Metallica: Fade To Bluegrass?

Bluegrass group Iron Horse will be releasing their genre-bending, redefining tribute to the head-banging, heavy-metal sounds of monster rockers Metallica.

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Terry Pace of reports that bluegrass group Iron Horse will be releasing their genre-bending, redefining tribute (view cover here) to the head-banging, heavy-metal sounds of monster rockers Metallica nationwide today via the Los Angeles-based label CMH Records.

"It's the last thing in the world we ever expected to do," admitted Iron Horse co-founder Tony Robertson, who plays mandolin and sings lead, high lead and tenor vocals. "But it's really challenged us as musicians and given us an opportunity to explore an alternate form of American music. In the process, we've grown to love it."

The CMH label ? which has a history of sales success with multi-artist tribute albums ? sought the ideal musical marriage between a single grass-roots bluegrass band and an album's worth of heavy-metal standards originated by Metallica. The company's radical, offbeat quest led the label to some Internet samples from "Ridin' Out the Storm", Iron Horse's 2001 album debut as a self-contained bluegrass band.

"They liked what they heard, and they approached us with the idea," added Ricky Rogers, another charter member of Iron Horse. "We formed this group because we wanted to open up some new avenues and go in a different direction. We never dreamed that this would kind of fall in our laps the way it did, but we're glad it did ? it's definitely moving us down the road we want to travel."

"Once you actually know what the lyrics say, it really opens your eyes and ears to the music," Robertson remarked. "The label isn't trying to sell Metallica music to bluegrass fans. Instead, they're releasing it in the roots, Americana and alternative markets, which is a great place for us to be. We do hope the bluegrass fans will like it ? and we hope Metallica fans will like it, too."

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    just admit it, we all want to hear this, no matter what anyone here says i bet you all will try to find at least one of these songs, i know i will.
    IRON HORSE is the name of the group and there from my home town. I know the mandolin player personally. I was not a die hard Metallica fan but definately a Blue Grass fan but guess what I am now a fan via Blue Grass. I have heard it and ask that you give a chance it is awsome to say the least. They are to make around 4 cds and like one person said they came to Iron Horse not Iron Horse to Metallica. You know if Metallica likes it that you yourself will like it.
    Yeah i heard hayseed Dixie they was alright..but AC/DC was better...well duhh....but hearin Metallica's music though that bluegrass is gonna take some gettin use to but ill still listen to heavy metal Metallica....probally not bluegrass Metallica
    *** METALLICA is METALLICA. No one can compete with that, but its kool theyre doing a tribute, im kean to hear the sound, but METALLICA are my lovers.
    Wow. That will be interesting! I can't wait to hear seek n destroy and creeping death played blurgrass style! lol
    alright all you pessimistic shitheads... Have any of you heard of apocolyptica? 4 cellos playing metallica, they have an album out, and to say the least, it kicks ass, so pull all your heads out of your asses, and realize that if metallica likes it, it just might sound good huH? yeah, if you hear it and don't like it, thats fine, but I'm sure there will be a fair share of people who do, so quit your bitchin
    Led Zeppelin
    there was a cover of Enter Sandman done with a fiddle and double bass and banjo's and stuff, i'll post the name and artist when i found out, sorry a mate of mine has it not me
    I hope they do tribute to Metallica 1, not Metallica2. Metallica 1 was anything before the black album, Metallica 2 is everything after
    This is wack. This cd is gonna suck so bad. Metallica is awosme the way they are. Adding something new is gonna sound horrible.
    Well I doubt Metallica will sue due to the fact it says..... "They liked what they heard, and they approached us with the idea,"
    it's probably going to be just as funny as when snoop dog did that jeah, jeah, jeah at that MTV thing with metallica
    haha awww yeah this is sweet. i love bluegrass and ill probably buy this cd!
    That will sound pretty funny, but I wont buy any of there records.