Metallica Launch Their Own Record Label

Blackened Recordings now owns the rights to their entire back catalogue, and will be home to their next album too. So what's the "wacky" release method they're planning for the next Metallica album?

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Metallica have launched their own new record label.

The new Blackened Recordings now owns the rights to all Metallica albums and videos, and will release their future work. It marks the end of their 28-year relationship with Warner Music.

"You may have heard us say it once or twice or a thousand times before, but it's always been about us taking control of all things 'Tallica to give you 110% on every single level every single time," said the band in the announcement on their website. "Forming Blackened Recordings is the ultimate in independence, putting us in the driver's seat of our own creative destiny. We're looking forward to making more music and getting it all out to you in our own unique way."

In October the band announced plans to start writing their next album "soon", and could see them return to Rick Rubin who produced their widely-criticised 2008 release "Death Magnetic".

Earlier this year, Lars Ulrich suggested they might experiment with an unusual release method:

"We gotta figure out ways we want to do that, from giving it away in cereal boxes to getting people to do handstands for it. We could come up with something wacky."

If you were in Metallica, what kind of creative release method would you choose? Share your funny or serious suggestions in the comments.

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    He should buy a farm and become the stable.
    He could get satellite TV and become the cable?
    this is the lowest down a comments page I've ever seen a top comment. well deserved
    I truly do feel sorry for Metallica as sometimes i think that they have the worst fanbase of all time. The fanbase who whines about every album they release because it's not the same as their first three albums. Oh this album sucks, it's not another Master of Puppets or Ride the Lightning. I really do not understand why people want the same stuff over and over and over and over. It just gets boring. Here come the thumbs down.
    I agree (thumbs up). Metallica has the balls to do whatever they want, and instead of being cheered for that their so-called fans become nothing different than a nagging wife who looks for things to nag about.
    They could give the album away free with every 10 neckties sold.
    I'm really waiting for a Metallica table to be sold.
    they just released a Metallica monopoly... their 80's counterparts would kick their asses if they crossed em in the street, they definitly changed, what woul 1986 james say about that crap
    you must be kidding....ACDC has their own monopoty..slayer has socks,condoms and yarmulkes...megadeth has some equally stupid shit. Just saying!
    so what? so F'in what like they used to say... you're excusing a f'ed up behaviour by claiming others do it too, that's lame
    Slayer sold ****ing Christmas sweaters. Rammstein sells dildos molded after their own penises. If I want to, I can buy a Gibson shot glass set. Slayer almost to the point of KISS with their aprons, condoms, and rolling papers. I think a Metallica Monopoly is pretty tame compared to some other stuff.
    cool, all they need now is flemming rasmussen and james belting it out like this in the studio and bam, the rebirth of metallica.
    Wait, "widely-criticised?" Our own personal feelings aside, Death Magnetic was very well-received by critics. Good job, UG.
    Well, the production wasnt recieved well by critics/fans.. So I can see what they were thinking.
    Man, I love this band. I don't know why, but I think they are the real-life version of Dethklok in terms of fame. I relate Tallica's fans as the "Klocketeers". I believe Metallica as well as Iron Maiden have the most loyal fans in the world.
    are you a paraplegic dolphin or are you actually trying to promote shitting bands on UG? Go rub your nuts on a cheese grater.
    Hahaha that has to be the best insult I have ever heard. Tearing up I'm laughing so hard
    Im glad you enjoyed it
    Tim, you're the worst troll i've ever seen on these news articles. instead of using the art of trolling as a scalpel, you're using it as if its a full blown chainsaw. 2/10 for making me reply.
    Um.....Death Magnetic wasn't criticized, it was praised. UG writers are dumb
    give the chimps on the UG editorial staff a little slack, when they're not hurling feces at eachother, they're "slamming" everyone in "musical gossip" articles. So when it comes to actual knowledge of a subject they miss the point completely...
    It's been 4 years since Death Magnetic came out, and they say their next album won't be until 2014 likely. That's 6 years between albums! Lulu doesn't count. They made the Kill Em' All, Ride, Puppets, and Justice albums between 1983-1988...that's 4 albums in 5 years with tours for each! I know they aren't young anymore and have families and millions but WTF.
    "...and could see them return to Rick Rubin who produced their widely-criticised 2008 release "Death Magnetic" "Widely criticized?" Its currently showing a score of 78 on MetaCritic ( and this very site shows it having an average rating of 8... I agree its not their best work, but I think that quote is just plain misleading.
    Pretty sure that the criticism they're referring to is that of the sound quality of the disc, not the actual music contained therein.
    My thoughts exactly. But of course, for certain Metal fans that are looking for another RTL, MOP or AJFA, almost all of them were disappointed. I happened to like that album. It was an epic album.
    i hope they sign justin bieber, just to piss all you 17 year old, butt hurt metalheads off even more.
    the amount of musical "wtf" that would receive would be absolutely in-****ing-sane
    "We're looking forward to making more music and getting it all out to you in our own unique way." How? EPs attached to pigeons?
    GenerationKILL for something completely different: For those of you who STILL think "lulu" was a "metallica record" read the synopsis on what exactly that project was: A LOU REED PROJECT, USING METALLICA AS THE BACKING BAND. I guess I can't really blame your average, ignorant 17 year old metalhead, obsessing over "lunch with satan" from Norway... They do log onto UG and see the chimps running the editorial section, perpetuating the hate by saying stuff like: "...and could see them return to Rick Rubin who produced their "WIDELY- CRITICIZED" 2008 release "Death Magnetic"." Do your research properly. Or hire a kid working with a system of grade 10 english and research habits to do it for you: BETTER.
    The other day at the supermarket they had: chocolate pudding with vanilla sauce AND: vanilla pudding with chocolate sauce. The distinguishing features could not be any less by any means.
    I'm excited. I really hope they get back to some thrashing, and sign on some true thrashers as well. I'm tired of turning on my radio to hear electronic sounds, fake drums, and an auto-tuned Katy Perry whining about whatever the heck it is she whines about. I WANT GUITARS to be back on the pop scene; that'd at least be a start.
    Everyone who is criticizing Metallica for conspiring in making more money by launching their own label is a hypocrite to the fullest. Everyone (even if you're already rich) always wants to make more money, doesn't matter who the hell you are (and if you deny it then you are a pathetic liar). No point in being a wife-like nagging and envious hypocrite. And at least Metallica is making money with music and not by murder, arson, corruption, lobbying, embezzlement or ponzi schemes. If anything you people should use Metallica as an inspiration for making money by playing the music that you love. Nothing wrong with achieving that goal.
    The only "pathetic" thing I see here is your assumption that everyone thinks the same way.
    When it comes to money, yes everyone does. Even bums ask for spare change. Big picture
    Creative...hmm... How about making music that's good?! (I mean since the awful load and reload)
    metallica should try writing some thrash and metal again, Instead of selling out more.
    Well I can guarantee this wasn't done for creative independence. Warner let the aural shit heap that was Lulu leave the studio, and I'd bet a lot of money that if anyone else tried to make Lulu, it would not have been released. Metallica is doing this to make more money, which I wouldn't have a problem with, if they really NEEDED said money to continue making music.
    Well of course it was done to make more money. They created their own label at the cost of millions for a creative and moral imperative? I think not.
    i don't think they do anything because of the money... they just do it to get bigger and bigger... their ultimate goal is to become the biggest band ever!
    i think youre a camel masturbator
    And I think you're possibly the worst person to infest this site so far.
    you are so important to this community jordo. thanks for all your tireless work and effort. you truly are a valued member of UG.
    Your first comment was a wise one timlarkin. Then you lost your thoughts. You have just one the ballbag award again woohoo!!
    Josh Reubenking
    Let's see you become part of one of the greatest heavy metal bands of all time. It'd never happen anyways cause you're too busy sitting in that basement of your mother's house spouting bullshit.
    Who said they are "One of the Greatest Metal bands of all time"? Ive personally always found them to be a bit pretentious and over confident and much of their work reflects this position. I refer to them as a "BubbleGum Metal" band. 90% of their content in the last 15 years, has been about making $$$'s and staying relevant. They "experimented" with other (more current) styles and sounds and have become a ghost of who they once were and once stood for. Getting older is cool. Selling out and making music to appease the masses (and failing), is less than "Great".
    Metallica is one of the greatest metal bands of all time. if you don't know this, perhaps you should educate yourself.
    Can someone get this cancer out of here?
    Was that directed at me? Kiddo, you look like something Justin Bieber shit out and I'd tell you to keep your opinions to yourself until your balls dropped, but from the looks of things, you're on your way to developing quite the set of tits, so at the risk of screwing up what sex you are, and hurting your emo feelings i'll just keep that comment to myself... oops too late. You weren't even a twinkle in your dads eye when the black album came out, so your opinions about metallica, or anything else in this thread are automatically void. Thanks for playing though, sweetie.
    @GenerationKILL Okay, thanks *****. I'm 17, my profile picture is about 3-4 years old. You sound ignorant as all hell, and you're a grown ass man, real cool talking sh*t over the internet to a teenager. Get a life and keep your comments to yourself. And my age has nothing to do with my opinions about any kind of music, I'll have any opinion about Metallica as a I damn well please. And just so you know, my comment wasn't even directed at you, but the highly downvoted first comment. Mine just happened to be under yours. Think before you act, you prick.
    im a "grown ass" man? Thanks for clarifying that im "cool" for "talking shit" to a teenager. I AM ignorant as hell, and your age has EVERYTHING to do with your opinions. Why else do little pukes your age think Justin Bieber is so great, while people older can't get their heads around him? Come back in a few years, when you're no longer a 17 year old know-it-all, who still lives with his parents, then we'll talk as equals. "Get a life? keep my comments to myself?" This was BEFORE you said you'll have "any opinion" about metallica that you want. Just remember, im ALSO entitled to MINE, about WHOEVER, regardless of my age. Touche, you scroungy lookin' shit-stain.
    I don't see what my age has to do with my opinion, and I don't even like/listen to Justin Beiber. Don't see why we can't talk as "equals" now. Yet again, I'd like to say that my original comment wasn't even towards you, but the very first comment on the article.
    Second Rate
    There is nothing wrong with making money. Perhaps you should try it some time. I'm so sick of people attempting to dictate how much a person "needs." If I become filthy rich and I want to attempt to make more money, it is my prerogative. It is not your place, or anyone's place, to dictate the personal actions of others. You people that seek to dictate how much money a person "needs" are ridiculous, and usually quite hypocritical. If you came into some money tomorrow, your opinion on this would change drastically. Get off your high horse and live in the real world.
    I was just saying that they don't NEED the money. I was not telling them to stop making money. That's ****ing fruit loops insane. I have a problem with them WANTING more and more and more, to the point where their musical integrity is collateral. Why do I have a problem with it? Because I want to like Metallica again. Ever since they came into huge sums of money with the black album, their music has been taking second place to money.
    Are you saying that they made Lulu to make money? If thats the case, they probably need to rethink their strategy...
    No, that's a great point! Lulu was definitely a step in the right direction, maybe not musically, but creatively. They were thinking outside the box, and tried something new and original, unfortunately for them it just wasn't very entertaining. I think them bringing in Lou Reed was definitely a stunt to maybe lure in more fans and some extra cash, but they were doing something new and original, so I totally understand and really don't blame them.
    I can agree on that, somewhat. I would argue that all they have been thinking outside the box with every album they ever made. St. Anger might be bad, but you cant say theres a lot of albums similar to it, such a weird sound and mixture of Nu-Metal elements and thrash. And Load + Reload both have some pretty weird song writing, even Death Magnetic had some pretty alternative stuff. The only thing i want to blame them for, is declining songwriting abilities (in recent years, they dont understand the meaning of: get to the point and remove the fat) and i blame them for being extremely unproductive.
    Hopefully being the owner of their own label results in more albums. It kinda sucks to be dissapointed by a new Metallica album when you know that you have to wait 5+ years until they start thinking about writing new material.
    You bring up some good points! I hate having to wait so long for new Metallica too, but as they get older it's bound to happen I think St. Anger and Load+Reload were expanding their musical horizons, but I feel it went the wrong way. I would have preferred them to maybe slow their songs down while still maintaining the heavy feel of metal, venturing into a more sludge-esque or prog phase instead of nu-metal/country. But that's just my personal taste in music speaking.
    Stop ****ing crying about it. Metallica has put out better albums one after the other than you have even attempted to write one. I would love to put out anyone of their albums and say my band did it. You need money every day and when you're a band touring the world all the time, yea you're going to need money. When its the real world you live in three days of not eating anything, no money to pay for gas or to pay your roadies, sound guy, guitar/drum techs, money to pay for food, electricity, heat, gas. trips somewhere. a new boat. **** i don't know. people need money you ****in dumb ass
    Lol no reason to get so upset! I don't keep track of their personal financial accounts, but I can almost guarantee you that no member of Metallica is worried about paying their electricity bill. And yes, people do need money. Everyone here would enjoy some extra cash, I'm sure, and would also have a good use for it. That being said, the members of Metallica have ceased to be in that position. They have reached a level of wealth which assures that not only the current members, but also their children, will be looked after. James' kids won't have to work a single day in their lives, if James allows it! I'm not saying that's a bad thing, they all worked very hard and deserved to be compensated for their efforts. But at the same time people need to realize the amount of wealth certain artists have come across, and stop praising them for doing more and more needlessly greedy things. Like opening up your own studio. If you don't like people discussing Metallica and their opinions of Metallica's albums, I suggest you steer away from the Metallica articles on this website!
    by gas, you're referring to the 20 semi trucks they have to carry around their retardedly big stage set up?
    Wise comment again. You aren't just a smart arse troll are you. Under all the bad comments there is a musician!
    Common sense isnt really seen as a good character trait in our species any more. Your words bring forth ideas and perspectives that (obviously) many in our species chooses to ignore over "favoritism". Its not the thy cant see your point, they're just to wrapped up to acknowledge the valid and outstanding point you make. There has been and will be "Greater" bands than Metallica...unless your a simpleton anyway...
    You always need more money man and more MORE if you are dealing with millions, in what world are you living man ? A true Metallica fan loves Metallica from Kill to DM.
    I don't think "true" would be the proper adjective, I feel that "dedicated" would be more appropriate. I really want to like Metallica's development and progress throughout the years, but be it my taste in music or my narrow-mindedness, I can't seem to enjoy their later works as much as the early stuff. It all just seems like it's been done before. The first four albums were, arguably, their best material, a real breakthrough in the music industry. Everything afterwards feels like I've already heard it a million times even though I'm just discovering some of it. I guess I just miss having bands blow me out of the water with something so fresh, original, and just plain enjoyable I can't help but listen to it constantly.
    This guy again. Anyone read the Stevie lesson? Ballbag.
    Yep it's the ballbag guy, but he was right both in this case and the lesson. To be fair ... Just sayin ....
    Are you saying that Metallica isn't the biggest band ever?
    Not at all haha...I love Metallica, and they played a big role in getting me into metal. I'm just hating on TimLarkin. His reputation precedes him.
    Lmfao Poore's original comment had nothing to do with Metallica, I dont even understand how zero thought Poore was taking a shot at Metallica
    Props to you on this article Larkin. I gotta agree with some other comments, there's apparently a serious musician somewhere under the bridge haha
    i mean biggest band ever....bigger than the beatles and rolling stones and all that shit.... more like elvis and michael jackson
    ...your point is? God forbid people who play music for a living would want to make MORE money off it. Anyone with their fame and money would do the same thing. I still don't get why so many people shit on Metallica for wanting to make money. Everyone on this website would gladly sell their souls to make millions off their music. Anyone who says otherwise is a hypocrite and a liar.
    how about everyone stop arguing about put their big boy pants pants on and realize they are just following the "American Dream"
    Lulu was a tragedy but I don't agree with the article saying Death Magnetic was bad. It was the best record they put out since the black album in my opinion.
    That aint sayin fact DM was utter was utter crap...Then again I though the Black album was contrived and pretentious.
    Theres a few mhundred million people in africa, china and india who would say you don't need the money. So why bother going to work or school?
    thats a pretty stupid argument. I'm sure if you asked those same people if they'd like an education and money, they'd beg you for that chance. People aren't impoverished by choice.
    Cool news, maybe they'll make a good record now. It's been about 24 years...
    Josh Reubenking
    Metallica have been great since 1981, man. The Black Album, Load, ReLoad, and St. Anger were different. They still sounded pretty good to me. They wanted to be different. It's their choice if they wanna be different. They returned to their thrash sound on Death Magnetic. That was a great comeback album for them. James' voice still sounds great, and the entire band still sounds great.
    The question is, is the difference good or bad? People will continue to differ on that issue. I personally am firmly on the "bad" side; I think they're a one trick pony and don't really know how to do anything else. Case in point, DM (return to their "old self") was their best album in the last 24 years and Lulu (most experimental) was the worst.
    Mr E Meat
    omg metallica best thrash band of all time no one will ever be as good so amazing
    Metallica was indeed a great thrash band in the 80's, but they have not earned the right to wear the label 'thrash' for a long time. What they've released since then is certainly not thrash, especially through the 90's. I don't like their 90's and up releases, but hey, they changed, it happens, move on folks, there is plenty of good thrash out there if that is what you desire, no need to sit here hoping Metallica will release another Kill Em All. Re the record label, I'm amazed they hadn't done this years ago, they must have been on a good thing with Warner.
    Yeah, Low Man's Lyric bashes any Slayer album to a pulp. (Come to think of it: Slayer never ever wrote a ballad, didn't they?)
    Blackened is the end of Metallica millions of sales in minutes disappear
    Downvotes! Imprisoning me! All that I see, People to troll! What dumb comment! What a stupid line! Look at this website! You all belong in HELLLLL!
    i don't think they do anything for the money! i think they just want to get bigger and bigger... their ultimate goal is to become the biggest band ever...
    Are you saying that they made Lulu to make money? If thats the case, they probably need to rethink their strategy...
    I doubt it. Lou Reed made LuLu which Metallica was nice enough to be featured in, and that album was made for fun and as a favor to Lou Reed, not specifically for money.
    Hard to believe Death Magnetic came out four years ago. How weird is it to have to buy back your own music? Bet it cost them a boatload of money.
    So they get forest gump to run across America and get people to run with him, anybody who follows him to the end (on foot or bicycle, no cars) gets a copy of the new album. Here's the kicker, it's on a 3 1/2 inch floppy.
    "110% percent on every level" - yes, James, we already have a word for that, it's called "loudness war".
    Death Magnetic wasn't "widely-criticized" as the article states, it got pretty good reviews.
    does that mean we'll get a new live dvd with teh same setlist every 2 month now?