Metallica Announce $5 Charity Concert In Vancouver

Metallica are playing their final summer shows in Vancouver this weekend, and the concerts are being filmed in 3D as part of the group's upcoming 3D movie.

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Metallica are playing their final summer shows in Vancouver this weekend, and the concerts are being filmed in 3D as part of the group's upcoming 3D movie.

The metal legends have posted the following update on their Vancouver schedule:

"You may have heard us mention just once or twice (or 700 times!) that a Metalli-3D movie is in the works... we now need your help to finish filming it!! This Monday, August 27, we will be shooting what we hope will be the final live portion of the movie and have our last chance for quite some time to play on the gigantic, massive over-the-top stage that we rolled out in Mexico City, took to Edmonton and end our film excursion/mini tour with in Vancouver. As we have been saying a lot recently we would love to have you join us and be a part of our movie making adventure.

Here's how it works: We will be running though the full live show one last time at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, but unlike the Friday and Saturday shows there will be lots of breaks in it to allow for cameras and lights to be repositioned as the director sees fit. Since it is way more fun for us to have YOU there, tickets will be available for just $5 (no extra fees or service charges!) and all the proceeds will benefit the Greater Vancouver Food Bank.

Tickets will be available in a special Ticketmaster pre-sale tomorrow, August 24 at 9:00 AM. Click here to obtain a password and then head over to Fan Club members should log in to NOW for more details about a special pre-sale starting later today. Finally, tickets will be available to the general public Sunday, August 26 at 9:00 AM. There will be no floor tickets for sale (too many cameras!) and there is a four ticket per person limit. Lower bowl tickets will be assigned a section, but are G.A. within that section.

Doors open at 5:00 PM for this "show," and we hit the stage at 6:30 PM sharp... we're starting a little early to allow the movie people to do what they do. So please come and plan to stay for a full night of fun and games... and who knows, maybe we'll see you on the big screen next summer!"

Thanks to Hennemusic for the report.

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    Nice...the 'Tallica boys just want a meat farm for their show I can just imagine the director: "Now think like you're a pig in the sty" aaaaand...action No offence Vancouverites, i'm just jealous this isn't happening states-side haha
    Vancouver is only a 6 hour drive north of me and I have a valid passport..... hmm.....
    Unfortunately, all your getting for your money is Lulu performed in its entirety, with Lars talking for 7+ minutes between each song.
    Woah, way to be a prick. When Metallica played near my hometown (5 hour drive) the tickets were $120 for general admission, and we didn't get the awesome stage show that they're packing now And now, to get all that for only $5? And they don't even want the money, they're giving it to a local charity, they just want a bunch of fans to gather 'round and have fun and even get the chance to be in a Metallica movie. And you make Lulu and Lars Ulrich insults?