Metallica 'Blessed' to Be Playing After 30 Years

The band might make their performances look effortless, but a lot of care goes into keeping healthy and fit for their shows, say the band.

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Metallica say they're "blessed" to be playing metal on stage after 30 years - but at their age, they're finding that it takes a little extra work to keep fresh after all this time.

In a Q&A session in Singapore last week, the band discussed the physical demands of touring at their age.

"It's important to keep maintenance on the road," said Kirk Hammett. "Eat well, sleep well, and just make sure the engine inside is running well. It's really important. 'Cause the last thing I wanna do is drop on stage."

Lars Ulrich described more: "We have two guys downstairs who take care of stretching us and putting us back into shape - our necks and our arms and everything. They're among the two hardest-working guys in rock and roll. So we take all that stuff really seriously. I mean, if you could see our [tour] rider, it's carrots and strange vegetables and nasty fruit juices."

Bassist Rob Trujillo says that in some ways they're fitter than ever, noting that he and surfing buddy Kirk are better at surfing than ever.

Watch the interview here:

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Do you take extra steps to be fit for your performances? Or can you rock for hours on little more than a pizza? Let us know in the comments.

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    They're so humble and down to earth, I love it, they really value and respect their fans and that's what makes them a great band.
    And they still put on a great show with a varied set-list night after night.
    I like to take 5 shots of jager, 2 bud lights, smoke a half a joint, pop a lortab and rub one out before every show
    Im not trying to be a dick, but Lars is not in good shape. Out of the drummers for the Big Four he is the only one who looks like he may pass out during the set; and his drum parts are simpler than the others too. That being said, the other guys in Metallica look great still.
    Metallica eats veggies, awesome! Talk about filler.
    The normal news article is below. Where there are NEWS. But nope, no reaction. Everybody react Metallica eating vegetables and drinkin jusices, but not new video from Serj Tankian. Because it's METALLICA! and that was Serj Tankian. Simple.
    Gotta stay in shape, I never go to the gym the day of a show, but I do eat a lot of protein and drink tons of water before and during, gotta keep hydrated ya know.
    I dont think they needa worry about Rob, that guy looks like he sits in the gym 5 days a week.
    Cheeseburger and a coke and I'm all good to go personally, though I guess for older rockers you need to take better care of yourself. Let kids be kids, eh?
    For the question at the end of the article: Avoiding any form of sweets a week before a gig or a jam at least (I'm a vocalist as well) and keeping myself hydrated everyday.