Meshuggah Release New EP - Listen

The new Meshuggah EP "Pitch Black" is now available for your streaming pleasure.

Ultimate Guitar

Meshuggah are about to hit the road in North America with Intronaut and Animals As Leaders. With Scion/AV sponsoring the tour, the car manufacture has teamed with the band to release a free 2 track EP.

Side A of the "Pitch Black" EP is the title track. Originally recorded in 2003, the song is now getting a proper release.

The B side is a live take of "Dancers To A Discordant System" recorded during a festival appearance in the Netherlands last year, Antiquiet says. You can check out both tracks down below.

YouTube preview picture

YouTube preview picture

For fans of vinyl, 10" pressings of the "Pitch Black" EP will be available for purchase on the bands North American tour.

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    Meshuggah- So epic that UG needs to invent new words (realese) to announce new material.
    I was literally just about to say something about that. I hope they realese an update for the fix.
    moody git
    just got a spare few minutes at college and decided to listen to this. the first 2 minutes of pitch black sound very similar to the second section of dancers, down to the drums with the spoken word. perhaps it was a precursor to the final track? interesting...
    such an over rated band... same boring thing for 2 mins then a wtf was that of a solo at 2.16 made me feel sick. I respect them for the technicality of the music but that was just terrible. That's an opinion btw just before someone starts moaning.
    "That's an opinion btw just before someone starts moaning." Haha!
    moody git
    Have been waiting to hear dancers live ever since I heard the track. Will download this later on. So damn excited!
    I've been wanting to listen to a full Meshuggah album, but for one reason or another I haven't yet. I think I'll buy this one and listen to it from beginning to end.
    Shit gets intense at the end when the drums and lead guitar start to build.