Mest Frontman Released From Jail

artist: Mest date: 03/28/2007 category: music news
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A fairly swift resolution in the rather shocking stabbing case involving former Mest vocalist Anthony Lovato. According to reports, Lovato was released from jail yesterday morning after the district attorney reviewing the facts of the case declined to prosecute Lovato, 26, after he determined that "Mr. Lovato was acting in self-defense in the incident." Lovato had confessed to the fatal stabbing of Wayne Hughes, 25. Sandi Gibbons, a spoksperson for the Los Angeles District Attorney's office explained: "We determined that the suspect and victim had dated the same girl back-and-forth for over a year, There had been threats, and the victim sent several threatening messages to the suspect. Apparently, there was some mutual combat and Lovato attempted to separate himself from the victim when the victim challenged him to a fight. "The victim followed Lovato to an isolated spot in the underground garage and tried to fight him. Lovato defended himself, and there was insufficient evidence to show that it was not a justifiable use of reasonable force in self-defense." According to police, Hughes and Lovato got into an argument in the parking garage of a Studio City, California, apartment complex. After Lovato was punched by Hughes, Lovato reportedly took out a knife and stabbed Hughes multiple times, after which either he or the woman called 911 to report the crime. Thanks to for providing this information.
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