Megadeth To Hit The Road With Motorhead, Volbeat, Lacuna Coil

Fans anticipating live dates from metal monsters Megadeth are in for a treat.

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Fans anticipating live dates from metal monsters Megadeth are in for a treat, with front man Dave Mustaine having revealed details of plans to tour with a high profile roster of bands in the coming year.

In an interview with Street Date, Mega Dave offered up the following titbits: "This year coming up we're gonna be having us Motorhead, a great band that's coming up called Volbeat and Lacuna Coil."

As Blabbermouth notes, it is not yet known if this will constitute the line-up for this year's Gigantour, the acclaimed touring Metal festival founded by Mustaine.

In the interview, Mustaine also noted his concern that Megadeth bassist Dave Ellefson had at one point been mooted to replace Metallica bassist Cliff Burton after his death in 1986:

"I remember when Cliff died there was a moment where Dave's [Ellefson] name had come up [as a possible replacement]. And I was a little concerned; I didn't wanna lose my bassist and I certainly didn't wanna have another reason to be upset [with the Metallica guys]. God knows I had my reasons [for being angry], even though they weren't all real. A lot of them were caused by myself. I just don't think I would have done well if I would have known that that happened. And fortunately, I think those guys took that into account and just said, 'Let's find someone else,' and they found Jason [Newsted]."

Mustaine's relationship with Metallica is much better these days, and the front man went on to again speculate that he might yet make another record with his former band mates: "I'm looking forward to the time when me and Lars [Ulrich] and James [Hetfield] and David Ellefson make a record together."

Megadeth's new album, Th1rte3n, is released on November 1st.

You can watch the full interview at this location.

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    Pretty cool lineup, Volbeat isn't exactly my cup of tea but Motorhead and Megadeth on the same bill will be insane.
    Megadeth and Mothorhead? I saw both bands in the same day last year at Rock in Rio Lisbon, it was a freakin awesome day: Solfly + Mothorhead + Megadeth and Rammstein closing the night.
    It seems a bit odd to have a lineup with 2 massive bands like Megadeth and Motorhead along with 2 other bands. Their sets will be well short.
    okay, personally i can't wait for this. and hopefully UK fans won't be disappointed - which is usually the case for awesome tours *grumble* oh well, dave seems to like newcastle so i'm already praying!
    I foresee Cristina Scabbia getting on stage with Dave to sing A Tout Le Monde. I like the details though. There's no way this is a PSBWB Anniversary Tour, this is a TH1RT3EN Tour.
    Renegabe wrote: I foresee Cristina Scabbia getting on stage with Dave to sing A Tout Le Monde.....
    Yeah I was just thinking that, that'll be pretty cool, plus it's ****in megadeth and motorhead!? I AM THERE