Metallica Added to Guinness World Records After Antarctica Show

The band are the first to perform live in every continent.

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Metallica have made it into the 2015 Guiness World Records book by becoming the first musical act to perform a concert on every continent.

Metallica nonetheless played a show in the freezing continent back in December, when they performed to 120 scientists and competition winners in a transparent dome at Carlini Station. The hour-long show was dubbed "Freeze 'Em All," and included ten tracks.

This means that band have now performed in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and Antarctica.

Lead singer James Hetfield said, "Seven continents in one year with Antarctica being THE gig of a lifetime ... Yes, 120 scientists and competition winners. Not to mention the 300 very curious penguins!"

Elsewhere in the Guiness World Records, One Direction have been awarded for being the only UK group in US chart history to top the chart with their first three albums.

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    So glad that Metallica was the first to play all 7 Continents in 1 year rather than some silly pop group like One Direction who should never be mentioned in the same article as Metallica!
    Actually they beat FOB to it. They were supposed to but i think they cancelled. Thank god.
    All they need to do now is play in space! Lars, get to it, fund the Metallica space program!
    First band to play the International Space Station? \m/ That would be EPIC
    Yeah, but then Lars would sue the Michigan State Police for having the same initials as them.
    Im pretty sure guitars dont even work in space but i might be wrong tho, still would be awesome
    >top the chart with their first three albums. How is that even possible? And what amount of marketing has to be done for this to happen?
    I work as a schoolteacher, and you would not believe how crazy kids are for these guys. It seemingly happened over night. It's terrible music, and they know they can't even suggest to listen to that garbage on the SmartBoard while we have class
    They were awarded the record for playing all the continents within a year, not just ever.
    I'm still mad that they didn't play Trapped Under Ice. A wasted opportunity. Still, what a great record to have and something you would expect from Metallica. Everyone is getting mad about them taking their time with the new album, but no other band does as many awesome things as Metallica. Playing in Antarctica, making a 3d movie, hosting their own music festival, performing by request shows, etc. They are the greatest band in the world.
    I know I'm surrounded by potentially dangerous Metallica fanboys here, but... didn't Fall Out Boy break that record before?
    Nah, I'm pretty sure they had to cancel. They were scheduled to though. I don't remember the reason they gave as to why they couldn't do it, but it was probably due to Pete and Ashley Simpson breaking up or something.
    I love how North and South America are considered different continents in some countries.
    What countries are they considered the same continent? I know they're sometimes referred to as "The Americas", but as far as I know they're officially known as 2 separate continents the world over.
    If we're being really technical, North and South America are the same continent, just like how Europe and Asia are. Though they're still treated like different continents due to them being different tectonic plates. I'm going to speak out of my ass here, but it's mountainous on the border of the two continents and that could be a sign that the two tectonic plates collided and bent upwards to form those mountains. Someone who's more knowledgeable about geology should be able to explain it better than I did.
    Europe and Asia are one continent (Eurasia) North and South America are separate continents despite the isthmus of panama.
    Go watch CGPGrey's video on how many continents there are. Spoiler: the answer is... no one can agree. Different definitions give different numbers.