Metallica Announce First Ever Kuala Lumpur Show

Band adds Malaysian date to August tour.

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2013 is already shaping up to be a year of firsts for Metallica. The band played the "Kill 'Em All" album live for the first time in 30 years at Orion last month, are releasing their first ever IMAX concert movie in September, and have scheduled their debut performance in China for August.

Now, in a statement on their official website, the band has announced that they will be playing in Malaysia for the first time on August 21st:

"We've said it before ... with more than 30 years of traveling around the world behind us, there are very few places that we have yet to explore. So it's rather thrilling for us to be back with yet another first, a stop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on August 21 at Stadium Merdeka."

The statement also promises that Metallica will be announcing one more show for August of this year in an as yet undisclosed city.

The most recent Metallica news reports that the band has 600 song ideas for the next album, which is reportedly going to be released in 2015. The band bassist Rob Trujillo revealed that the upcoming record will be an extension of 2008's "Death Magnetic." Rumors say that the upcoming album will be produced by Rick Rubin.

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    Good for them. It's nice for the fans when they tour the more obscure countries.
    How is Malaysia obscure? Kuala Lumpur is one of the world's most developed and culturally integrated cities. Bands don't tour much in Asia because of the huge cost of transport logistics etc.
    I think that is exactly what Rajah meant. I think his definition of obscure means places that is rarely played. Though you are right, that most bands don't tour places like Asia, Australia, South America, South Africa, etc. because of cost and logistics. Coincidentally, those are the places that prob. has the most active and positively rabid crowds.
    Whenever I read of a metal band playing in some Muslim country, I always think there must be SOME common ground between us.
    im not a muslim but its matter which part of the world, the sound of heavy shit distorted guitars has the same effect on all of us
    There is, as a Muslim metal fan myself the only thing that separates us is our culture, skin colour, and the miles between us. The metal stays the same
    AWESOME! Can't wait to get my tickets! I don't get why people here are calling KL weird or obscure lol, it's totally "developed" and better than the UK in a lot of ways (I'm from the UK and live in Malaysia for the moment). It's good to see them reaching countries like Malaysia, I've seen lots of people here listening to popular metal bands like Avenged Sevenfold etc. Also, Justin Bieber recently played in the same venue. They love that shit here
    It's good how the big bands will go to weird places for fans. Like when Korn played that crappy little Pavillion in Plymouth. They didn't have to do that. PLYMOUTH????
    I totally agree with what you're saying. but I think that Korn going to Plymouth as part of a UK tour is very different to Metallica going to go a one off date in Malaysia.
    Metallica are LIKE MEGADETH very generous to their fans, no doubting that. but Korn are massive too, and I can't see Lars giving us a gig in Plymouth, in what basically is a spare room in an ice skating rink.
    What's wrong with Plymouth?
    It's just out the way. Like isolated, you get there by going down a funnel. Just a weird place for a big band to go. Oh sorry, have i offended ye janners? Was a good gig, Munk wasn't there though so all you had from the original line-up was JD and fieldy and Flyleaf played a god awful set beforehand. good night by the ice rink and swimming pool in Plymouth Devon at the arse end of NO WHERE. jd made me laugh when he made out he'd been walking around smeatons tower lols and i never said there was anything wrong with plymouth.
    malaysia is not quite obscure..coz we did get gigs from kreator, napalm death, dark angel, arch enermy, soulfly, dri and recently destruction..but to get major name like metallica requires a lot of money which few local promoters would be willing to take the risk if the show is cancelled due to local politics, policies etc..however, thing has changed a couple of years ago..the government has been more open and tolerable..way to go metal heads.
    Frank M
    Way to go Metallica! Hope you enjoy the show! You guys know how to enjoy life's journey. They said they've never been there, so it will be a great experience for them too. I'm sure the fans there will go wild when they see Metallica in person! I think it would be great if they came to North Carolina too...but then that isn't NY, or LA or London
    o look, more metallica tour dates that ARE NOT in the US. somebody pinch me, its incredibly shocking
    Last year, Megadeth played for the first time here in Manila. This year, we want Metallica! I hope the yet undisclosed city is Manila.