The Doors, you know, just bands from that era, whoever they can find. It was a blast, man."

Watch Megadeth recording "Super Collider" here:

YouTube preview picture

Do you think Megadeth can live up to their early material with the new album? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    If I ever hang a giant picture of myself in my me a favour and just shoot me.
    this gives me ideas... i'm about to hit the studio next weeks myself. i better see if the owner there allows me to place pictures of my body parts on the walls.
    Despite the absolutely shocking sound quality, what I can hear sounds good. Certainly more reminiscent of the older stuff. Suddenly, I'm looking forward to this album.
    Definitely sounds heavier, faster and deeper than Thirteen. I'm particularly pretty psyched about that acoustic part that Chris plays at 0:18.
    Quite frankly, no. I don't think Dave has the aggression he had decades ago.
    I am sure he can find some more aggression if they hang a picture of Obama on the wall somewhere at Vic's
    then dave can invite tom morello to jam out under the picture of obama. maybe a gitmo love song or something.
    Are people still saying 'it probably won't be a rust in piece'. First of all it's been 23 years so no probably not and second why do you want the same album again?
    The world needs a good Megadeth album. Endgame was great, but 13 was kind of a sidestep. At the very least, I hope it's as good as The System Has Failed, which I think is the best since Rust In Peace.
    I'm open minded to there new album. It will most likely not be another "Rust In Peace" or "Peace Sells", but it'll be interesting just to hear some new tunes from my one of my favorite old school metal bands. Hopefully they keep it as thrash as possible, no mainstream bullshit.
    Silly title for a 'Deth album....anyway, I dont care if they manage to bring back their old sound...I love all their stuff