Metallica Interested in Touring With U2 and Green Day

"I'm a U2 groupie, I'd play with them on a parking lot," Lars Ulrich says.

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Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich expressed his great desire to tour with U2 and Green Day, confirming that talks are likely to get under way soon. During a recent MTV News chat, Ulrich explained: "U2 came to San Francisco two summers ago and we ended up having a lot to drink with them and Green Day following a dinner." The drummer then dropped a major announcement, saying, "I was told in the wee morning hours following this outing that members of U2, Green Day and Metallica agreed to tour together. We haven't talked about it since, but speaking for myself I'd be very up for that." Lars didn't specify whether the tour was in fact the big announcement he discussed earlier this month. He did however point out that headlining next year's Glastonbury would be a fun, yet unlikely endeavor. "Every year there's probably less chance of us doing it than the previous year, but it just looks like it would be a fun night out," he said. "We've been fortunate enough to play every other festival on this planet numerous times, so Glastonbury is the only one that's eluding us. There's such a vibe and it's maybe the most quintessential English festival." Back in 2010, Lars called himself a "U2 groupie," giving Bono and co. nothing but kudos. "I'm the hugest U2 fan - I would borderline call myself a groupie, actually," he told Faster Louder magazine. "Playing with U2 ... I would f--king play on the parking lot. They're one of the only other bands that are still functioning after 30 years, just like we are, and I feel a lot of kinship in what they do and I just really admire and appreciate.

"They're really inspiring to me. I love their music, I love their way of reinventing themselves, and I love their way or thinking big and small. And it sort of works on all levels."

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    "Lars called himself a U2 groupie" Wow, I cant even make fun of Lars this time. Hes done it for me.
    I think I would see this. Though the ticket prices would be astronomical.
    Metallica fans find it embarrassing that their drummer likes a band? Hmmm.... I don't get it...
    I'd definitely see Green Day and Metallica together... probably skip U2. What's with metalheads and the Misfits though?? As if it's the only cool punk band to listen to. Is it the skull logo? It's probably the skull logo.
    personally I like all those bands so i'd go see it. with that aside, lars is stating bands he'd like to tour with, so what? I don't see why it's getting so much negativity or "they're not metal z0mfg". maybe he just enjoys the company of the guys in those bands and thinks it would be fun on the road with them.
    in other news, Lars Ulrich makes a comment that everyone will hate him for... :L
    Or you could write this ****ing album, release it and then go on tour with some good bands that need the exposure.
    Imagine you become huge and famous, and one of your favorite group (who's also big) arranges for you to tour together - From a cynical point of view, I don't think you'd react the same way you do now, regardless of what you claim from your current position.
    Nah I'd take a band of people that I'm friends with and need some more fans.
    man I miss the days back when Metallica didn't suck
    What, that little 5-year span? I wasn't alive to see it.
    No I would say the entire duration of the 80s. When they were young, pissed off, hungry and energetic. The bell curve applies to almost everyone's life though I suppose....
    I can understand U2, even though I'm not a fan, but Green Day? lol Come on, Lars.
    Metallica DID cover the main riff of American Idiot after Green Day pulled out of the Voodoo Festival because of Billie's "meltdown", as UG likes to call it.
    Wtf is wrong with Green Day?
    Epi g-310
    UG is full of metal's version of hipsters. There's nothing wrong with Green Day, they make good music. It's just too popular for these fine folks.
    although i'm not a fan of green day, i can sympathize with that.
    How the Hell is it too popular. I love green day, but there is no way in HELL that they are more popular than metallica!
    Seemingly strange combination, but U2 and Metallica are two of my favorites, so... Awesome
    Cliff is rolling in his grave.
    Mr Winters
    Yeah dude, how awful, how dare they like these bands huh? U2 and Green Day aren't METAL like METALLICA, right?!
    You don't have to be an elitist metalhead to hate U2 and Green Day.
    I don't like any of the make me the down vote champion!!!!!.....By the way....who's Cliff?
    I just figure Cliff would slap them if they put on Green Day. He was always a channel for punk rock like Misfits or Black Flag in the band. U2 is fine, that's Lars's thing. Today's Green Day shits on Punk.
    Metallica and Green Day did the same thing. Compare Master of Puppets to Death Magnetic and Dookie to American Idiot. They both softened a bit, Metallica becoming less thrash and Green Day becoming less punk. Both Green Day and Metallica's stuff new and old is good, and that would be an amazing show.
    Green Day are kind of metal but not U2. Well Green Days early days had a distorted sound which kind of made them metal
    Audible Warfare
    You think that having a distorted guitar tone makes you metal? I bet you and Asking Alexandria would get along swimmingly.
    Loud Drums, Heavy bass, and a disorted guitar makes metal.
    You wot m8? That can make like 500 different subgenres of music Green Day have almost nothing in common with metal besides the instrumentation, and the green day guitar tone is very different from a "metal" guitar tone.
    I guess Jimi Hendrix was the most metal person in the world then with his fuzz tone. You're dumb.
    I'd almost say U2 is more metal than Green Day. An argument could be made for some kind of precursor to the prog metal shimmering sound that we have today. Green Day is a (pop) punk band. Punk bands in the 60's were known to dislike metal because of its connotations of having musicians who were self indulgent because they had incredible amounts of talent put into songs. Punk was self indulgent in that punk musicians thought they were better than they were. Pulling out a power chord I-IV-V riff is not talent, it's basic music theory.
    Actually, Cliff was an REM fan before they were big. So, I don't think it would be a stretch to say what else he may have liked.
    Green Day are kind of metal but not U2. Well Green Days early days had a distorted sound which kind of made them metal
    Sorry for double posting, my computer was being stupid and slow and it automatically logged out of my application
    You will probably be surprised that Cliff wasn't exactly the most "trve, evil, kvlt" metalhead. There are also other legitimate types of music that he most likely enjoyed.
    That's true. He was actually a big fan of classical music, which I'm sure would have made him ecstatic if he had been alive for the S&M concert.
    he loved jazz. also he and Jim Martin used to make unrecorded, hallucinogen fueled improv in a log cabin in the woods. He also loved classic rock. I read a pretty good Biography about him, "To Live is to Die"
    I don't think it would be a good idea. I can't speak for hundreds of thousands of people but something tells me a large portion of U2's fanbase isn't really into Metallica and vice versa so it would seem a bit odd to have them both on the same bill. (I really have no idea what Green Day's fanbase is into, I don't know any fans of them)I know that Lars has a hard on for saying Metallica does whatever they want, but when it comes to tours and stuff they'd do well to keep it as entertaining as possible for everyone.Personally, the epitome of awesome for me would be a Metallica + Iron Maiden + Motorhead tour because I was brought up on those three (my dad blared them on our living room stereo every day as I was growing up). If the MK II line-up of Deep Purple + the original line-ups of The Sweet & Slade could miraculously reappear and join my life would come full circle
    The last 10 years this band keeps dissapointing the world..bad albums,movies for money,statements like this..
    This would be just the awesomest thing ever
    I'm not a U2 fan, but Green Day is my favorite and Metallica one of my favorites, so this would be pretty damn sick.
    I can't see a problem in two, if not three, of the most influential bands of the last 30 years touring together. A weird mix, but exciting nonetheless. Bring it on I say
    Jesus man what's next? Lady gaga contributing on the next album? Ask not for whom the bell tolls Metallica, it tolls for thee...
    To quote Rob "One day our fans hate us, the next they love us" lol so true!
    Expected move, another tour... No wonder after their movie reported 15 millions losses. New album in 2016... Or when it's done.
    Welp, that's it. They've officially lost it. The only thing all those bands have in common is that they're all three of the most washed-up bands in rock.
    from reading the comments so far... -you are a metal band, and like something that's not metal? are a ****ing poser. -hear a mix of metal, rock and punk in the same concert?...of course not, metal is the only REAL music, i hate everything else. -metallica want to tour with someone thats not metal...OMG, im pretty sure the dead bassist would ****ing kill them because i exactly know how he used to think and i know he hates everything about the ways the band has take. in conclusion: UG is full of stupid metal hipsters and elitists.
    It's not that, it's just that U2 and Green Day are just unlikeable bands whatever the genre.
    I personally can't stand U2 (too preachy, too many religious undertones in their early material and Bono just... he's a parody, surely?) or Green Day (about as punk as my cat. And she died 22 years ago). Having said that, Metallica can do what they want. If you really want to criticize them then you release a multi-platinum album or three, sell out shows across the planet and then come back.
    Alright cool, so I guess we can all agree that Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber are spectacular by that logic.
    And I guess we can agree that Failure, Neutral Milk Hotel, King Crimson, and The Mars Volta are all inferior to the 'Tallica because they haven't made any multi-platinum records.
    um. almost every band out there has religious undertones, not always christian. so what you are really saying, is that you just don't like u2.
    ALSO, by that same logic YOU can't criticize U2 or Green Day. Logical fallacies inbound!
    Which all three have done! Which I think would constitute for a pretty tight show
    Hahaha.. There goes the non-metal haters. Seriously, open up a bit guys.
    I've never been a fan of U2 or Green Day. Metallica is my all time favorite though. I hope they don't do this tour or at least don't have one of them headline Orion Festival as I was hoping for someone like Tool.
    Yeah they've been talking about this being a possibility for over 2 years.