Megadeth Reveal 'Super Collider' As The New Album Title

Thrash titans announce the new album title, release month and a new record label.

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Thrash titans Megadeth have made a big announcement yesterday. Apart from revealing the new record label and a UK tour, the band has officially set "Super Collider" as the new album title.

Announced as 'dark, heavy and fast', the "TH1RT3EN" follow-up is currently being mixed in Vic's Garage studio in California with Johnny K (Disturbed, Sevendust, Machine Head, Staind) at the helm of production. The album is set for a June release via Dave Mustaine's own label Tradecraft, powered by Universal.

"It was a real thrill for us to learn there was an opportunity to join Universal. It seems like every time you see a great band or music video, it comes from the Universal label. Being with Universal is by far the most exciting and prestigious home for Megadeth ever!

"We are electrified with what the future holds and the possibilities such a powerhouse like Universal will bring for us all. We have worked with some great people over the years, and it is amazing to see so many of them on the Universal team for our new record, Super Collider. If Megadeth being here isn't satiating enough, having Tradecraft as my own label is going to be really amazing for metal bands around the world", stated the frontman.

Universal seems as much as excited as the band and is 'looking forward' to working with the metal heavyweights.

"Megadeth is not just one of the most successful metal bands, but one of the most influential rock bands of the past 30 years. They continue to be a huge draw on the road with their longtime fans as well as continually adding new fans. I look forward to working together with them", said UMe President/CEO Bruce Resnikoff.

As far as the new tour goes, the group has announced they will be touring UK in June with four concert dates already confirmed. The tickets will go on sale on Friday, February 15. Despite revealing a lot of new info, there are still a few unanswered questions fans would like to know more about, such as the matter of a guest singer supposedly set to appear on "Super Collider".

So how does "Super Collider" sound to you? Looking forward to this one or what? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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    Is it just me or does this sound like a Tenacious D song title... Maybe the sequel to Master Exploder....
    Dark, heavy and fast. Just the way Megadeth should be
    Just like my men should be
    Why isn't it called Mega Collision....unless that makes no sense like the Pope quitting due to health, when he's gonna die soon anyways
    Exactly! But why must we wait until June? Sooooo long!
    The songs themselves need to be mixed, the band has to listen to the final product, approve it, change what they feel isn't good enough, and then they have to do all of the copyright stuff, get a cover and booklet design. Then get someone to print X copies, burn X CD's, vinyls, posters, etc. etc. etc. It's very time consuming and expensive and can't all be done in a week. It would be nice if it were possible, though. But this record was one they were all looking forward to making and weren't pressured into making like Th1rt3en. The quality of the record will most likely make it definitely worth waiting for.
    yeah i know This is just me eagerly awaiting my favorite band. Obviously I'd rather them take their time and not feel pressured.
    I hope the album will be kickass, but the name is pretty... strange.
    Yeah, Radiohead have a song called "Supercollider", so I though this was a weird name
    Lol Natures
    Next week, Black Sabbath announces that they're naming their new album Sup3r C011id3r. Because Sabbath's new album is currently named 13 and the last Megadeth album is named- Okay, we get it.
    I kinda like the name. Do you guys think it's in reference to the Large Hadron Collider? Speeding atoms up to 99.99% of the speed of light then smashing them to recreate mini-big bangs...sounds pretty metal to me lol.
    "Super Collider", though odd sounding, seems to me to hint that there's something inspired about it. Endgame and TH1RT3EN both sounded like "Fuck it, we'll just call it this." There might actually be a concept to the album... either that or Dave's drug-addled brain just thought it sounded cool.
    I think dave should have a final dig and it should be called "The Blacker Album".
    UK dates: 3rd June - Newcastle 4th June - Glasgow 5th June - Manchester 6th June - London Where is the date for Wales?!?! Looks like I'll have to travel for this one.
    Tell me about it, no birmingham either. However they did this in 2007 - four or five dates then a proper uk tour the following year. Hope for some more dates soon.
    I'm guessing there's going to be a song about creating a black hole that will destroy the world. I'm thinking an updated Rust In Peace...Polaris.
    Ive been waiting this album since 13. Ive been reading all the shit with Mustane statements about politics and everything and personally i dont give a flying ****, i am still i huge megadeth fan and i hope they will be coming to montreal for a show! Cant wait for this album.
    Amazing how dumb people are. Half of you dont know what a super collider is and why would anyone even care about an album title. Get a life losers.
    Who ever has a Facebook and or a twitter would have found ou about this yesterday when it was posted on the Dave mustaine fb page ;D \m/
    i could wait another year or more not to hear more new megadeth just stop already
    Yeah, the title could've been better... but nothing that shakes my waiting for the album!
    I was hoping for a classic "xxxxx...xxxxx" type title like their first three albums. Super Collider, while I'm guessing it has something to do with the Large Hadron Collider, sounds like something that could be a Static X album or something.
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    Dave Mustaine is a fake musician who gets all his stuff written for him. His djent isnt even good.
    i just want to say I think its ironic that Dave Mustaine chose "super collider" as the name of the new Megadeth album since thats probably a direct reference to the CERN project in Europe. ....And hes a reborn Christian bigot. And Christian Bigots are AGAINST evolution and the big bang theory and believe that the earth and the universe is under 10,000 years old. ...which is a direct affront to what physicists and scientists like Brian Cox are trying to prove with the "super collider" at CERN.
    I'm Dave Mustaine, and I'm NOT crazy. But...Obama is a time traveling Nazi from the future, sent back in time to take away our guns. This is to ensure an easy, low resistance invasion by the future Nazis. After they take away all of our guns, large time portals will open in the sky. This will allow the TimeNazis to enter our reality, and occupy America. I know this because I'm from the future as well, but I'm not crazy...ok.
    Second Rate
    yes, yes, i know "wahhh wahhh, dave talked bad about obama... wahhh obama.... wahhh racism." I've been listening to Megadeth most of my life and this man has written political lyrics and spouted off about politics the whole time. I know the young and stupid like to believe that Megadeth's politics begins and ends with Obama, but that's simply not the case. Mustaine has written political lyrics through 5 different administrations (three of which were white republicans i might add). I have to applaud Dave's consistency.
    Of those three republican administrations, how many Presidents did good ol' Dave called Un-American? How many did he say were muslim and born outside the US? One thing is criticizing some President's political views. Another thing is being a racist bigot. Mustaine belongs to the latter category.
    I actually don't care about politics. Obama or not. They are all the same to me. I was just being silly. Anyone who can play guitar like Dave is fine with me. I mean come on, "TimeNazis"...
    Lol Natures
    Next week, Black Sabbath announces that their new album name is now going to be Super Col1id3r. Get it? Because Megadeth's last album was named TH1RT3EN, and Sabbath's new album is currently known as 13 and- Okay, we get it.
    Lol Natures
    Damn it. NoScript was blocking ustatik and I thought it didn't post the first time. I suck.
    I think Dave is out of good riffs cause 13 was straight up shit. Chris Broderick needs to leave that band after he saves up enough cash.
    Straight up. Hope he saves every dollar he makes touring with MegaDave, cuz that gravy train is drying up quickly.
    I think they went with super collider because daves a conspiracists political kinda guy and theres alot of crap behind the super collider, along with megadeths never done a concept album so theyll be a couple politcal somgs but then a couple songs about whatever it is, and a couple random songs, it really weirded me out see this as the album name but as weird as it is i think its a cool concept absolutely cant wait for more deth!
    Sheep Shagger
    ...Are you okay?
    It's almost like he couldn't catch his breath...
    Well, i expected the album to come out a bit sooner than June; The only thing that warms me up is that it's Megadeth's new album! HELL YEAH!
    I was thinking that the album name would be a bit more politically inspired like other Megadeth releases.
    So glad about the UK tour, last time we had one was for United Abominations...there's been 2 albums since then with no UK tour, looking forward to this one though, may not agree with a lot of the stuff Dave says but he does make some crackin' music!