Megadeth: 'We'll Start Piecing the New Record Together After Next Tour'

Plus a photo to make your day - 'Deth guys rocking the backstage with Nicolas Cage.

Ultimate Guitar

Following a series of vague announcements regarding the new Megadeth record, frontman Dave Mustaine has confirmed that the band will start "piecing together" the new effort once the upcoming world tour is wrapped up.

Chatting with 100.3 Jack FM radio, Dave explained that a major 2015 US tour announcement is coming soon, just to touch on the matter of fresh music.

"We leave in about two-and-a-half weeks for a 26-nation tour and then we're gonna start piecing together little tidbits for the next record," the frontman said.

So if the prospect of a new album from Dave and co. doesn't make you happy, here's something that will - Megadeth rocking out with Nicolas Cage. The photo was recently shared via the band's official Facebook page.

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    There's only one way to leave the cage, a fight to the death. Two men enter, two men and a baby, leave.
    How about they take some time out between touring and recording, and stop leaving all the songwriting to Dave Mustaine so they can actually make some decent material instead of another Super-Collider?
    Let me guess, so far its the heaviest thrashiest old school sounding stuff they've done since KIMB.
    What I like about megadeth is that they release an album every couple of years. As a huge Megadeth fan every time I still hope for good album even though 13 and Super Collider sucked badly. I think he's got couple of hooks in his sleeve, like Right to go insane or How the story ends which were released just 4 years ago.
    Im happy Megadeth is here for music news, and not some comment that people will blow way out of proportion. Say what you want, that's why we have free effin speech.