Megadeth Resumes Work On New Album

CD is due in early 2013.

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Megadeth has resumed work on its fourteenth studio album. The record, which is as-yet-untitled, is tentatively due in 2013, and will be produced by Johnny K, also responsible for producing the band's "Th1rt3en" album. It as unclear as to who will release the album, following Megadeth's recent split with Roadrunner Records.

Dave Mustaine speculated about the direction of the new material:

"Some of it's a little darker, some of it's a little faster. Being in this position right now, not knowing where we're gonna go or what we're gonna do, it's kind of like the world's ours to do what we want. Are we gonna go back to the speed and thrash metal roots that made us who we are? Are we gonna experiment and rely on the melody that we've discovered in Megadeth songs?"

Mustaine has also posted the following tweet about the album:

Johnny made it in. Record 14 is officially underway. Clips to upload tomorrow. Thrashin' time!

Dave Mustaine (@DaveMustaine) 18, 2012

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    Wow, first article in awhile that doesn't pair Dave Mustaine with politics!
    First decent article I've seen on UG that isn't about some slag talking bollocks or quoting every little thing Dave says. Megadeth Recording New Album, Queens of the Stone Age ticket for 20 with free bag of weed, AC/DC will blow up your video, more stories like this please.....
    Here's hoping that this one will be at least on par with Engame, without any pressure from labels to write and release a record as quickly as possible. I'm a massive Megadeth fan, but 13 was sub par. Still don't know why they got Johnny K again to produce this record. 13 had horrible production value.
    13 was actually good for where the band was at. That said, I do hope this new album is better. I do really hope they morph their roots with the melodies and such.
    He should have stuck with Andy Sneap instead of Johnny K. Endgame > Thirteen.
    Agreed. Endgame sounded way better than Thirteen. Way too muddy and jumbled in my opinion.
    Thirteen wasn't as good as Endgame or United Abominations but some of the stuff still rocked pretty god damn hard. Chris Broderick should've been allowed to do better solos, and Dave probably shouldn't have recycled old demos from the Youthanasia era.
    Sheep Shagger
    "Record 14 is officially underway." After the ingenious album title of 'Th1rt3en', I wouldn't be surprised if 'Record 14' was the title of this album...
    he wanted to name it thirteen becaus eof all the relevance towards the number 13 and his life with his birthdate and guitar starting age and all the political pieces around 13 and because of everyone knows 13 isnt supposed to be a lucky number,
    "Haha the cover of our new album is white, let's call it the white album cuz we're stupid" ^Your logic
    Sheep Shagger
    Not really. 'The White Album' is the unofficial title for The Beetles' self-titled album. Same with Metallica's 'The Black Album'. Your argument is flawed.
    No, the white album was made when their label declared their intended cover "too disturbing". Screw you then, we'll just leave it blank.
    I thought the label said that for the album "Yesterday and Today", not the original version of the White Album.
    I wish they'd at least try to make some thrash songs , i mean full on thrash , their last album where somewhat more heavy and progressive sorta i guess. It just doesn't like thrash that much i mean even the riffs aren't that thrashy. Not complaining they are doing a hell good of a job but u know would be nice.
    They going solo? signed to Metallica's label? I was more interested in hearing where that went then a 14th album, mostly because we all knew it was coming!
    I hope it's better than 13. 13 was one of the worst metal albums I've heard yet. Chris Broderick needs to make a solo album because his skills are amazing. Dave Mustaine needs to let Chris Broderick do his solos and stop getting the final call on solos.
    i think this will be defs a step up from thirteen not that i cant go and listen to thirteen but there was only 5-6 songs that i still enjoy time and time again, sudden death we the people public enemy and whatnot, not to say it was a bad labum but it isnt up their with countdown rust in peace peace sells endgame or any of their top albums, i wanna see a megadeth album that sounds great its strong fast heavy and original like endgame have osme political songs, apparently dave already has the album art and album name so i dont think itll be 14,
    Hope it won't contain much of his political views, just another awesome album by the guys.
    The question that comes to me right now is..... Will they record the new album with the current tune they use on tours...? That would be interesting, like a second Youthanasia.
    Any interest I had in any future work by Megadeth kind of died after they tuned the guitars down. These days, any appreciation I have left of Megadeth stems from their rock sensibilities, but the down-tuning kind of plants them in probably playing just fast metal with lazy vocals. Shame.
    You dislike a bands music purely because they tuned down their guitars? They're still thrash metal, and the vocals aren't lazy... they're just different.
    Please point to me where Megadeth has tuned down below standard minus Youthanasia... Answer: they never have.
    I'm pretty sure they were tuned differently for their first two albums as well. Although I could be wrong.
    Halfway Between Eb and E on KIMB and PS..BWB. Atleast thats where I play it live, and it sounds spot on.
    Yup, a quarter step down similar to what Metallica and Pantera did in their early days which is very close to standard. They play those songs in standard live. It's still considered standard, just about 40 cents flat.
    I thought the guitars were tuned down a half step on the original release of KIlling is my Business? If that's true (can't find sauce ATM I'm on my phone) then it might show the folly of not respecting their rock sensibilities.
    I'm a fan of 13, think it is a classic 80's metal/Megadeth album with a modern take on it. As long as Dave keeps the politics turned down it could be could.
    I hope it'll be better than Thirteen was. It had some good tracks, but mostly sounded way too stripped-down and simplistic, and was far from as good as it had the potential to be. Not going to judge the next record before I've heard it, but I'm afraid that the decision to keep going with Johnny K as the producer is going to lead them on the same track.
    As long as he stays the hell off the ultra-right wing politics in his songs, I'm somewhat happy.
    he always says megadeth albums are getting faster in each of these articles
    Coming out faster is more like it. Endgame was pretty fast, though. Easily my fav since Youthanasia.
    The great thing about this band is - you expect me to say Dave - but it's the variety in their music. Since the very begining, till date, all the albums have stood for themselves. I'm certain the 14th record will be unique and not be compared to any of their older works. That's why I love Megadeth.
    "Megadeth has resumed work on its fourteenth studio album." I chuckled.
    OK, I'll bite. What caused the chuckle? It appears that you've made the word "its" bold, as if to point out that it perhaps wasn't correct (although it is correct). Or was it the reference to Megadeth as an "it". Should UG maybe have used "their", instead? Color me confused.