Metallica Aren't Monsters Any More

artist: Metallica date: 09/16/2010 category: music news
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Metallica are no longer the band who faced near-collapse in the therapy-centred 2003 documentary Some Kind Of Monster, says guitarist Kirk Hammett. And the biggest change to their attitude has come about because they're all parents, which wasn't the case when the movie was shot during the making of their confused St Anger album. Hammett tells The Age: On this tour, all of us are fathers. Our schedule allows us to spend more time with our families which means we're a lot happier and more consistent. It's a good balance and we're all on the same page. We're brothers we love each other, hate each other and everything in between. Sometimes I feel like they are my other wives. It's a far cry from the band who lost bassist Jason Newstead ahead of making St Anger, and finally replaced him with Robert Trujillo after the record was complete; and who endured furious clashed between founder members Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield, resulting in Hetfield severing all ties with his colleagues for nearly a year while he attended rehab. Hammett says: We're not that band any more. The band you see in the movie, we've not been for five years or so now. We have better relationships with each other. We've moved on it feels like it did in the 1980s, which is a great thing. Metallica have just commenced the final leg of their two-year world tour supporting the acclaimed album Death Magnetic. They're currently in Australia, where Hammett says mainman Ulrich chooses the setlist each night based on a set of statistics. He explains: Basically Lars looks at what we played in Australia in 1989. 1993 and 2004. He pulls together a setlist that comprises all the songs we have to play, all the new songs we want to play, and a certain amount of songs we haven't played here yet. Thanks for the report to RockRadio.
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