Metallica Hint at Major December Event: 'There Is Another Frontier Heading in Our Direction'

Meanwhile, "Through the Never" makes the biggest concert film opening in IMAX history with $1.7 million earnings.

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Ever since the "Through the Never" premiere date approached, Metallica ranks have been buzzing with exciting updates. And just when the fans thought that metal titans ran out of major announcements, drummer Lars Ulrich dropped what might turn out to be as yet another Metallica bomb. During a radio chat with 107.7 the Bone, Ulrich confirmed that "another frontier" is approaching, noting that the band's management would rip him even for the very mention of it. "There's a very interesting thing coming our way in December," he said. "Nobody knows that, so ... There's another frontier heading in Metallica's direction in December. Which, if anybody [from Metallica management] even knew that I just said what I just said, they would hunt me down and silence me. But there is another frontier coming in December, which we're very excited about." Apart from the vague statement, Lars discussed the band's ethic during a recently posted "Through the Never" behind-the-scenes clip. In his words, "When Metallica creates, we create for ourselves. We know, or have learned along the way that if we do what we do for us, it has a purity and that makes the best Metallica." An interesting theory surfaced online regarding the mysterious "Through the Never" bag, claiming that it in fact contains the spirit of late bassist Cliff Burton. As previously reported, the film's storyline revolves around main character's search for the bag he was sent to find by the band. Supporting such a claim, the moment when Dane DeHaan arrives with the bag finds the band on the scene playing "Orion," a song featuring one of Burton's staple bass lines. And in addition, the movie itself was released on the 27th anniversary of Cliff's death. But sticking to cold hard facts, "Through the Never" officially made the biggest concert film opening in IMAX history with $1.7 million earnings. As Wrap reports, the impressive figure was only enough for the concert movie domain, since metal giants couldn't beat the $3.1 million earnings "The Wizard of Oz" re-release scored last weekend. After the September 27 IMAX premiere, "Through the Never" is set to be rolled out to regular 3D cinemas this Friday (October 4).

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    saw the movie.... orgasmed
    Pretty much the best live-concert movie I've ever seen. But also pretty much one of the best 3D movies I've ever seen.
    I thought that the concert part was epic. Hetfield was really giving it 200%, and Lars (as sloppy as his playing is) was doing some pretty exciting drumming. I particularly thought that ...AJFA was really awesome. On the other hand, I thought the "story" sucked balls. It had cool elements, but never expanded on them. It was Metallica's attempt at making a vague, artsy film. It was like a long and drawn-out music video. Also, WHAT THE F$@# WAS IN THE BAG?!
    you're so stupid you copied what a movie reviewer said and paste it here, wow. you don't have a brain to say what you think about the thing?
    I interpreted the whole story as being Metallica's history (there's always some nod to it in the narrative scenes! - as in the car crash being a nod to Cliff's death, for example). As for the bag, here's my two cents: it's the band's future.
    They better not be moving the Orion fest. December is when they announced it to be in Detroit last year. Either way sounds like a huge deal... touring Orion fest?
    Hard to think of anything that this band hasn't done yet, in comparison to any other mortal band there isn't much I can think of. Metallica in space probably ?
    There is kiss. Metallica does not even have there own coffin that people can buy yet ..
    Another new frontier to cock block the new album, Great.
    They're probably doing all of this to occupy our time while they're writing the album. Chill out man. You don't want another St. Anger or Lulu if they rush. lol
    It's been 5 years, i think we're beyond rushing :p. And they spent a very long time writing St. Anger so i don't really think time spent writing has much to do with album quality.
    Never bothered with Lulu so I can't speak for that, but I liked St. Anger, more so than Load/ReLoad.
    Probably (hopefully) starting their own label.. bout the only thing they haven't done.
    They have, its called Blackened Recordings. They released the soundtrack to the movie through it
    In regards to the bag, it was clearly holding James' Shades and Rob's Sweater.