Melvins Frontman: 'Most Rock Stars Are Whore-Mongering Drug Addicts, Why Listen to Them About Political Issues?'

"They can't even make good music," King Buzzo adds.

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Melvins frontman Buzz Osbourne gave rock stars quite a slamming, calling them "whore-mongering drug addicts" who aren't even capable of producing good music.

The matter escalated quickly during an Alternative Nation chat, as King Buzzo initially discussed how "not everybody wants to hear a sh-tty digital download," saying that fans of CDs and vinyl are still present out there.

Asked on whether he'd change anything regarding the state of music, Buzz replied, "Why would I?" explaining how he's not afraid of change. Making a rare social commentary, the frontman then compared today's liberalism to fascism.

"I'm far too classic liberal," Osbourne elaborated. "The basic nature of conservatism is things staying the same. Classical liberalism is people who aren't afraid of change, whatever it may be...

"But not liberalism as we know it now. No, it's a lot different. It's closer to fascism. I have no interest in telling people what to do. Not at all. Not in any fashion. I believe as long as we're not hurting anybody else I don't see any reason why I should tell you what to do. And that's called freedom. [Laughs] And that's as close to a social commentary as I'll make."

Getting closer to rockstar ripping, the musician added, "I don't make, you know, comments about the president, or anybody, wars, none of that. I have my own private ideas about all of it, but publicly I'm not going to get involved with that. It's a bad idea, I think it's stupid."

Dropping the attention-grabber, Buzz stated, "People should make up their own minds about that kind of stuff. Present company excluded, most rock people are whore-mongering drug addicts, who can't even make good music. Why would we listen to them about a political issue? Or actors. Most of them wouldn't work 2 months for two million dollars. There's nothing you can learn from them - nothing. So why should we listen to them about any issue?

"Because they just want to make themselves look like they're good people and they're not at all. So I look to higher sources. I don't care about what any of those people think," he concluded.

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    "omg mum i don't care what u think, i'm going to make an entire album called Lysol and dedicate it to all the guitar feedback fanatics. it's called being a classic liberal, get with the program."
    Lysol is one of the finest albums in sludge rock history you cad!
    You do realise that introducing a comment like "omg mum i don't care what u think" instantly morphs any following writing into utterly void, right? Hahaha, Lysol is an excellent album!
    There's a difference in hope and false hope there Mitchy. Also you took him out of context. I personally don't agree with the "Whore Mongering Drug addicts" part but the political perspective is quite sound and for the most part is educated. This guy has gotten a lot of flak but the only reason is because everybody hates the "Bummer" no matter how accurate because people love living in fiction, that's the modern age. "Say one thing, do another!" The idea of infinite growth covered in hypocrisy and blatant disregard for the mathematics of a finite universe and all responses and opinions based in self interest. Don't take my word for it, take a look out your window! better yet, go for a stroll!
    Yes but then you might as well say that the only people who make political music are the 'rockstars' which is far from the truth. There's an abundance of good political music in punk rock from people who are not as you described. what a cynical mindset to have.
    "There's an abundance of good political music in punk rock from people who are not as you described." These people you describe are not "Rockstars".
    Well, most of the rockstars don't have any idea of politics and that stuff. Of course they have the right of opinion... But callin' rockers "Whore-mongering drug addicts" is like walking on thin ice. Not every rocker is that, and why this guy is talking that way? Is he pissed off or something?
    He's perpetually pissed/jealous/envious that NIRVANA, his one-time little wannabe admirers, exploded to become the biggest thing in the world, and left him in the dust for all time. He's been butt-hurt about it for almost a quarter century now.
    Dude he said he'd rather Kurt was still alive as his friend than dead as your hero/legend. He is really sincere and clearly doesn't care about fame otherwise Melvins would make accessible music for a bunch o dollars. Ease up prick.
    To be fair, the reason he's pissed about the whole Nirvana thing is because it inadvertently led Kurt to kill himself.
    "Not everybody wants to hear a shitty digital download." I wonder what makes him say this. Downloads allow for higher bitrates (not limited to CD medium). I can see a vinyl argument for nostalgia and collectible purposes, but CDs arent exactly the best medium nowadays.
    He has a good point- I can't picture a lot of these guys doing or being good at a lot of entry level jobs. It would be interesting if there was a show like "Dirty Jobs" which featured a different "virtuoso" every week in some pleb job. I'm sure a few would lose their shit while flipping burgers or wrangling chickens for a day. Except Steve Vai- he'd get tired, but he seems like he could be shovelling pig shit and still keep smiling lol!
    Strange how media, and people in general I guess, tends to latch to opinions of people for popularity over people with more credibility. There is overlap but it's rare.