Metallica Entering Studio 'In a Couple of Weeks,' Kirk Hammett Confirms

"We've been procrastinating greatly with it," the guitarist admits.

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Metallica fans are bound to get thrilled with the latest announcement, as guitarist Kirk Hammett has officially confirmed that the band will be hitting the studio in a matter of weeks.

Chatting with Billboard, Kirk didn't hesitate to admit that the four-piece dragged out the whole process, but is now finally ready to charge full speed ahead. "[We'll start recording] in a couple of weeks," he kicked off. "When we start, that's going to be our main priority, and we're pretty excited about it because we've been saying we need to start working on this album, but we've been procrastinating greatly with it.

"We've pretty much come up with every sort of excuse we can not to start work on the album, but we've run out of excuses, so we pretty much have to start work on it now," the guitarist added.

Further discussing the amount of fresh material, Hammett dropped some big figures, noting that the band has well over 1,000 riffs ready. "We're a band that never has a shortage of ideas," he explained. "You hear about these bands that are sitting in the studio and they don't have any songs, what are they gonna do? That's not Metallica. Metallica's problem is the total opposite. We have too many ideas. James [Hetfield] has, like, 800 ideas. I have 400. Those number alone are just crazy. That's formidable."

Although the guys were clearly evading studio work, 2013 was still filled with pioneering efforts from Metallica, just in slightly different domains. As reported, the metal giants have released their "Through the Never" 3D film, kicked out the jams on Antarctica and set the world record by performing on all seven continents within a year. So an awesome studio album would really be icing on the cake here.

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    Between them, Tool, and SOAD, sounds like we'll get a new Metallica record before the other two.
    Hell yeah! And they start their little European tour from Helsinki ^_^ I can't wait for the new song and new f'n album!
    Touring is the best way to try new songs and see the response. Better a long wait and a great album, than a short wait and a crappy album. \m/
    I kinda hate it when musicians try to appeal to fans with their works. It becomes more business than art.
    tell that to Mustaine
    Not fair to Mustaine. Sorry but for the last decade what has Metallica released that was SOOO good???
    Death Magnetic was an amazing album, and St. Anger, while not a great Metallica record, was still decent if you accept it for what it is, and still better than anything Megadeth has put out in recent years, with the possible exception of "Endgame."
    I like death Magnetic too, it is not as strong as I would call it "big 4" as kill them all, ride the lightning, Master and justice...The rest after that is...or has not had a great impact on me (or not at all in some cases). So once again, Mustaine has nothing to do with that. It is fun to compare them still, but never the less...
    I love Metallica. They don't have a bad album. I was listening to Battery and Low Man's Lyric today when I was in totally different moods (before and after a bad day at work) and I loved them both.
    you're bitching about metallica's latest efforts but are being 200% blind (sorry, i meant deaf) to some of the later megadeth efforts. Im sorry, but metalica co on top imo man. Who cares about big 4 and what te new material is copared to whats been, get over it and move on, megadeth's shittier by the day whereas metallica etiher keeps it neutral or is keeping up with themselves
    Endgame blows DM away
    why? WHY? the constant Megadeth Vs. Metallica bickering?!?! no one gives a shit!!!!!
    You appear to have made a typo. why? WHY? the constant Metallica Vs. Megadeth bickering?!?! no one gives a shit!!!!! There you go. : )
    Finally someone will admit that St. Anger is a decent album, if not a Metallica album.
    Finally someone will admit that St. Anger is a decent album, if not a Metallica album.
    If they're constantly making excuses for not making one they clearly don't really want to make one and it could sound forced.
    "We've pretty much come up with every sort of excuse we can not to start work on the album, but we've run out of excuses, so we pretty much have to start work on it now." That's the spirit.
    Jacques Nel
    I like how UG publishes Dave Mustaine saying he is excited about having 68 riffs ready and then a few hours later we've got Kirk saying Metallica has over a thousand riffs...
    Tomorrows news: Dave Mustaine "I now have 1268 riffs for my new album." A week from now: Lars Ulrich "We now have about 3000 riffs for the new album." Two weeks from now: Mustaine "I now have completed a single song consisting of 3000 riffs." Three weeks from now: Hetfield "I have one million riffs for the new album and we are going to use about 14'000 of them." A month from now: Mustaine "I have one million riffs and I am going to use every single damn one of them." Metallica then takes 5 years to record the album and comes out with St. Anger 2. Megadeth takes 5 months and releases Super Collider 2: Extreme Meltdown.
    Hammett : I have written 3 solos per song Mustaine (a week later) : I have written 6 solos per song. Hammett (a month later) : I have now included 9 solos per song and each solo will have individual hammer-ons, tapping, sweeps and complex legato sections Mustaine (2 months later) : Each song will be 45 minutes long with each solo going on for 5 - 10 minutes with guest musicians John Petrucii, Yngiwe Malmsteen, Alexi Laiho, Marty Friedman (paid him a lot) and Jari Maenppa each contributing diverse sections and techniques. Shawn : I will be using 250 - 300 bpm sections, odd timed fills and over 50 different variations of blast beats Lars:.....go **** yourself.
    1000 riffs * 5 seconds for one riff=5000 seconds of pure riffs (if it has 10 track's then its 500 second per song or about 8 minutes and 20 seconds)= 1 hour 23 minutes and 20 seconds for the whole album..... RIFF-MATH! \m/
    "We've pretty much come up with every sort of excuse we can not to start work on the album, but we've run out of excuses, so we pretty much have to start work on it now," the guitarist added. If that's their attitude then they should just quit now.
    agree! very lame attitude. I guess it has something to do with the work itself. Like try to invent the wheel again. This is not what "we" are asking for. Metallica always wants to explore new "feelings" and never do a similar record. Well this time, it is actually WHAT you should be doing, in you comfort zone. Something like Ride the lightning, Master etc...It is anyway what we listen to the most and what you have been playing on tour for the last 20 years or more...
    Anything they make now will just be a disappointment. Their first albums were made with anger; the only thing they have to be angry about now is a receding hairline.
    Agent 00Awesome
    It seems like they don't really want to record an album. Hopefully that doesn't mean it'll sound forced.
    Pretty sure writing an album should come from a desire to write an album, not from running out of every excuse not to write one. Sigh.
    If their new album is anywhere close to as good as Death Magnetic, then it's going to be awesome!
    Agreed, as long as it isn't mixed like DM, yeah.
    Agreed, which is the one reason I'm nervous that Rubin is going to produce it again. Hopefully whoever did the mixing is NOT involved with it.
    I already know it's going to be mixed bad. He ****ed up Black Sabbath's new album.