Metallica Not Performing 'Black Album' At Soundwave

Band will not be bringing 1991 classic to Australia.

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With the recent announcement that Metallica would be bringing their classic "Snakepit" set-up to Australia's Soundwave festival this spring, the same set-up that the band had used on their "Black Album" tour, fans had began to speculate that they would be performing the record at the festival.

However, a tweet from festival organizer AJ Maddah has revealed that this is not the case:

"Not a rumour. They're not doing Black album," he tweeted, in response to a fan inquiry.

Meanwhile Metallica's management have been defending the band's decision to start streaming their music on Spotify, a move that has seen their physical album sales drop:

"There is a point at which there could be 100 percent cannibalization, and we would make more money through subscriptions services," Manager Cliff Burnstein told the New York Times.

"We calculate that point at approximately 20 million worldwide subscribers."

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    If it wasn't for that they're bringing the Snakepit setup, it would have been really cool if they decided do a set of 30th anniversary shows for Kill 'Em All, the whole album back to back. How sweet would that be?
    "Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth)" was Cliff's song, it wouldn't be right if Robert played it.
    Rob has played it, and everyone loved it Why can't he play it as a tribute to Cliff? He has more of a right to play it than anybody playing covers of it on YouTube
    Man it would've been great to see them on the classic snakepit world tour. Drunk Hetfield was so goddamn entertaining, Live Shit rules. They just seem like parodies of themselves now.