Metallica Looking to Take 'Through the Never' Stage on Tour

Guitarist Kirk Hammett reveals plans to take the epic stage out on the road.

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Metallica axeman Kirk Hammett has recently revealed plans for taking the epic "Through the Never" stage out on the road. As one of the 3D film's focal points, massive stage was thoroughly discussed during several behind-the-scene clips. The scene behemoth takes a whopping 40 trucks to get transported and features several clever details, such as "Ride the Lightning" giant Tesla coils, a "Justice" statue and a huge toilet. "The idea is [that] once the movie's been out for a while, we're gonna look at the possibility of bringing that stage out on tour," Kirk told 97.1 the Eagle. "I think [that] in the wake of the movie, that's gonna be one opportunity that wasn't there before." While discussing the movie, Hammett pointed out that music and special effects in a way come first. Interestingly enough, "Through the Never" doesn't basically contain a single dialog line. "The story is about [main character's] journey to get one task completed and his journey back. There's no dialog, except for maybe a 'Hey!' [chuckles]," the guitarist explained. "The script was like three or four pages long and all it was were descriptions of scenes." Kirk also compared the music world to film domain, pointing out major differences between the two. "When you make a record, you're used to seeing the same four or five people, that's your infrastructure. When you make a movie - first of all you have like 50 people on sight and then you have another 50 people that are part of the production," he explained. The axeman concluded by not regretting sticking to the music sphere. "Given a choice between being an actor and a musician - I would pick musician any day." After making its world premiere on this year's Toronto International Film Festival, "Through the Never" is scheduled for an IMAX theaters debut on September 27. The band recently posted a movie clip featuring "One" performance. Check it out below.

YouTube preview picture

YouTube preview picture

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    Would have been better if they just stopped ****ing touring and made an album of new music then went and did this video concept thing...
    Maybe they should focus more on making good music, instead of decoying us with more fancy rigs, stages and show elements that... ah who the hell am I kidding? This 'll be awesome! Just wondering if they can actually manage all of it.
    its a really big stage and they said their kids may have to pay the debts so it doesn't make sense to move it around to make more debt! make a MetallicA museum :?
    That is one huge stage. Is going through the hassle of using 40 trucks worth it?
    make a new album. I'm not interested in this Through The Never concert.
    It would be awesome but the making of videos made a point to say it was one of the most expensive stage ever, needing 40 trucks to build it.The biggest show I ever attended was KISS at the Hellfest festival; it was HUGE and they had "only" 18 trucks.
    I'm really not interested in anything Metallica related until they put out a new album already. They're really milking the songs they've already been playing for years, and now this movie just sounds like another excuse to put off writing music. By the way, from all of the interviews given about this movie, it sounds as if the guys have no faith in it whatsoever and that it's a half-assed cash grab... but I guess Metallica fans will cash in to just about anything.
    Hell yeah! Hopefully they'll be coming close by next time they tour. On a side not, was anybody else thrown off a bit by the writing in this article? I don't know what it was exactly, but some of the phrasing or the way things were put together just really bugged me for some reason.
    link no1
    This sounds less and less like a movie everyday and more of a high budget 'Live DVD'.
    I guess it is too hard to please everyone. If Metallica take their time to work on other projects they are enjoying people complain. If they released an album every year-2 years of substandard quality Much like Megadeth recently, people will complain. If they release one quality album every 3-4 years, people would complain because they'd be away from touring every second year. Just enjoy what they are putting out.