Metallica Charges Through 'Kill 'Em All' in a Surprise Orion Fest Performance

Metal giants perform their entire debut record under fake name Dehaan.

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During the first day of this year's Orion Music Festival last Saturday (June 8), event hosts Metallica took everyone by surprise by taking the stage under fake name Dehaan and charging through their entire debut album "Kill 'Em All."

Around 4:30 p.m, frontman James Hetfield first introduced "the total mystery band no one knows anything about." The stage banner with words "Metal Up Your A-s" written above the crossed out Dehaan logo was a clear indication of what was about to go down, as the rest of the metal giants took the stage and started ripping through "Hit the Lights."

In case the name Dehaan baffles you, it's simply the last name of Dane Dehaan, the starring actor from the band's upcoming 3D movie "Through the Never." Fans unanimously agree that this is one of the coolest tricks Metallica pulled off in some time, you can check out the fan-filmed footage of the entire performance below.

In a recent interview with Gibson, guitarist Kirk Hammett discussed the entire festival, calling it the group's attempt to educate both themselves and the fans. According to Hammett, Orion Music is modeled after European summer festivals in a way that it comes with much more variety and is less specific genre-oriented than the typical US festivals.

"The hope is that sure, Orion will attract all these heavy metal fans and all the Red Hot Chili Peppers fans, but we're hoping that someone that likes Bassnector or Foals or Japandroids might be into the heavy metal bands," the axeman said. "And we're hoping that heavy metal fans might be into Foals and go, 'Oh my gosh. I had no idea these would people sound like they do. I'm surprised!' And all of a sudden, there's a new Foals fan because of the Orion Festival."

The guitarist then talked about the specific intentions the metal four-piece has regarding the festival, saying, "What we're trying to do is cross all these different genres and educate ourselves and educate the audience in the process. We're trying to create a rock hybrid here in the United States. My point is, summer festivals in the United States are a lot more exclusive. They're exclusively heavy metal, or they're exclusively jam, or their exclusively alternative. We're trying to do away with all of that. We want it to be a multicultural, multi-genre experience for everyone, ourselves included."

As far as the new Metallica record goes, the follow-up to 2008's "Death Magnetic" was recently described as an extension of its predecessor by bassist Rob Trujillo. Although the band is definitely working on numerous new ideas, no specific details have yet been revealed.

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    Well, i'm gonna get heat for this, but anesthesia sounded like total dick! -____- BUT FUN FACT: during 'pullin teeth' rob is using the same bass that cliff always used!! aria pro II! i think they are discontinued and hard to find?? but yeah, the rest of the set is absolutley awesome, lol but they had so many miscommunication mistakes lololol
    I caught that too. Actually they just did a reissue of that bass in honor of Cliff.
    Their kill em all set was better than the 2 hour set. I basically went for Dillinger Escape Plan but Metallica sounded like complete shit for 2 hours on sunday
    As someone who usually disses most of the things Metallica does, I have to say that this is ****ing awesome.
    God, I love tricks like this! Respect to Metallica!
    BREAKING NEWS: Metallica shocks everyone by...playing their own festival...?
    Really tempted to go to America next year. Being an Aussie, we get basically 1 Rock/Metal Festival a year. This would be an awesome thing to go to.
    How many hands up in the air only to hold a smartphone and take a clip or a photo of the show!
    I was there for both days this weekend. I was watching Dropkick Murphys at the time, and when the bassist announced that Metallica was doing a surprise set, more than half of the whole crowd there for Dropkick migrated over to the stage Metallica was at. It was a great performance. Quite the surprise, yet, they were giving small little clues about it all day. All in all, the whole festival was a great experience. There wasn't a bad band.
    Ok, now only "...And Justice For All" is missing!
    Lars' downhill slide in drumming ability renders performance of that album unlikely.
    Why not? This year is the 25th anniversary of Justice. If they do play it, I hope to be in the audience for it. It's my second favorite Metallica album only behind Master, which they did already.
    Can't help but think this would have made an epic double twist, if after powering through kill em all they then introduced Lou Reed to the stage and powered through the entire lulu album
    I've heard better covers on Anesthesia done by teenagers on youtube, what's going on Rob?
    maybe rob's gears didn't suit on playing anesthesia or he just didn't practice it enough. Anyway, i still think he's as good as cliff in terms of technicality.
    It's not really Rob's style, he was more of a Funk/Hardcore Punk combo than solo/lead.
    They haven't sounded this good in a while. Might even be tempted to pay for this when they inevitably put it up for sale.
    Good God that set sounded tight, with a slight exception for Anaesthesia. They used a time machine for that performance, they did.
    I do have to say, the idea is an interesting one. And there should be more festivals like that here in the US. Try to open people up to new music.
    Pretty tight performance, James is really at his prime here. Wish I could have been there to see it.
    quite a cool idea in fact they put on a great show and no wonder, kill'em all is 100 hundred times better than death magnetic. p.s what\who are these "foals" .... Metallica members are recommending obscure bands that nobody knows about?
    Actually i prefer death magnetic, but everyone has their own tastes. Kill em all is still an awesome album though
    jordo is right. they're getting pretty huge, i dont understand why someone would downvote that. and rightly so, they are fantastic.
    Sometimes I just hate that I live in Finland... I'd be so damn happy to see them play a surprise gig and KILL 'EM FUCKING ALL.
    You hate that you live in Finland? Must I remind you of how many awesome bands you've got there?
    Sometimes I hate it Nightwish, Children of Bodom, Stone, Stratovarius etc. are pretty damn fantastic!
    Darth Crow
    Meh, in Finland you at least get regular shows, it has been 20 years since Metallica was in Slovakia the last time...
    Last year I was watching them live for the first time. But someday I'm going to US just so see Orion Festival...
    woha they played the full four horsemen song? that bridge?? that was ****ing awesome
    and anesthessia was a complete disaster lol
    i thought it sucked as well, I love that song but that was not a good version at all!
    Darth Crow
    That middle solo section in Horsemen is one of the greatest things Metallica ever wrote... it's a pity they don't play it regularly... on the other hand, Anesthesia pretty much sucks anytime, no disrespect to Cliff
    To anyone who thinks Metallica are sellouts: Here you go.
    There is no way Metallica are sellouts!!!!! But that doesn't change the fact that they are shit.....
    Anyone else read the "here you go" part of this comment and thought of that "HERE WE GO!" just before the solo on Whiplash?
    Glad I wasn't the only one. Btw I thought of Jason, from Live Shit.
    definitely think of James yelling it right before they jump into Eye of the Beholder for the Justice medley.... which omg they should totally play again. I mean either eye of the beholder or the medley... and obviously frayed ends of sanity. I figured it was the 25th anniversary of justice this year so maybe they'd do something cool for it at orion but i was wrong. The kill em all set was cool although i missed most of it cause i waited 4 hours in line at will call to get my effin wristband because for some reason they decided not to ship them to canada... anyways... China will be a first this summer for them so maybe they will dig up something special for that show!
    those are some good quality videos, considering they were taken from a phone...
    They absolutely nailed it except for Anesthesia. Rob is a great bassist, and he really tried to pull it off as best as he could. But Cliff practice bass for 12 hours a day from the day his brother died and he swore to become the best bassist ever for him all the way to the day before he died. Cliff was the greatest bassist metal ever had, and nobody will ever be able to touch him in terms of skill, musicianship, feel, groove, heart, or anything. However, the fact that they did it is a great thing already, so I won't be picky. I hope them doing the middle part of Horsemen is a regular thing now and not just for this performance. That's one of the reasons that Four Horsemen is better than Mechanix. A badass and amazing performance overall. I wish I was there.
    dude rob cant touch cliff's solo. i know robs a great musician and all but its hard to imitate cliff's groove and feel.
    Other than the amazing songs, this is the reason they are my favourite band: their down-to-earth demeanor, how they act in meet-and-greets, the close relationship with their fans, the way they want to give something back to everyone that supported them through the years, the love for what they do; true legends of music. Metallica for ****ing ever!
    I think Orion fest sounds great! I like the idea of playing albums in reverse order too!
    How could people have more respect for them? They had to change their name just so people will listen? It seems kinda dumb to me. It would make more sense if they swapped instruments or replaced a member.
    James sounded pretty good, if he could average about 75% of that vocal performance on average then Metallica would get a fair bit less slagging as a live band.
    Is this one of Lars' older kits or is it just white? I can't see! :/
    Darth Crow
    It's the same one he uses nowadays, just a white version of it for the sake of atmosphere. It's a pity though, the old one definately sounded better...