Metallica Delivers Acoustic Performance of Deep Purple, Beatles, Ozzy Classics, Footage Surfaces

Band honors Ozzy Osbourne as a part of MusiCares benefit.

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Metal giants Metallica have once again strayed off the usual path with a semi-acoustic performance of staple rock classics during MusiCares MAP Fund benefit show.

The event took place this Monday (May 12) at Los Angeles' Club Nokia, marking the benefit's 10th anniversary. This year's honorees were Ozzy Osbourne of Black Sabbath and Village Studios owner Jeff Greenberg.

Back to the 'Tallica performance, the group chugged through a total of four covers, ranging from the Beatles and Rare Earth to Deep Purple and Ozzy himself. The footage was quick to surface, make sure to check it out below, along with the full set list.

"We are so proud to be a part of the tenth annual MusiCares MAP Fund benefit concert. It's no secret that Ozzy has been a major presence throughout our entire lives and we are so humbled and honored to be with Ozzy for this special evening," the band stated.

Ozzy ultimately took the stage as well, joining forces with Slash for yet another rockin' performance.

Metallica Live at MusiCares MAP Fund, May 12, 2014

1. I Just Want to Celebrate (Rare Earth cover)
2. When a Blind Man Cries (Deep Purple cover)3. In My Life (The Beatles cover)4. Diary of a Madman (Ozzy Osbourne cover)

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    Love how lars still has a huge kit for an acoustic gig haha
    Well, some people just have to compensate when they lack something else
    Man, who's the douche that screams 'Play some Metallica!" at the end of "In My Life"?? He might as well have screamed: "Stop doing something cool you've never done! Do the same thing as always!".
    Say what you want, I personally loved this gig. Very chilled, songs you don't hear Metallica play often. Cool to see a non-heavy side of them and show they are good musicians.
    The coolest thing is to see that Kirk (especially when you keep the Wha far from him) is still good playing. It seems almost like he is playing shit on purpose on Metallica concerts, to troll us.
    Mate... try to play some Metallica live tunes on your guitar... you'll be amazed how fast they play. It's true that Kirk makes some mistakes but at those speeds I forgive him...
    omg lars does have a ride!!!! maybe keep it from now on instead of the china as a ride deal
    It's cool that they did something new however that Beatles cover sounded awful.
    It does come off a bit like if you were to make a parody of Metallica covering the Beatles. "I know I'll often stop and think about THEMMM-AHH! OOOOOHHH In My life..." Seriously, listen at 1:26.
    Yeah I have to agree it's kinda weird. But than again... it's a great chalange for a metal band to play The Beatles... I mean cmon, do you expect James to sing like them? They did it for Ozzy and I bet he apprechiates it!
    Damaged Roses
    I think Lars should check out Dave Grohl in the Nirvana umplugged thing... he's too ****ing loud, this isn't metal Lars.
    Lars was emulating Pearl Jam's unplugged where they bashed the hell out of everything
    Let's be honest, this didn't sound very good. Look, if this was just some hired band, you would be saying, "mmmm, not very good", however, since this is the mighty Metallica, you're going to try to dig it, but it falls short of actually sounding good...maybe marginally good at best.
    Maybe because it's a bootleg? If they actually recorded these songs in studio it would sound pretty amazing.
    You could record anything in a studio and make it sound amazing... That's kind of the point.
    A for effort... but these sound absolutely terrible. Also, Kirk has a wah pedal in front of him. Christ.
    They should have covered "Oh Darling". I think jameses voice would have suited that song better than "In My Life".
    I hear the chorus "I just wanna celebrate" and I can't help listening in my mind MC Ren going "I'm a muthafukin' nigg4" N.W.A. rocked that sampled
    Lars has a lot of (cymbal)toys, he just feels too insecure to use them all.
    kill it
    wow. the 'in my life' cover was terrible. poor lead vocals, no background harmonies and kirk is constantly looking at his music stand because he doesn't even know the song. i'm a metallica fan but this is a pile of steaming crap. FAIL
    what's metal about that? Oh boy it's Tesla all over again. Signs, signs everywhere signs...yuck.
    I was just thinking during the Ozzy cover. I don't even think Ozzy could make that song sound good live anymore. James has never really had a good soulful tone to me.
    Yeah, but I love this cover because of 1:19 "DIARRHOEA OF A MADMAN". It's just hilarious
    Crap sound right? Not even sure if I'd dig any of these cleaned up. Kirk does play well. Still, I could be listening to anything I want and I listened to these. If it sais Met we listen right? Well, done listening till new stuff. Death Mag sets in my cd folder unplayed for 3yrs now. Surprise me K.