Metal Hammer and Classic Rock Magazine Sold for $15 Million

Globally renowned British magazines bought by TeamRock in a multi-million dollar deal.

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Two of the possibly most renowned British rock/metal magazines, Metal Hammer and Classic Rock Magazine, were officially sold to TeamRock in an almost $15.5 million deal. Led by former GMG Radio chief executive John Myers, TeamRock will now own rights to create and distribute magazine content, but will also gain full ownership of events such as the Golden Gods and Classic Rock Roll Of Honour.

Mark Wood, chief executive of Future PLC, the company which sold the titles, stressed out that although both Classic Rock and Metal Hammer are highly-successful, they are simply not the "centre stage in the current growth strategy."

"Classic Rock and Metal Hammer are highly successful and well-managed parts of Future, but they have not been centre stage in our current growth strategy. They are great brands with a great team and I am confident they will continue to flourish under new investment from TeamRock."

"This is a great business and is the first building block of our wider ambitions. We expect to announce further developments within the next day or so," Myers said according to Guardian. TeamRock, which considers itself as "the new international multimedia content creation and distribution business to provide and create premium content to rock-music fans across the world via digital platforms," is also planning on making further purchaser and investments, describing rock music fans as a "large but under-served community."

Former GMG Radio regional director and current TeamRock chief executive Billy Anderson said that the company is "delighted to acquire these wonderful brands," adding they will play a significant part in the further development of larger business.

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    Is this why BMTH were featured THREE ****ing times in the new issue, I almost spat my drink out when I read "BMTH continue to set the standard for modern metal bands". I understand they have a new album but I am sick of hearing about that band and how I'm close minded ass hole because I don't like them.
    Dude, don't you know that you're automatically closed minded for disliking any band? Even if it's for legitimate reasons such as that they don't appeal to your personal taste.
    That's true, but even on Metal Hammers official page a bunch of people were ripping BMTH because let's face it, it's going to happen for ever and metal hammer posted a comment which was something like "We're sorry you can't appreciate all genres. Sincerely open minded people". It's like they're now being run by a load of 14 years old's.
    Sweet Laddio
    Because BMTH are one of the most popular metal bands at the moment, and they are very good at what they do. Metal is such a varied genre nowadays, people need to get their head out of their arse thinking that every band Metal Hammer talk about needs to be 'pure' metal.
    I guess I don't pay enough attention to current trends in the various subgenres of metal. It took me almost 5 minutes to figure out what "BMTH" stood for, and everyone else apparently understood it instantly.
    yeah it took me a google to figure out who they were. Then I listened to their music. It isn't metal. Who said this was good? are the kids these days forgetting what metal actually is again? Someone should stick a cannibal corpse, or carcass shirt down their throats.
    i tried listening to the new album and gave it a good attempt. its the exact same metalcore album bands have been producing since 2005! the vocals imo are almost unlistenable. they may be popular right now, but so are black veil brides. that right there proves popularity over quality in music these days
    I feel like subscribers should have been notified about this prior to the sale going through. I'm now locked into a subscription for over a year with what's essentially a new publisher/writer. I should be given the option to opt out of the subscription at any time IMO.
    I'm a little concerned with how they now 'own' the Golden Gods and such. Hopefully though the quality and content from these magazines doesn't drop and they continue to 'flourish'.
    They own the Golden Gods awards because they're ran by Metal Hammer magazine
    Well, I'll be damned if the "international multimedia content creation and distribution business to provide and create premium content to rock-music fans across the world via digital platforms" isn't the new rock 'n' roll.
    I'm sticking to Guitar World and Guitar World only. Revolver, Kerrang, Metal Hammer... Every once-decent rock magazine is going down the toilet.
    I'm quite concerned by this - hopefully the same staff will still operate the magazine, and from the same place, as they have some cool people on the team and having dealt with some of them personally I can say they are very passionate about the magazine/associated events and promotions. Let's just hope it isn't twisted into a format that is better-suited to the American market and dwindles over here!
    Agreed. I live near Future's Bath offices and spoke to one of their writers recently. So clued in about the subjects they write about.
    Classic Rock is a brilliant magazine. Down to Earth reporting on subject that can be looked down upon by those who don't understand. Metal Hammer can be a little cheesy and opinion-based sometimes, but still good as well. I'll be very disappointed if either magazine goes downhill, but considering the rest of the industry I wouldn't be surprised if they did. Looks like soon the only places to find comfort in your passions will be the music itself, and at concerts with like-minded people. The media doesn't know what the public want anymore, they're just more in it for the money than ever!
    Let's face it, metal hammer's only strategy over the last 5 years has been to occur to angsty in-denial emo kids. There's nothing metal about the magazine, or the golden gods or the boybands who win year after year. Therefore, the rights to the mag being sold to anybody apart from Fenriz himself isn't going to change a damn' thing. Don't sweat it, just keep not buying it. All's fine and dandy.
    **** music magazines! rock and metal happens on stage!
    Have you read Classic Rock? It's an amazing magazine, and as a 22 year old, helped me to learn a lot about classic rock and what I wasn't alive for.
    yeah i know, to be honest, sometimes i buy magazines, but just to read interviews und listen to songs... reviews and stories are quite often much too.. well onesided.. Classic Rock is a good magazine, but (i can only speak for the German magazine) the Metal hammer ist like a magazines that tells you which Bands you have to like,...
    Magazines suck. That might sound stupid, but they do. The idea of a magazine is great, but every single magazine on supermarket shelves is filled with complete shit.
    I don't care too much for metal hammer, the only metal that magazine had for the last 7 years is the metal in the name of it.
    From now on only Justin Beaver articles will be allowed in those mags.
    I absolutely love Classic Rock magazine. I have a subscription for about 4 years, and bought them for years before that. I hope the new owners won't screw it up. Guitar World/Classic Rock are a good combo for those who want to further their knowledge of playing guitar and learning about classic rock.