Metallica Confirmed as Third Glastonbury Headliner

The band will be joined by fellow headliners Arcade Fire and Kasabian.

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Metallica have been confirmed as the third, and final, headline act at Glastonbury 2014, joining fellow headliners Arcade Fire and Kasabian at the top of the bill, NME reports. The first metal artists to headline Glastonbury in its 44-year history, Metallica headline on Saturday June 28 with Arcade Fire the previous night and Kasabian starring on June 29.

Speaking to BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich said: "To be honest with you, we didn't sit around and have a big conversation when the call came. In Metallica we have a saying called a 'no-brainer'. Headlining Glastonbury is a no-brainer. We didn't need to sit around thinking about the pros and cons."

Ulrich reassured the skeptics: "Trust your friendly neighbourhood Metallica, we'll put something suitable together." He added: "It's great that, 32 years into our career, we're still able to knock down doors - doors we didn't think were open to us."

Meanwhile, the full line-up for the festival has been confirmed, including which stage each artist is playing. Skrillex headlines the Other Stage on the Friday, followed by Jake Bugg on Saturday and Massive Attack on the Sunday. Disclosure, MIA and Bryan Ferry headline West Holts, while Metronomy, Mogwai and James Blake top the bill at The Park Stage. Headlining the John Peel Stage are MGMT, London Grammar and Kaiser Chiefs, who are a new name on the bill.

Other notable new additions include The Horrors, Haim and Bombay Bicycle Club, who all play on the Other Stage, and Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood, who performs with The London Sinfonietta at West Holts along with fellow new addition Deltron 3030.

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    That's... pretty cool. Glastonbury has gone a bit lame recently, and why I'm no massive Metallica fan or anything I think this is cool, shakes things up a bit. Not sure what the crowd will make of it as in my experience they tend to just go with what NME and Rolling Stone say is cool, but we shall see.
    Last year looked amazing and as good as any year ever. I'm going this year and will probably watch Mogwai over Metallica. Come at me.
    here's your setlist. Nothing Else Matters The Unforgiven Mama Said Low Man's Lyric (encore) Enter Sandman Oasis cover Wonderwall. THANK YOU GLASTONBURY, YOU'VE BEEN GREAT. UP NEXT KEANE!!
    I have no idea what Glastonbury is, with the exception of the things I could gather from comments here, but it sounds like Dyers Eve would be awesome there :p
    Wonderwall? Fuck ain't that a bit technical for them? Even Megadeth would struggle covering that I think o.O
    Whats with that picture of Lars... but even Metallica haters have to admit that they put a great show together recently and there is not much to hate about them right now!!!
    People that go to Glastonbury (mostly Radio 1 listeners) have probably never heard of Metallica. They only go because its "cool"
    Yeah you're way off the mark. Some hipsters probably go to the festival but in my experience which is every year since 2006 bar two is that its a really pleasant mix of people looking to just come together for a week. I have been to many festivals and they all tend to draw undesirables causing trouble or wanting to hear one song. Glastonbury is different I have met hippies laying around all day wishing everyone well. Old couples who can let go once a year and plenty of music fans. It's a contemporary arts festival with comedians, night life, poets, stage performers, artists and circus acts In the years I've been I have seen, Kings of Leon, Springsteen, Fucked Up, P.I.L, Morrisey, Radiohead, Biffy Clyro, Coheed and Cambria, Newton Faulkner, Neil Young, Arctic Monkeys, Rolling Stones, Blur, Gorrilaz, SMashing Pumpkins, Dinosaur Jr. and beyond countless others. But yeah we all revert to listening to radio 1 afterwards...
    Well, if Metallica still had any credit among metal purists, it's surely been shot to shit now.
    Good, metal purists are idiots.
    My point exactly.
    It's a good prestige for Metallica to have, being the first metal band to play Glastonbury, but the people that go to Glastonbury won't understand Metallica. Most of them to there for the likes of Beyonce or Dizzie Rascal.
    That's not true. Glastonbury goers were just as bemused by Jay Z and Beyonce playing Glastonbury as they would be about Metallica. In fact most would probably prefer Metallica over Jay Z or Beyonce. It's fair to say most won't "understand" Metallica, but don't underestimate them. Glastonbury goers are a diverse mix of rock, pop, indie, blues, jazz, funk, punk, country, singer-songwriter, comedy, circus, hippie, dance, Hip-Hop, Ecstacy fans. You can't pass them off as 'most of them are there for Beyonce'. They're there for Glastonbury.
    lol metal purists. What a bunch of crap. I like Metallica, and even though I would never place them at Glastonbury it doesn't make them any less awesome.
    Good to know I'm still regarded as an idiot , although my mother would call me a **** !!
    Metallica hold on with metal fans because of 1-4, and parts of DM.
    Buy a ticket without ANY knowledge of the bands playing ?? Yep , I'd call the Glastonbury fans hipsters .
    Glastonbury guarantees a good mix of musical genres and plenty of alternative entertainment such as comedians and performance artists. You sir, are a moron.
    Floyd Phoenix
    I don't mind them headlining and I'm probably gonna be ditching my friends to go and see them (because one of them, with knowledge of only 'Nothing Else Matters' which he learnt to impress a girl, said they were shit) but what's pissing me off is the fact that almost everybody defending them isn't actually going to the festival...
    Other than Metallica, the only act I would want to see there would be Deltron 3030. It's a whole bunch of other artists I've never heard of
    everybody should calm down, Metallica already played on a peace and love festival 15 years ago so big deal now