Melvins Frontman Not Fan of Dave Grohl, Calls Them Crooked Vultures a 'Pop Band'

King Buzzo not exactly bashing the Foos mainman, but still coming off as very sour grapes.

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During a recent performance at Chicago's Beat Kitchen, Melvins frontman King Buzzo (Buzz Osborne) dedicated about six minutes between songs to share a story about how he "blew it" with Foo Fighters mainman Dave Grohl.

Going way back to the '80s and his days in a punk band Scream, Buzzo shared an entertaining story spiced up with a few jabs at Dave. Although the singer never mentioned disliking Grohl, he did come off as tad disrespecting, but that's all just standard Buzzo.

Chatting with the crowd, the frontman called Them Crooked Vultures a pop band with "semi-rock music" and wasn't too fond of some of the offers Dave made him. Check out the clip below for details.

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Was this just good humor or did Buzzo take matters too far? Let us know in the comments.

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    Mr. Baloonhands
    Well going back, Dave and Buzz were friends, they might still be, idk, but the way I see it, we all have that one friend that we're always talking shit about. Like we both know we don't really mean what we say but we say it anyway. Dave and the Foos are still a great band though, one of the few around today that are still fighting to keep rock and roll alive in some way at least.
    Foo fighters are a journey esque pop Rock band
    Have to say I agree [I do like them, not a hater]. Finally saw them on the Wasting Light tour, and it was too much of a polished arena rock show for my taste, not to mention it was pretty much like Dave + backing band. Saw Mastodon a week later, was like night and day....
    They are relatively pop for a modern rock band but I wouldn't call them Journey-esque. Call me crazy but The Pretender sounds nothing like Don't Stop Believing.
    wow so alternative
    This guy is such a douche.... OK. Let's call TCV a pop band... still better then anything he has has ever put out. Between this turd and the NIN parodies, I can see this site is grasping at straws for articles. I hope these people writing articles are not being paid.
    Smigzy, The Melvins rule! TCV are ok, they arent my favorite but they arent horrible. Dave Grohl needs to stop being worshipped. King Buzzo is a G
    For all the people talking shit about Buzz, King Buzzo on Kurt Cobain: "I'd rather have him alive as my friend, then dead as your legend." He knew these guys before any of you ever could have heard their music. He taught Kurt how to play. He's not jealous of their success, but more upset about the music scene in general. He's heard all the pop, rock and whatever else from the past how many years? He has an opinion and that's all. Don't be so angry or upset, he knows Dave.
    The real question is: did UG tattle to Dave before or after giving him his daily beej?
    This isn't news, this is someone giving their opinion on someone else's comment and trying to force it on others.
    I would think TCV as more of an alternative metal band with stoner rock and classic rock undertones. It essentially sounds exactly like what a collaboration between JPJ, Josh Homme and Dave Grohl would sound like and its freaking beautiful.
    I definitely wouldn't call TCV a "pop" band, but I guess it depends on what he means by that. Either way, that TCV album was amazing. I liked it more than any Foo Fighters and Queens, and I love those bands.
    Does this guy ever have anything positive to say? Jeez give it a f-cking rest already, we get it, you're so cool, you don't like bands that are/have been popular.
    If anyone can critique then it's Buzzo. He is one of the godfathers of grunge and Cobain even said if it wasn't for him and Dale Crover he wasn't sure if Nirvana would've been a band. Buzzo is the OG- for lack of a better term. So he can say whatever. He's known all these dudes personally before they were the slightest bit notable.
    I know who he is, and I quite like The Melvins. But that doesn't give him justification to be a douche.
    I'll call him a smart ass but not a douche. Met the guy twice and he was nothing but cool.
    He has the same problem as Lars does, comes off as a massive douche in the media even if he's actually really nice. I haven't met Lars but I know people who have and he apparently makes fans feel like they've been friends for years when having a chat.
    I've heard that as well, an old school friend has seen him at the airport in Sydney and he actually stopped when my friend star-struckingly chatted to him, said he was open and nice to him.
    I don't know.. There's obviously no hatred toward Grohl, and not a whole lot of true disrespect, but the more articles I see on Buzz talking about Kurt or Dave it seems likes there's a bit of jealousy. Quite honestly.
    Well he's right. Just need to check your definition for "pop music"
    Interesting point. Most of us often forget that pop music means "Popular music" not just Top 40 crap. In that sense, Slayer is pop music, you know? Not even describing their music genre wise, but they are apart of pop music.
    Anty 7
    He means pop in the broad sense, as opposed to alternative. Pop is made of many things, it's the use of various styles in an accessible format. Ask your parents what pop means to them. The Beatles, the Rolling Stones and David Bowie are pop, just like Dave Grohl. It's not an insult. People of our generation don't like the word because they grew up with "artists" forced upon them like Britney Spears. It's silly. Back on subject, I think Buzzo isn't really being disrespectful. Grohl still is his friend, he knows him better than any of us will. How do you guys talk about your friends? You make fun of them, but it's not a big deal. He's just telling a funny story about how he could have met JPJ but didn't. And he probably didn't like that Grohl offered him the VIP/backstage thing rather than just hanging out at a bar. I get that.
    Mud Martian
    I like the Melvins, musically. But Buzz Osborne is bitter with envy that his band never achieved stardom.
    He's not bitter with envy at all. The guy always made massive jokes out of any band that made it for the sake of breaking balls. He's like the Fat Mike of Metal except Buzzo never had his own label.
    Is he playing a show in this video? What a waste of 6:14. It wasn't even funny. Like listening to a senile grandparent drone on about nothing. Maybe less chatting, more playing? Or more running on a treadmill, he looks ready to die.
    King Buzzo... my least favorite ****tard. So jealous he can hardly sleep at night.
    I cannot understand why this man has so many people making so many excuses for the things he says. All his disrespectful and dismissive statements make him seem like a baby thrashing around its arms in a fit of rage.
    I always see this a lot, calling certain bands "pop" or "rock" interchangeably. Usually pop being the insulting term. It's a strange argument cause where is the line drawn? You could say rock is a subset of pop as you can see highly pop bands with guitar/bass/drums but also see rock with hooks and verse-chorus-verse structure.
    Buzzo is a troll, and he didn't come off as disrespectful to me. You have to view him through Buzzo-colored glasses.