Meshuggah Frontman Returns To Stage After Being Replaced By A Cardboard Cutout

Jens Kidman performs with the band once again after beating the flu.

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After beating the flu that forced him to miss several of the band's US shows, Meshuggah frontman Jens Kidman has officially returned to stage for the group's performance in New York last Friday. The band was once again at full power, despite Kidman still not being 100% healthy.

"New York! Thanks to all of you for the amazing support tonight. It has truly been some rough days for me, but I refuse to let you guys down. You rule and you never disappoint! Hats off", the singer stated via official Facebook page.

During his absence, Kidman was replaced by a cardboard cutout of himself with both band and the fans handling the vocal duties. According to guitarist Marten Hagstrom, the sound wasn't all that different, it was the experience of playing as a four-piece that made the whole thing unique.

"The way it sounds is not that different... but it's more the way you feel walking up onstage, not seeing the entire band, because we've never done this before. You're used to being that five-piece unit, walking up and doing this together... but there's no use complaining about it. The only thing we can do is try to make the most out of it. We traveled over here now. A lot of places we play on this tour we haven't really played for a long time, so canceling is not really an option", Hagstrom tells the Village Voice.

With over 10 concert dates of the current US tour still remaining, it is expected the shows will go on as usual. Prior to hitting the road, the band has released a free 2-track EP.

So are you glad the guy is back or what? And what do you think about the whole cardboard cutout thing? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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    Upstanding buncha guys. A lesser band would have simply canceled, but they refused to disappoint their fans. /applaud
    My band once played a show the night after our rhythm guitarist flew out to New York for a wedding and our singer fell off a damn bridge. We thankfully had a fill-in guitarist, but still; we were down to 3/5 of the full band. It went surprisingly well.
    The fact that they put up a cardboard-Jens only made my respect for these guys grew immensely. It's so weird and geeky it's freaking awesome...
    Tupac gets a hologram and Meshuggah gets a cardboard cutout. Hmm.
    I want the cardboard Jens if they're done with him. Seeing them in a week, I haven't been so excited in a long time.
    I love Meshuggah's sense of humor, lol. The cardboard cutout sounds hilarious, and their video for New Millennium Cyanide Christ kills me every time. They can do no wrong.
    I was at this New York show. I had never listened to Meshuggah besides 'Bleed.' They blew me the **** away. So ****ing brutally precise. I dig how they don't rely on blast beats that much, the bass drums and bass are always synced up in a meticulous, pre-ordained rhythm. What this article doesn't mention is Intronaut, who opened the night on a melodic/heavy as shit note, and Animals As Leaders who were mindbogglingly amazing. Tosin ****ing Abasi ladies and gentlemen. Right up in the front almost the whole show, so sore the next day. Metal.
    I would love to see the band play like this. They were able to make the best out of a bad situation and add a good dose of humor in there as well. Good show, Meshuggah!
    While I feel a bit bad for the guys who missed out by seeing a cardboard cut out...they still got to see meshuggah. All around, this bands kicks monster ass.
    Now I'm just waiting for cardboard Jens to do a collaboration with James Hetfield... could be the next Woodstock.
    It wasn't the cardboard cut out anyone is thinking of. It was actually a blow up doll with a cut out of Jens' face held on with a ball gag.
    Didn't mention Sacha from Intronaut who covered vocals for a few of the songs each night.
    Justin Goodhart
    Knowing a cutout was being used instead of the real man, and the fans not burning down half of NYC grows my respect for these guys. ROCK ON!!
    "According to guitarist Marten Hagstrom, the sound wasn't all that different" So there's the proof that Jens has the same stage presence of a cardboard cutout
    Glad he's back. Props to them for working through it, but I definitely prefer the real thing when I see them in... 10 days now! GAH.
    The cardboard cutout had better vocals. I definitely would have liked to see that show.