Megadeth's Ellefson: 'God Knows a Lot About Money, Sex and Metal, He Created Them for Us'

artist: Megadeth date: 01/15/2014 category: music news
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Megadeth's Ellefson: 'God Knows a Lot About Money, Sex and Metal, He Created Them for Us'
Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch recently conducted an interesting interview with David Ellefson of Megadeth, not only his brother in metal, but also a fellow Christian.

Spirituality was bound to pop up as one of the prominent topics, resulting in Ellefson's elaborate story on his Christianity stance. As Head noted at the beginning of his Loudwire column, "I have so many things in common with this dude."

Reaching the religion matter, Dave noted: "I believe in angels because Satan was an angel himself, the fallen angel. I think in order to believe in God you have to believe in Satan as well, otherwise what’s the point in needing faith?"

After sharing a story about hitting rock bottom with his drug addiction in 1989 that led him to believe "there is a dark underworld of spiritual warfare out there," the bassist focused on Head's comment that "a lot of people think the whole Christian thing is about turning into a 'good boy.'"

"The secular view of faith is to think we are all basically good people with a few faults here and there," Dave said. "The problem with that view is that when someone stumbles, the world looks at them like 'What bad guy he is now, can you believe he did such a bad thing?'

"That leads to judgment and thinking we are better than other people. But, when we look at life through a theological view, we come to see that all of us are broken/sinful and that we should be amazed when any of us ever do anything good at all! As the story lays out in Genesis 3, we live in a sinful, broken, fallen world and we are pretty much doomed on our own."

Getting back to his substance abuse struggles, Ellefson continued, "My drinking and addictions were struggles with God outside my life because addiction is a soul sickness as much as it's a physical or mental illness. I also learned I needed to bring God into my family, my band, my finances, and so forth. The times I've experienced trouble in any of those areas is when I left God outside the room and tried to tackle them on my own.

"After all, what does God know about money, sex or heavy metal?! Turns out, He knows a lot about them because He created them for us and through us."

Asked on whether he was ever embarrassed to call himself a Christian "with all the crazy, judgmental Christians popping off and running their mouth," David replied: "At times I would get shy about it in the past because the truth is I was raised as a Christian my whole life and didn't think anything of it until I moved to Los Angeles at age 18 and suddenly saw a melting pot of beliefs all around me. I kept an open mind but I was also naive and probably let myself be led astray more than I should have.

"But, when I came back to the faith through sobriety in 1990 I got to develop my own understanding of God. That is really what the last 25 years of my life have been, gaining an understanding of my own, rather than one of my parents or forced religious upbringing."

During the rest of the chat, the bassist discussed his new book "My Life With Deth: Discovering Meaning in a Life of Rock 'n' Roll" and upcoming Megadeth plans, which include worldwide tour dates and additional work on a new album.
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