Metallica Named California's Best-Selling Band Ever

Meanwhile, Kenny G tops the state of Washington, full US details inside.

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An interesting map of top-selling music acts by US states has recently surfaced, unveiling metal icons Metallica as California's top-selling artist of all time.

Made by a Reddit user and pointed at by Metal Insider, the map compiles data from RIAA's Top 250 list of best-selling artists in the US. Apart from Metallica, it contained a few obvious, as well as less expectable names.

So for example, Bruce Springsteen triumphed in New Jersey, the Prince ruled Minnesota, but it was Kenny G who took the crown in Washington, the home of Seattle grunge scene.

The rest of the map also includes such names as George Thorogood, Dave Matthews Band, Kenny Rogers, Johnny Cash and more. Make sure to check it out below.

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    What is that, a map with text for ants?
    Too lazy to click on the source?
    Yep, too lazy to click the source, read another article to find the link from the original reddit/imgur post. Woo! my first ribbon! If only I could put it on my fridge.
    Here ya go i.imgur dot com/Cnr8945 dot jpg That's right folks, the state of Washington's best selling artist ain't Nirvana, Pearl Jam or Hendrix... But Kenny friggin' G :\
    american sales- not worldwide kenny G has been around for longer htan henrix or nirvana so hes also had more chances to sell albums btw
    This list is anything but official. Eagles are the best selling California band and Aerosmith are the best selling Massachusetts. I'm pretty sure there are other errors too.
    "Groups with more than member: state of birth for majority." Aerosmith may have formed in Boston but Joe Perry is the only member from MA. None of the founding members of The Eagles were from California.
    NY is def not billy Joel. Has anybody Heard of def lepord? Anthrax? The Ramones?
    I don't see any of those bands arranging a deal with MSG to play at their venue every month.
    I enjoy all four artists, but let's be real here: Billy Joel is definitely bigger than Def Leppard, Anthrax, and The Ramones. I gaurantee you more people have heard Piano Man than Pour Some Sugar on Me, Madhouse, and Blitzkrieg Bop. Billy Joel is huge.
    Well considering the period of time Metallica has been around, and the fact that their lowest selling album is double platinum, and their top selling album hit 30 million copies, it really comes as no surprise. Be proud CA, us poor sobs from PA have Boyz II Men
    ..."Named" by a reddit user. I'd hardly call this official.
    "...[compiled] from RIAA's Top 250 list of best-selling artists."
    you have no faith in the users of reddit, without some of them the internet would be a much, much different place.
    Kenny G? How about Nirvana
    God I hate Nirvana fans.
    I do not hate Nirvana fans in general. Being a fan myself, I hate these new fanboys that were not even alive when they were around, and think they know alot. Nirvana have massive album sales, unfortunately, unlike Kenny G, their album catalog is quite small, making it quite hard for them to hold the most album sales in any state.
    On behalf of my home state, I am so sorry for this. Washington is better than this, just not according to this map.
    Jimi Hendrix was born in Seattle, but I guess since Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell were British, they wouldn't really count as a Seattle band.
    How the hell did this person pick Kenny G over anyone else from the Grunge scene or Jimi Hendrix? Fuck this map
    Surely Iowa would be Slipknot, can't see anything there
    It says Andy Williams...
    Slipknot has not released many albums....should they start releasing albums at a steadier rate they may have had the record or be close to it. Honestly, if a band involving Corey Taylor is to overtake it, I'd say it's going to be Stone Sour. Taylor has concentrated more on them, and all their albums have produced solid sales.
    Josh Reubenking
    I figured Nirvana would have been for Washington. Being from Washington, I know and have seen more of their fans than Kenny G fans.
    I think its only sales in America- judging by their wiki pages, theyve both sold about the same worldwide, but kenny G has sold slightly more than nirvana- plus hes been around a lot longer than nirvana was and released a lot more albums
    You guys notice how it cleverly said "band?" I wonder if west coast rappers like Snoop Dogg or the iconic Tupac have sold more albums than them?
    "An interesting map of top-selling music acts by US states has recently surfaced, unveiling metal icons Metallica as California's top-selling [b][u]artist of all time." Literally the first sentence
    Sweet. And at 100 million albums sold: one of the highest selling bands in music history. CBF checking out exact details ATM. \m/
    Kenny Rogers? Really? This is about as low as Kenny G. What about SRV? Pantera? Boz Scaggs? Hell, I'll accept anything before Kenny Rogers. -_-
    We have Prince in Minnesota. Sounds about right. I would've preferred Bob Dylan or the Replacements. Wishful thinking.
    john Denver! Represent!...or something
    In 1974 the great Charlie Rich won Country Musician of the Year. In 1975 he had to hand the award off to Mr. Sunshine-on-my-Goddamn-shoulders John Denver! John F*cking Denver!