Megadeth Respond to Super Collider Controversy: 'Half These Little Farts Wouldn't Say This to My Face'

Mustaine notes that haters “would piss their pants” if they stood in front of him.

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Dave Mustaine and David Ellefson have been responding to the controversy surrounding the band's latest album, "Super Collider," and criticisms that the record wasn't metal enough. Speaking to WikiMetal, Ellefson noted that the record still features classic Megadeth songs: "It's definitely been one of our more controversial records. Traditionally you would lead a Megadeth record with a track like 'Kingmaker,' which is heavy, which is very traditional. I think a lot of the hard thrash fans kind of went 'Oh my god, what happened to Megadeth, they're turning into a pop band' ... but you listen to the album, and there's 'Kingmaker,' 'Dancing in the Rain,' 'Built for War,' 'Burn,' these are songs that are classic Megadeth riffs and classic Megadeth songs." Mustaine meanwhile, has told Brave Words that it is "a handful of trolls" that have a problem with the record: "Our real fan-base respect what we do, they know that Megadeth isn't limited to just thrash nomenclature. We've never fit within those parameters, and anybody that has ever asked us what our music is like I've always said we're just Megadeth. Like a jazz, classical, punk-influenced band that plays all different kinds of songs. We're the guys that wrote 'Black Friday,' but were different. We're not like AC/DC, we're not like Motorhead, our songs aren't really similar, straight-forward rock songs. It's straight-forward metal. Some people like 'em, some people don't, but I think with the internet, you can have a guy with a hundred email accounts talking smack on these bottom-feeder websites. People read that and think 'this guy is real' and he's not real, there's two or three people that their whole campaign is to talk sh-t about everybody. Not just Dave Mustaine, not just Megadeth, they hate everything. Half these little farts wouldn't say this to my face cuz they'd piss their pants if they stood in front of me."

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    I think it is more than trolls that have a problem with the record. Also, Dancing in the rain?
    Dancing in the Rain is the best song on the album. The first half is very TSHF and the last part is very KIMB. Classic just as he said.
    Well, I guess I'm a little fart then. I would never disrespect an artist's work in front of them, but if the mighty Mustaine did happen to ask for my opinion on Super Collider, I may have to tell him I was disappointed.
    But Super Collider was a watered down attempt at a mainstream rock album. That's not trolling, that's just listening to the album.
    Haha, he thinks its really only 2-3 people with multiple accounts that hate the record
    "Half these little farts wouldn't say this to my face cuz they'd piss their pants if they stood in front of me." Did you just threaten to assault me for saying that Super Collider was terrible, Dave?
    No... All he was saying is that a majority of the haters would not have the balls to talk shit about the record to his face.
    I would, and I say that as a skinny bloke who would probably be crushed by Dave and his karate experience. That being said, I was taking the mickey out of it more than anything, seriously. You guys are a lot of fun, eh?
    If I was actually standing in front of Dave I probably wouldn't 'talk shit' about the record, but I'd still tell him that I didn't really like it tbh.
    All those in favor of making Ellefson the official spokesperson of Megadeth, say "aye." Love Mustaine, but Ellefson is just a little better with his words.
    He just can't accept the possibility of people simply not liking his record. "A handful of trolls". What a joke
    Dave, I'm from Chicago. I have no problem saying shit to your face. I love most of your albums. Supercollider is ASS.
    Pretty much word for word what I was going to say.... Though I'm not from Chicago. I'm from another town in Illinois.
    One guy once asked me why "Supercollider" was a hard rock record. It's a hard rock record because it rocks hard.
    they'd piss their pants if they stood in front of me. Probably from laughing so hard, yes.
    I honestly really enjoyed the unorthodox songs on the record but didn't care for the traditional metal songs which I thought sounded rehashed and uninspired and not nearly at the quality of their past repertoire.
    Ya, whatever tough guy. Put out mediocre materials and get macho when the sales and responses are less than glowing. Like most of the materials of late, SC has some good moments and then others that are totally forgettable.
    Mustaine has a black belt in Karate also. I'm sure he'd **** any of us up lol.
    He can't, boxers and martial arts experts are deemed as lethal weapons. He would face time, and looking like an absolute dumbass for being violent over words of criticism.
    Of course the internet has a bunch of shit talkers. Then there are music lovers who have valid opinions (it really sucks is a valid opinion, though a bit general), and many of those people have money to buy music/tickets whatever. It's part of the industry. Dave, you've been a public figure for 30 years. Remember all of the shit being printed in the early days about you and Metallica? This stuff should bounce right off of you. You have fame because of music. Many would kill for that . Suck it up
    Look, if you don't like the album, don't listen to it anymore, and don't buy it. Low record sales are enough to say how bad it is.
    I'd have no problem telling him that Super Collider was a super shit album! he can bring it on! Endgame on the other hand...amazing album, why can't they just write another Endgame or Thirteen!. Super Collider is about as mainstream as avenged sevenfold!
    "Why can't they just write another Endgame or Thirteen!" Because writing the same album over and over again would be fricking boring, not just for the band but for many of the fans?
    Mustaine has a good point. Anyone with a computer can put shit on Super Collider, but those people would not have the guts to say the same things to Daves face.
    No. Dave's problem is he seems to have surrounded himself with people who don't tell him when he's made something shitty and to ****ing improve on it. So he believes he's made a great record and everyone who disses it is a troll. People need to stop enabling his bullshit and put him on the track to making great records again.
    Come meet me Dave, and I'll tell you it's shit in person. Nobody has a problem with progression, in fact we welcome it, but the problem is you progressed into shittier territory.
    Honestly, I thought Thirteen was pretty bad. Supercollider is better in my opinion
    I haven't gotten the chance to listen to Supercollider, but I thought Thirteen was pretty bad. It wasn't nearly as good as Endgame was. They could have really gone somewhere after Endgame.
    its like a nightmare; over and over all i hear is 'dark, heavy, and fast'. the only reason mustaine said as much is as he has admitted, he thought it would sell more records. because that is how he defines his process for songwriting: what is popular at the time. hes a sellout; always has been, always will be
    He is damn right though. To his face I bet you'd all praise his music. And he can write whatever the **** he wants.
    No one is saying he can't write what he wants. People are just expressing negative opinions.
    That's right. Because you are an ugly stupid slack-jawed sexual Tyrannosaurus, just like me.
    Super Colider wsnt as good but i wont talk shit about it cuz i respect the band. A Daves not talking about his karate or anything like that hes saying the "trolls" who say shit about the album cant say that since they cant make a single song like whats on super colider.If they can they wdnt talk shit about a album someone els sold. Ya se anyone els like a good metal band ironmaiden or metallica say shit abt SC. No? Why?
    Sometimes bands, even your favorite ones, make albums you don't like. It's kinda weird, I know. It's still okay to like that band though.
    Just because you didn't like the album doesn't make you a troll. It's natural to be a fan of the older stuff and not so much the newer stuff, especially if you grew up listening to peace sells, and countdown to extinction. People age, and music changes, and as we get older we get more biased about the current state of music. Bowie did a pretty good album this year, but I liked his old stuff better.
    I'd say it to his face. and there is nothing he could do about it. touch me and the red white and blues show up. No words can describe how much i hate mustaine.
    Dave, the album is mediocre at best -- yes I probably would be resigned to not say that to your face, but it is.